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ARCHIVE: Hear Pete Wylie's funeral song about Thatcher in full (Exclusive)

The Wah! man penned a catchy “party song” called The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies in 2008. Now that she has, the debate resurrected

Published on October 5th 2008.

ARCHIVE: Hear Pete Wylie's funeral song about Thatcher in full (Exclusive)

Jennifer Eccles says we should rise above Maggie's legacy of bitterness and hate

IN a civilised, enlightened world, this is something I never imagined.

That a musician would write a song about the demise of a despised political leader is one thing. That the death of a frail, old woman would be cause for the educated world to celebrate, in what has become a casual, lynchmob manner, is another.

It surprises me about human nature. For a moment.

In Arthur Scargill's day, people might very well have wanted to see the Iron Lady laid to rest.

Now, in this age of Aquarius, it's the last sentiment you will find among the myriad comments posted on an alarming number of fanatical Face Book groups varying from the tame “No State Funeral For Thatcher”, which tops the hit parade of “beliefs” with tens of thousands of members.

Sane friends of mine are among their number. Everyone wants the milk-snatcher dead, but no one wants her to rest.

Why didn't anyone rise up like this when Thatcher was at the height of her dangerous powers? When Middle England was lauding her for a second and third term and the rest of us were screaming under the landslide?

Perhaps it is because there wasn't the instant gratification of the web during the Poll Tax riots; where you could drum up (literally, in Wylie's case) the support of thousands overnight.

Now the click of the mouse gives us our might. The might to dance on a grave that has not even been dug. For an elderly human being.

We think ourselves more civilised than to throw petrol bombs at police, and, no doubt, would tut-tut at the dawn parties people throw outside US prisons when there is a dead man walking.

Yet how very uncivilised, barbaric even, these bullets we fire in block capitals from behind the anonymous shields of our laptops. How utterly cowardly. And don't tell me it's just having a laugh.

The problem with Wylie's anthem-for-our-times is, that it's so likeable. It actually sanitises the whole mission and would not have been out of place on TOTP. It would have been banned, even if it had reached the light of day past the big record label execs. For no major would have risked it. And I do mean major with a small “m”.

Yes, Thatcher was vindictive, cruel and without feeling, but I wince at the no-less bile-filled sentiments that are tossed in this vengeful free for all.

And while I do not suggest that we forget, do we really want to claim, with such a proud lack of compassion for an ill woman, that we have learned nothing?

Can't let Maggie go? It's time we did.

This is nothing like the pain that Thatcher caused as Tory Prime Minister, says Chris Jason

SHE's old, frail and a shadow of the woman she once was.

Stricken by Alzheimers, she is confused and helpless. Sometimes she does not even remember who she is, much less what she did.

The Iron Lady, who once was not for turning, has now turned into a very human being.

The woman who laid waste to the lives of millions of people is now wasting away before our very eyes.

20080110PetelgPete WylieAnd yet, for some of us, it is hard to feel any sympathy.

Of course, the shrill hysteria against her which has been given voice in some of the anti-Thatcher groups on Facebook, is almost as distasteful as the nasty, vindictive extremism which she promulgated throughout her three terms as Prime Minister.


For while those groups may happily dance on her grave and join Elvis Costello in tramping the dirt down, they will never have the power that she had.

To blight lives and wreck communities. To frustrate ambition and deny opportunity. To ruin the future for families, for children, for the old. To kill their hopes.

All this Thatcher accomplished.

I saw her up close and personal at the height of her powers.

I remember being nonplussed that this faintly ridiculous figure, with her fixed perm and swinging handbag, could hold such sway over the Western world.

But I also remember seeing the brave miners trudging back to work, beneath a fluttering Union Jack, after she beat them into submission. “The enemy within”, she branded them.

And like millions of others, I remember the jobs destroyed, the lives sacrificed, the cruelty, the waste and the neglect.

The smooth, young Camerons - Thatcher’s grandchildren - venerate her as a great historic figure.

It’s hysterical.

A state funeral? You must be joking. How can society pay tribute to a woman who believed there was no such thing as society?

Let her passing go unmourned.

I’m with Pete Wylie. The woman was a monster. And nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see Wylie’s record reach Number One.

Perhaps, gloriously, Billy Butler will even have to play it on Radio Merseyside?

Perhaps Wylie’s song will also help us all remember the past and what one human being can do to others.

And perhaps it will serve as a reminder to those now dabbling with thoughts of Cameron.

So when she finally snuffs it, I for one, will pour myself a large drink - and unashamedly celebrate the fact that the world has become a better place without her.

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74 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Mr CrunchOctober 1st 2008.

Ha ha! that's hilarious, you mean this modern economy that is spiraling out of control, free market, free fall with her admirers topping themselves because they can't stand the thought of maybe having to live like the rest of us.

KEROUACOctober 1st 2008.

Brilliant..I've got a feeling this 'situation' is going to get a whole lot more intense...In Brian Reades 'Daily Mirror' column yesterday he mentioned that at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham they had,at their gala dinner,an 'international singing legend' (thats how he was billed)......yes it was that 80's protest singer...the one and only TONY F####ING HADLEY!!!!!

Eccles cakeOctober 1st 2008.

I think Jennifer's freckles are quite lovely. But then I'm a fan.

Lord StreetOctober 1st 2008.

Where may I purchase a copy of this recording? I can't hear it on this contraption!

anyone for denisOctober 1st 2008.

is that you mr tebbit or have you just used his words albeit very slightly changed coz you cant come up with any of your own,thatcher will be seen by historians as what? which historians are these and have they emailed you with their future thoughts especially. can we all get the future thoughts of our clever folk or are you just special?as for anyone owing me a living they didn't i moved to london worked ****ing hard, missed out on my youth then came home to liverpool bought my own house, started a family. it has by no means been all roses round the door but i do not concider it to be whining to recall events in my family.just for the record i am not a boy (another assumption you conceited tit)i suggest you get back on your skates,skate yourself to the nearest library and start reading because to look to the future you have to know your past and to quote our esteemed celtic and everton followers "coz if you know your history it's enough to make yer go whoa....

chuckling a bit nowOctober 1st 2008.

You love those libraries dont you AFD? I can do it at the click of a mouse. But I don't need either, I was there right in the thick of it. Using silly old fcukwit instead of what? Can't you read? Anyway, the debate is Thatcher and whether or not she deserves the thrashing she is getting on here from the usual bunch who sat back and watched Liverpool get shafted and left behind Manchester, who chose to do business with Thatcher in a sensible manner and have finished up with the best Labour team in the country. We've got Warren. Jeesus, I am getting depressed again....

CorrespondentOctober 1st 2008.

"When England was the whore of the world, Margaret was her Madam/ And the future looked as bright and as clear as the black tarmacadam", Tramp The Dirt Down by Elvis Costello, 1989.Jennifer Eccles asks, "Why didn't anyone rise up like this when Thatcher was at the height of her dangerous powers?"Actually, Jennifer, many of us, particularly on Merseyside, were ready to rise up. Problem was Kinnock & the old right-wing union leaders didn't have the gumption to take the fight to her, preferring, instead, to kick out the Militant & create New Labour (Kinnock's baby, remember).As for the posters here who have attempted to defend Thatcher & everything she stood for, claiming that Liverpool would have been better off accepting the free market mantra, may I remind you of Geoffrey Howe's comments after the Toxteth riots that government policy towards Merseyside should be one of "managed decline".In a perfect world Pete's song would receive regular airplay on Radios Merseyside, 1 & 2. Still, now we've got this interweb thingy, we can spread the word. Xmas number one? Now that would be something to savour!

TORI BLAREOctober 1st 2008.

I will gladly pay for a state funeral for Thatcher, so long as they chuck Warren Bradley in with her

Professor ChucklebuttyOctober 1st 2008.

It is rather damned good tho' Ha Ha!

Feeling a bit less depressed nowOctober 1st 2008.

KEROUAC, you can stop shouting now.

KEROUACOctober 1st 2008.


afdOctober 1st 2008.

and another thing if you were right in the thick of it you must be older than me.so less of the old ****wit. unless of course you were down the town hall after double maths and before bedtime.tit the younger were you? and yes i do laugh at my own jokes i am finding it hard to kneejerk keyboard stab cos the tears of mirth blinding me.

PINOCHETS GHOSTOctober 1st 2008.

....See you soon,Maggie.

Alan PintaOctober 1st 2008.

Now you can't blame her for robbing all the milk, remember there was also, 'A Humphrey About' at the time.

Phil McCrackenOctober 1st 2008.

Strewth, excellent stuff Mr Wylie. Best thing that you have he has done since the underrated 'Remember'. I can almost forgive you for 'Heart as Big As Liverpool' - but not quite

UB40 holderOctober 1st 2008.

"She tortured North of Watford with her vicious hate". Top line Wylie. You still got it in spades man!

Liverpool ConfidentialOctober 1st 2008.

Again, Anonymous, it's regrettable that your post "vanished". That can occasionally happen if someone from our editorial goes into the story, say to change a typo or something, at the exact same time as a reader is posting a comment. Sadly neither we nor anyone else ever got the chance to see what yours said. We know how annoying this is, especially on a longer post, so apologies once more.

BeatlesGuruOctober 1st 2008.

Excellent, I hope it gets to number one as I shall certainly be looking for a copy. Especially here in Tory town Basingstoke. Yes indeed weep no tears for Thatcher, only weep for all the people that she hurt with her extreme right wing policies. In particular her war against the minors just to keep her in office. Also the steelworkers around the Sheffield area, also the armed forces personnel who lost their lives in the Falklands just to get her re-elected when they could have heeded the first warning and thus avoided that war because then the Argentinians would have just retreated instead.

Fabian of Scotland YardOctober 1st 2008.

Dig, you're forgetting she is also mother of criminal playboy jailbird Mark Thatcher

Anonymous ConfidentialOctober 1st 2008.

Sorry for spamming but I've just remembered it started with "In just two months time there will be voters who weren't even born when Margaret Thatcher lost her grip on power".

KEROUACOctober 1st 2008.


Tori BlareOctober 1st 2008.

When someone when fit and healthy, decides to kill a community and the people living in that area with laws that simply look after their own kind and not the people whom they are supposed to be looking after, when they take police that should be keeping us safe and instead make them strike my fellow man down for fighting for their jobs, when someone who claims to be a woman yet does everything she can to lessen the strength of women on the whole.When a person who is in power abuses that power for their own gains and leaves me starving.Then YES, I wish that person ill, I don't see why I and others like me should foot the bill for that person's funeral.Dementia is a horrible illness, I see this as her punishment for all the ill she did in this country.I hope she lives in her tormented state for a long long time.This is not just about politics, she may be old and vulnerable, but so was I and others during her reign, what did she do to stop that?Nothing.

baronessOctober 1st 2008.

Simon Mann has just been pardoned! Take over from where he left off. http://www.fundacoup.com

AnonymousOctober 1st 2008.

Chris Jason is completely correct and are scars are far too deep for us as a nation to ever be glossed over It will be good riddance. Goodnight and thank you Lady T! We must never forget.

baronessOctober 1st 2008.

Excellent. Can't stop dancing. I've also bought 'Piss on Thatcher's grave (The Lady's not for Burning) by the Maggie thatcher experience and Maggie thatcher's death anthem.

CurmudgeonOctober 1st 2008.

Lynchmob ? 4 someone who's already dead ?4 sentences to trip yrself up ?surely that must b some kind of record ?... (no, thats a round round black thing with a hole in the middle - 70s joke, sorry)

Oh God I'm depressedOctober 1st 2008.

What a bunch of silly whining arses you are. Thatcher or Red Ken? Thatcher or Derek Hatton? Thatcher or Scargill? Don't you all remember being led by the noses into poverty by these idiots? Even I could see the writing on the wall. On the scrapheap at sixteen, Any One for Denis? Who the fcuk owes you a living? I got my skates on and went round every restaurant in the area willing to work for fcuk all to prove myself. 'I went down the job center?' You poor boy. You are the reason why Liverpool is what it is, well behind the rest of the region. No one owes Liverpool a living. We have to do it ourself. As for Thatcher, scalpels are cold, sharp impersonal and they generally hurt. But they are needed to cut out cancer. The counrty and Liverpool in particular was full of cancer, led by Scargill who in my opinion is a good candidate for a noose. Grow up, Thatcher will be seen by historians as giving people back their country when we could be being led by Stalin. Liverpool, look to the future, we need to start grafting 'cos a cold wind is about to start blowing once that bunch of idiots at 08 stop throwing money at us.

FIDEL CASTROOctober 1st 2008.


Sir Howard WayOctober 1st 2008.

We could have a gibbet for her criminal son and tasteless, offensive daughter (who had the nerve to say on BBC television that Gordon Brown was making old folk poor; not like when your mother made them eat cardboard in their freezing homes, eh, Carol?)

Professor ChucklebuttyOctober 1st 2008.

I am surprised by this I went to see the Wylie Exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery some time ago and was a little surprised at his choice in underwear and why he would wish to have it on display. Still, it seemed to be attracting a large crowd of enthusiastic gentlemen, so I suppose there must be a market for it. When did he marry Donovan? Can't have been before Mellow yellow.

Paul GordonOctober 1st 2008.

I really do not understand how any of you sick and cowardly bastards can celebrate A death THAT HAS NOT EVEN HAPPENED in this way. You are far worse than anything Thatcher ever did. Cowardice in the extreme.

Dr. FreudensteinbergowiczOctober 1st 2008.

The Liverpool Confidential debate invites us to make a choice: do we loathe Thatcher for her right wing brutality or pity her as brain diseased wreck? Has it crossed anyone's mind these two things might be related? Fascism rots the brain! It did it to Mussolini & Hitler, it has done it to Thatcher too. State funeral? Fine, so long as it is right now and we can hear the psychotic old baggage clawing at her coffin lid.

thumperOctober 1st 2008.

If i was his mother i would be ashamed of him

Stanley StreetOctober 1st 2008.

Ha! See, before Thatcher, we never had yankee imperialist "glitches", we had 'technical snags'!

baonessOctober 1st 2008.

wish I'd done this in one long rant, but just noticed Mark Thatcer's website - http://www.fundacoup.com - are you pledging a pound?

DigOctober 1st 2008.

Who is Margaret Thatcher anyway? What's all the fuss about? Isn't she just that reality tv star and celebrity racist Carol Thatchers mum?

Victor Ian ValuesOctober 1st 2008.

Why oh why do the lower classes go on and on about being repeatedly shafted??I went to public school and being repeatedly shafted never did me any harm...I dress as Margaret Thatcher when my good wife is at the Womens Institute,weaving yogurt or whatever they do there...It puts me in touch with my feminine side but christ the nylon undercrackers don't half chafe...Anyway you working class oiks,you drink far more than I do and have more fun and it's high time something was bloody well done about it!!!You should be flogged! (See?Another public school reference)I can't spend all day defending Thatcher,I'm just nipping down to the garden shed where I intend to tie myself up with a tangerine jammed down my throat and a greased pineapple rammed up my arse....all good clean Tory fun and something you philistines in Liverpool wouldn't understand...TTFN

AnonymousOctober 1st 2008.

Nice one Peter!

AnonymousOctober 1st 2008.

And what about that bunch of tory wana be's known as New labour who implemented a load of her ideas. Who got rid of the 10p tax rate not the Tory's but Labour, so get real no one cares about anyone else in this world, so grow up work hard and for GODs sake stop whinning on about her. I'm proud to be from Liverpool but the views expressed here are just stupid

anyone for denisOctober 1st 2008.

oh yer i forgot to add.i once went to a youth employment centre just after i left school. all full of hope i filled in all the forms answered all the questions from the nice lady then asked for a job any job i didnt care what it was i would do it. ah there is a problem there with the jobs i mean not you. we havn't got any. thanks thatcher on the scrap heap at sweet sixteen.

someOctober 1st 2008.

of her mother's victims...

Sir Jimmy Saliva OBEOctober 1st 2008.

Finger on the pulse eh Anonymous? But steady on now that fading fat ugly so called singer is somebody's son. How would you like it? Or are you demented?

AnonymousOctober 1st 2008.

My opinion on Mr Wylie has certainly gone down.This is someones mother grandmother siter etc you are taliking about. Would you like it if it was yours? Maggie is reported to have Dementia so i guess it won't bother her. I think this song smacks of desperation with a fading fat ugly so called singer's last ditch attempt at a pop career.

Hide Denis..she's coming...October 1st 2008.

In the recent and probably accurate drama about her downfall and losing her job as well as what we saw in the tears, this was a woman who eventually torn with anger then wallowed in self pity at how she was forced out of her job, not sentiments she extended to the millions of unemployed that her policies created or to those in the mining communities whose lives she destroyed. o tears from her for them but plenty for herself, with only her millions to fall back on. Poor old cow.

anyone for denisOctober 1st 2008.

that bloody woman. i can still see her stood in liverpool the day the birdseye factory (think it was the birdseye one,there were so many closing at the time)closed down.when asked about it she said it was their own fault. well i have to say that the very real backlash against her is her own bloody fault.i dont hate many people but i do hate her and i am sad that she is losing her marbles because that means she is protected from how people feel about her.i for one will be dancing on her grave.

Merseyside areaOctober 1st 2008.

Firmly and squarly on the Pete's side. Could be your pension plan!!!Release it before she dies, hopefully it will finish her off.

denis the menaceOctober 1st 2008.

Come on. Carol's OK. She can eat cockroaches and everything. It's the idiot son you need to worry about.

KEROUACOctober 1st 2008.


KEROUACOctober 1st 2008.

On your bike?Take your fcukin' blinkers off!Do you actually mean 'unions stranglehold' or workers rights??? Don't get me wrong ....it's just as bad now...The rise of the 'employment agency' with **** all in the way of job security plus 'McJobs' in service and retail industries (Liverpool L1 take a bow!)will create massive problems...but not for big business which can up stakes and **** off elsewhere...Oh ****..I'm shouting again...

anyone for denisOctober 1st 2008.

degsy a hero of mine? another assumption you ridiculous tit. why i am i not suprised that you trough in the same watering holes as him.used silly old ****wit instead of what? best you get one of your special friends to help you string a lucid sentence together or get on your bike,sorry,your skates and get along to your local library i think you will find there were a few more people involved in the managed decline of liverpool.

anyone for denisOctober 1st 2008.

i agree.my youth was blighted by thatcher.the dread of election night, peter snow with his swingomiter (was it peter snow or did i just make that up?)the fights for weeks before over how to vote.my dad said the tactical voters split the vote and let the thatcherites in by the back door. mum said it was best to vote tacticly.jesus the carry on was unmerciful especialy when as we the kids got old enough to vote.then election night infront of the telly. the creeping doom of the inevitable.bounderies were moved, once safe seats were obliterated.the feeling of helplesness was overwelming.then boom everyone would go mad all shouting at each other all saying,"told you so" and that was it there was a feeling of pure dread we all knew she was going to get in agsin and there was nothing us 'up north' could do about it.i will hold a knife to my own throat before i will agree to a state funeral for that lower middle class bitch. baroness my arse! the cheek of the woman. well i'm glad i got that off me chest.

KEROUACOctober 1st 2008.


scousekrautOctober 1st 2008.

Rather sad to see energy wasted on such negativity. I was no fan of Thatcher but what is the point of all this hate?She was perhaps the most manipulated PM since the war, manipulated by the International Bankers. She was anointed by them at a Bilderberg meeting in the 1970's, that secret annual talking shop attended by people like Kissinger, Rockefeller and Murdoch, who in turn answer to the major banking families of Europe especially Rothschild. She was taken to the meeting by no less a person than Denis Healey.After two days she had apparantly said next to nothing and Kissinger asked Healey why he had brought her. He had a word with her and the next day she made one of her speeches and impressed the elitists enough to mark her down as one to push to the top.She was used by them to privatise and liberalise the markets and then when she opposed Maastricht they got rid of her. Job done. Instead of celebrating the death of a much misguided woman you would be far better off investigating the real criminals such as the Rothschilds.

ANGRY OF THE WIRRALOctober 1st 2008.


kerouacOctober 1st 2008.


Anonymous ConfidentialOctober 1st 2008.

It was one of the longer posts here and it wasn't fully compliant with the Liverpool "We'll bang on and on and on about Thatcher until our dying day" political proposal so I'm not surprised it vanished.Of course she was the most divisive and therefore the worst Prime Minister of the old century so leave her there, she's history. I personally think she was pure evil, my mother thinks the opposite, thanks for raking it all up again.I know Wylie has a heart as big as his hometown but this song's just not worthy and the road to Hell is paved with good intentions like his. Hard left turn to the right and to fighting in the streets. Or let them eat coke.What next, a song about Capt. Birley?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 9th 2013.

If going on at length it may be best to create in word file first, then post into rant box, that way you've got back up if it all goes horribly wrong,

Anonymous ConfidentialOctober 1st 2008.

The post was there when I refreshed the page to congratulate myself on my wit and erudition.

On your bike and stop whingingOctober 1st 2008.

Thatcher believed that what she was doing was right. She stripped away the unions' stranglehold on business and created a modern economy.

DigOctober 1st 2008.

Oh yes I forgot Mark. Silly me. It's a shame he did what he did and never went down the reality tv route like his sister. His 'Honourable' title would be well deserved if he did that. Shame.

WilliamOctober 1st 2008.

Go on....

spizzenergi.comOctober 1st 2008.

Brilliant work Pete! Gawd help us if Chummy Dave gets in he's made of the same two faced stuff.spizzenergi.com

Marxist-SpenceristOctober 1st 2008.

When she snuffs it we're having street parties for the kiddies and then I'm going on a week-long bender, never mind "a large drink", Mr. Jason!

Oh God I'm even more depressed nowOctober 1st 2008.

AFD, maybe I should have used silly old fcukwit instead. Use lucid argument instead of kneejerk keyboard stabbing. The last I saw of one of your heroes, Deggsy, he was in the Restaurant Bar and Grill in Manchester laughing his bollocks off and drinking champagne having sold his business for six million. His likes brought Liverpool to it's knees.

afdOctober 1st 2008.

i suggested the library to you because you don't write like you have ever owned a book or been on the internet for that matter.if you read my much earlier rant i was suggesting in my whining way that yes she deserves every sling and arrow coming her way.dont get depressed i wiil find it difficult to abuse someone with mental health probs

angelOctober 1st 2008.


anyone for dennisOctober 1st 2008.

i wish to say sorry to chuckling a bit for getting a bit cross yesterday.i will take myself of to the local library and get one of those self improvment books. i believe there is a very good one called 'alright, calm down,calm down'. and yes i'm laughing again

AnonymousOctober 1st 2008.

mr wylie has actually written a great song...his song writing skills are and have always been excellent....just don't like the very end altho it does sound like being lowered into the ground...to me...well done....what about... gordons frown

lilyOctober 1st 2008.

tried to get on Petes website and it wont respond, can any one help??H

Debi DronesOctober 1st 2008.

Good point. Hear hear! I like the record, by the way. Very heartfelt Mr Wylie. My five year old was humming it this morning, unfortunately.

AnonymousOctober 1st 2008.

don't even get me started on maggie, she has so much too answer for that woman..

baronessOctober 1st 2008.

Forgot to add - There are some great games around at http://www.maggiethatcher.com

Jonathan WalkerApril 9th 2013.

It is possible to idealize the Britain of the 1970s, a Britain in the grips of economic decline and rapid social change in an increasingly globalising world; a Britain in which union grandstanding helped bring down a Labour government led by the underrated Callaghan. Many of the divisions in society preceded Thatcher, though they were exacerbated by her. A much more calculating and even cautious figure than the popular caricature, she would not have been able to achieve half of what she did without the tacit support of a significant portion of the population and the deep divisions that existed within the Labour party which led to a damaging split and the creation of the SDP.

If there is a lesson to be learnt from Thatcher it is that it is not enough to rail against injustice and misapplied authority from the sidelines. The blind, incoherent rage of the rioter, or the childish celebrations and songs of those who welcome her death will dissolve into nothing. Oppositional energy needs to be allied to a vision of an alternative. Progressive politicians need to put aside petty differences and engage with the deep social problems in a way that overcomes popular apathy and distrust of the political process.

Not everybody who voted for Thatcher three times (or indeed Cameron) is a deranged sociopathic monster. These same voters need to be met with the force of an alternative argument, one that is powerful in its moral force, and meets with their very real feelings of fear for the future. Unless they do there is a real danger that the forces of conservatism, fear and selfishness will take an ever-deeper grip upon us.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Alex KingApril 9th 2013.

well said.

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