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Everton's Walton Hall Park plans move a step further

Plans in controversial scheme to replace Goodison Park expected in six months

Written by . Published on January 14th 2015.

Everton's Walton Hall Park plans move a step further

EVERTON FC is likely to submit a planning application to the city council in six months for a new stadium on Walton Hall Park, the council's regeneration supremo Malcolm Kennedy has revealed.

As protesters and nearby residents build up their campaign against the loss of a large proportion of the Victorian park, it is clear discussions have been taking place behind the scenes to progress the controversial scheme to replace Goodison Park.

Cllr Kennedy, a key member of Mayor Anderson's powerful cabinet, admitted in a radio interview that it was very difficult to find a suitable new site in the city for a new Everton home.

"People are arguing about whether there are plans. Of course there are discussions and aspirations from the club to have a new stadium, and aspirations from Liverpool City Council to be able to facilitate that," he said.

Walton Hall Park. Pic by Kevin SandyWalton Hall Park. Pic by Kevin Sandy

"At the moment there are no actual plans submitted in terms of the planning process. We wouldn't expect something like that for probably about six months.

"We are in the hands of Everton FC and their partners.

"What the Mayor has said is that what we will have in addition to that (a new stadium) if and when it comes about, is further investment in the park.”

Speaking on City Talk, Cllr Kennedy would not be drawn into the intervention by Bianca Jagger, ex-wife of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. She has publicly stated she is against the new stadium being built at Walton Hall Park.

"I wouldn't have any negatable comment to make about Bianca Jagger. I don't know how well she knows the situation.

Bianca JaggerBianca Jagger"It comes down simply for me to what does Liverpool want. We have two football clubs in this city and they both need places to play. It is very difficult to find a site for a football club in the city. If Everton is going to be based in the city we have to find a site somewhere.There is a suggestion of which a lot of discussion is taking place at the present time.

"The city council is trying to facilitate Everton staying in the city basically, if that is what the city wants, Time will tell.

"I'm told there will possibly be a planning application in six months.”

If the planning application is made by the summer it could mean the club learning by the end of the year whether they have been given the green light to develop a new home on Walton Hall Park.

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Chrisie Partington-ByrneJanuary 14th 2015.

This was supposed to be announced to the residents first, the community was told Liverpool city council would hold a meeting in January with residents only to make an announcement, yet Cllr malcolm Kennedy made it first on a radio station, why? Is that community consultation? The community feel they are being ignored, it is after all their local park and their lives and homes effected.

£42 a ticket?!January 14th 2015.

The park is free and is a valuable and irreplaceable amenity for local people. Can't the football millionaires find somewhere else to kick a ball around?

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HOW MUCH?!January 14th 2015.

Cripes! I can remember when it used to be the working man's game.

Green TambourineJanuary 14th 2015.

Councillor Malcolm Kennedy??? Does he know what a park LOOKS LIKE??? Has he ever seen a SQUIRREL??? Or a COOT???

1 Response: Reply To This...
John BradleyJanuary 14th 2015.

Probably not and he has very bad taste in women.

AnonymousJanuary 15th 2015.

Yet again the people of Liverpool are being hoodwinked. Yes there will be consultation, the people around Walton Hall Park will be asked for their views and comments, it will go through the planning process. But if there was any real democracy (a word we hear so much about these days) the councillors would see what the people want BEFORE the wheels are put in motion. Instead the council, EFC, the housing associations and other ‘partners’ are beavering away at plans for the stadium and beyond. That process alone will cost some millions of pounds, yet we – the people – have so far to be formally consulted. They’ll only do the consultation because they have, not because they want to. By drawing up the plans they are virtually laying the foundation stone for the new stadium. Who really believes councillors are elected by the people for the people? I hope EFC at least has the decency to change its name to Walton Wonderers when it completes its land grab.

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AnonymousJanuary 15th 2015.

Not so much the "Peoples Club" anymore.

Tommy BurgessJanuary 15th 2015.

Everton should just move to the site in Stanley Park that liverpool were given permission to build on. Liverpool have destroyed a community over 20 years by knocking down houses and driving people out of there homes and very little was said.

FerrariJanuary 15th 2015.

Can't they build a stadium elsewhere? It's not as if the players have to walk or get the bus to work.

5 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 15th 2015.

Do any of them actually live in Liverpool?

AnonymousJanuary 15th 2015.

You need a lot of land to build on its hard to find that much land in a consolidated block in a city that you can actually buy.

AnonymousJanuary 15th 2015.

Build it in Cheshire, it's where they all live.

John BradleyJanuary 15th 2015.

Where who all live? Fans?

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2015.

The ones who can easily afford those ticket prices probably do.

Wally HallJanuary 15th 2015.

At a time when local government funding is under attack from central government the City Council should hang on to such priceless assets as its Victorian parks rather than give them away forever for a handful of magic beans.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyJanuary 15th 2015.

Explain the logic of that.

AnonymousJanuary 15th 2015.

Shut up John

John BradleyJanuary 15th 2015.


AnonymousJanuary 15th 2015.

I can't believe that the council hasn't insisted that a new goodison be a centrepiece of the Liverpool Waters scheme. Surely better to build on the 100s of acres of brownfield there (where there's appropriate transport links and supposedly a huge private investment due) rather than decimate Green space in the city. Or are we to presume that Liverpool Waters is actually another white elephant of a scheme?

Green TambourineJanuary 15th 2015.

NO!!! to Redrow YESS!!! to hedgerow

Josie MullenJanuary 15th 2015.

In his Health Commission report Anderson stressed the need to improve the health of residents in the north of Liverpool. So what did he do? decide to take at least half of one of the North Liverpool parks. The stadium will create massive traffic on match day, with the associated pollution. Plus all the pollution from the traffic from the supermarket and the cars coming and going from the 1000 houses Anderson wants to build on the park. It is a recipe for disaster. He is scum and people need to go out on Election Day and vote out all these Labour councillors. Not ONE of them EVER votes against him. If you go to the Council website and look on Cabinet meeting docs......it's sickening, quote....I would like to congratulate the Mayor" "The Mayors policy on green space has been a great success" etc etc etc Just as an add-on, Councillor Nick Small criticises the Goverment on their policy of zero- hours contract...and then it is discovered via a FOI request that the Council have 442 people on zero- hours contracts!!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 15th 2015.

Nice one

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2015.

It would help if Joe Anderson was on zero hours

LiverpudlianJanuary 16th 2015.

That's disgraceful. I believe they are actually illegal in the rest of Europe.

LiverpudlianJanuary 16th 2015.

It used to be the case that leaders of the City were dignified figures. If any of them liked football and supported a particular team, it was a personal thing, they kept it quiet. Now we are presented with one after another who all parade their football allegiances as if it were something important, that it gave them authority, that it qualified them to throw their weight about. Perhaps they ought to be made aware that the majority of citizens aren’t that bothered about football and think it already has far too much prominence outside the little world of people who wear football shirts to the pub and have embarrassingly kitsch stickers in the rear windows of their cars. The penny is finally starting to drop that not all Liverpudlians are automatic Beatles fanatics; it’s about time that professional football too was viewed in a realistic perspective. Liverpool is far greater than its football teams so can our leaders please be more professional at running the City and drop this ridiculous, affected aversion to dignity. It makes them look like parochial bumpkins and helps make Liverpool a laughing stock both from inside and out.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Bill ShankleyJanuary 16th 2015.

Older men who are in the thrall of younger men kicking a ball around has always been embarrassing.

Harry CatterickJanuary 16th 2015.

It's called 'professional scouserism'.

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2015.

Why not build it in Everton Park. It's much bigger and it's the area where the team originated. I use Walton park with my kids and the sports centre as its on my doorstep...Other parks and gym facilties are too far away to walk... what will the local people do... where's our say?

1 Response: Reply To This...
W. C. FieldsJanuary 16th 2015.

Good idea! At present it doesn't even have toilets and it is a huge modern park with no historical, cultural or community trappings so changes are unlikely to cause offence in any of those areas.

Geoff SimmsFebruary 22nd 2015.

Kenwright keeps suggesting controversial sites when other sites get passed by like Stonebridge lane , edge lane by littlewoods , North end docks, m57etc etc over the ten years he has been trying to plan a move I have seen giant warehouses built on good sites with good access yet he proposes kings dock, Kirkby town centre and Walton park. In the meantime amongst all this chaos he's thirty times richer than when he took over so it seems he doesn't want to move. like the previous liverpool owners said they couldn't improve anfield and the new owners come in and it's sorted.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 22nd 2015.

The M57 comes under knowsley, the North End docks come under Sefton, but that shouldn't dissuade them. They are more than happy to avail themselves of Finch farm, also Knowsley, at the expense of Liverpool council tax payers. The World as we knew it no longer finishes at Page Moss. Joe Anderson however, would be unlikely to influence it one way or the other, the good people of Walton would welcome retaining their park.

AnonymousFebruary 22nd 2015.

Manchester United are not located in Manchester, but in the Borough of Trafford. It doesn't appear to have made much of a difference to them. In fact it has benefitted them considerably, no problems with expansion, located on an integrated transport system, hardly any residents to inconvenience, just the job.

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