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Great Homer St regeneration scheme - latest images

Giant car park, 80,000 sq ft of retail units

Published on January 14th 2014.

Great Homer St regeneration scheme - latest images

NEW images of the multi-million pound Great Homer Street regeneration scheme have been revealed today as developers prepare to start work on the site in the spring. 

Dominating Project Jennifer, to the west side of the Everton corridor, is a flagship new Sainsbury's. It sits on the site of what is currently the indoor section of Greaty market, alongside other new retail premises.

Across the road, to the east side of Great Homer Street, the highlt anticipated revitalisation of the area gathers pace. National retail stores and car parking replace the old concrete precinct and the main Great Homer Street Market which has existed for 180 years.


At the outset of planning for Project Jennifer, whose slogan is "Keeping Greaty Great",  the street market was at the heart of the scheme with unanimous support from local traders in a badly neglected area of the city (see video below for more).

But just days before Christmas, their mood turned to one of anger when they learned that their pitches and livelihoods were to be relocated to a site several hundred yards down the road from the main retail action, at Dryden Street. It was claimed there was no longer any space for the 150+ stalls among the new retail units, seen here.

The original Great Homer Street District Centre plan has the market, in blue, at the centre of the action, but things and it has since moved onThe original Great Homer Street District Centre plan has the market, in blue, at the centre of the action, but things - and it - have since moved on

Paul Batho, projects director at St  Modwen, which is developing the area, said: “The new images will give people an insight into how the site will be transformed and a glimpse of the vision that we are aiming to deliver ahead of work starting on site this spring. We are delighted that this scheme, which is both needed and wanted by the local community, is moving forwards towards actual delivery on site.”

Now You See ItNow you see it: Greaty Market
was originally at the heart of things
Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Councillor Malcolm Kennedy, said: "We are looking forward to seeing this vital scheme delivered, which will make a massive difference to people’s lives – breathing new life into the area, providing first-class facilities and creating new jobs.”

The new Sainsbury’s will eclipse the Park Road Tesco to become the largest supermarket in the city. 

The scheme will also provide a petrol filling station, transport improvements to Great Homer Street and enhanced links to Everton Park, together with a new link road between Great Homer Street and Scotland Road. 

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AnonymousJanuary 15th 2014.

"The new Sainsbury's will eclipse the Park road Tesco to become the largest supermarket in the city" with the fewest customers.

5 Responses: Reply To This...
Leo PioneerJanuary 16th 2014.

The Park Road Tesco isn't as big as it is reputed to be. about 70% of the building is indoor car park.

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2014.

You could hold a football match in the car park, and the ball wouldn't touch a car. There used to be a small market there, now consigned to the past. There are an inordinate amount of check-outs, laying idle but for a handful, some of which are "self -service", the prices Tesco charge have probably got something to do with the dearth of custom. It's not surprising when they charge twice as much for a cauliflower as Aldi. Great Homer St is a superb location for a petrol station, they can squat on the rest of the land until they do a runner like Leo's did in Park Road.

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2014.

"Struggling Mersey households putting rent and mortgages on plastic".....".I'm just nipping down to Sainsbury's for a bone"...."I'll tell them it's for the dog"........."We haven't got a dog"......."They won't know dat"....."Hey Ma don't forget the" Nicoise spuds"

Leo PioneerJanuary 16th 2014.

There used to be a modern circular pub there off Park Road - was it called The Carousel? It was there for ages, then it was gone. Like the Post Office. On the opposite side of Park Road there were about three separate shops all selling cheap crockery made at the Ray Sanders pottery in Edge Lane. Last I heard they'd changed their name to the Prince William Pottery. Is it still going?

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2014.

It was scheduled for re-development, but guess what, it had a reprieve. It may enter into further schemes, but I wouldn't put too much faith in that, we're only on plan "X".

AnonymousJanuary 15th 2014.

'Project Jennifer, whose slogan is "Keeping Greaty Great"'! How can they? They can't even spell 'Greatie' properly.

AnonymousJanuary 15th 2014.

This is really Greatie! First the market is there, then it disappears. People thought the reason for the whole project was the market. But hey, it's been there 180 years so isn't it time the old bugger just cleared off to pastures new (and far away). So much for Uncle Joe's promises to look after the little (ie ordinary) peoople. It's all humbug.

8 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 16th 2014.

Joe Anderson is a Tory in all but name. He's crafty enough to know he'd never get elected as a Tory, so he dons Labour colours and people vote for him automatically. He'll wreak havoc like many others before him and the people of Liverpool will suffer. If you don't like Anderson sign this epetitions.direct.gov.uk/…/53216…

John BradleyJanuary 16th 2014.

What's up Dobbo, till sore after losing your deposit?

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2014.

Are you a card carrying member of "The raving Monster Loony Party" JB. You'd know all there is to know about lost deposits.......Dobbo's name may be on it , It may be Jakey baby ,... come to think of it .....it could be anyone of a whole host of people...... Maybe it's an attempted coup... It might even be your pal Garry..... OOOoooh how spooky is that?

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 16th 2014.

Being in the looneys requires a sense of humour anon, not just being a fucking joke.

John BradleyJanuary 16th 2014.

Is that the reason they gave for rejecting your membership?

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 16th 2014.


AnonymousJanuary 16th 2014.

Bads and Brads, a double barrelled onslaught. Yes and yes.....Happy now boys, nice to see your hostility has waned. By the way I was the Anon at 2:55, was the JB at 5:16 intended for the JB at 5;11 or the Anon at 2:55.....Never mind lads, I'll just have to live with it......I don't particularly care for the language though, I'm a sensitive arsehole.

Mammy's LadJanuary 17th 2014.

Mammy says I'm not to play with you two boys anymore.......She says you're coarse and vulgar and as thick as two short planks......She says I can go play ball with that nice Joey and the rest of the girls across the square.......but on no circumstances am I to go anywhere near the air raid shelter.

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2014.

The people of North Liverpool ought to wake up and smell the coffee, or should that be the Greatie market bargains. The market will disappear, parts of the main drag through Walton will suffer and become a ghost town. As they say ... when it's gone, it's gone.

Nuff SaidJanuary 16th 2014.

In a city where food banks proliferate, the Mayor whines impending doom, his cohort espouse the same mantra at every given opportunity, what is it we do.........build another expensive supermarket........Pass us that fiddle Nero.

Amos AnonymousJanuary 16th 2014.

Am I alone in thinking "What's going on", "Is there something they're not telling us". First the Doke of Westminger builds a shopping centre, then some Mancs buy Gt Georgy, some more Mancs want to build on the Mint, Gt Homer St is getting a car park. It's all very curious, keep your mince pies on that lot at the council, especially that one with her pyjamas and the curlers in her hair, I don't like the look of her, she keeps smirking at the public gallery

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