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Coining it?

We may have escaped early evening pay & display charges, says Larry Neild, but there's more than one way ....

Published on July 27th 2009.

Coining it?

MOTORISTS have won the battle over proposed night-time parking charges in Liverpool. But have they won the war?

Councillors have given the thumbs down to the controversial scheme, drawn up by Town Hall officers, to introduce parking charges until 8pm. Currently it’s free after 6pm.

It costs £2 an hour to park in street bays, but in some areas such as London Road and Hope Street, the Outer Control Zone, it’s £1.40. But that could change

Your very own Liverpool Confidential was instrumental in significantly highlighting the night-time charging regime, an idea that was greeted with shock and horror among the business and evening economy sectors.

As the decision will starve the City Treasury of some much needed dosh, the officers are now looking at ways of making up the shortfall.

They have come up with a provisional goody-list to ensure motorists dig into their pockets. One idea is to “harmonise” charges, which will almost certainly mean higher costs for many who park in the city.

It costs £2 an hour to park in street bays, but in some areas such as London Road and Hope Street, the Outer Control Zone, it’s £1.40p an hour. But that could change.

Hope Street is this week in the forefront of The Mersey Partnership’s latest advertising drive to attract tourists to Liverpool – especially the cathedrals, the Phil, etc.

And there’s more. They are to look at pay-and-display parking on the outer reaches of town, such as the Dock Road. Currently thousands of nomadic motorists encircle the city-centre looking for free spaces, ie streets without any yellow lines. It brings closer one of my long-standing predictions that eventually the only way city-centre visitors can park for free will be to leave their vehicles in Bootle.

The officers are also going to look at a scheme to tow away illegally parked vehicles left in problem areas. I would like to know the criteria to determine this practice – what is a problem area? When the council won the right to police car-parking in 2001 it vowed there would never be clamping or tow-away practices in Liverpool.

The police already have the power to tow away any vehicle considered to be causing an obstruction.

If there is any glimmer of hope in this, the council is also to examine weekend parking charges. For a long time I’ve advocated a £1 charge for Sunday parking, whether it is for five minutes or all day.

Councillors say before any future proposals are made there needs to be greater consideration of the city’s reputation, with public perceptions of proposals taken into account, including the economic impact - for instance the night time economy and cultural “offers”.

They already plan to look at the hours when yellow lines are operational to restrict lawful parking outside the control hours, with much stricter enforcement. Currently some single yellow lines operate weekdays or until 7pm.

Councillors also want Town Hall officers to lobby the Minister for Transport seeking greater enforcement and penalty charge powers. They even want the officers to appear before the Transport Select Committee, chaired by Riverside MP Louise Ellman.

So we may escape – at least for now – night time parking charges. But there’s every chance of a stricter enforcement regime that will earn even more money for the council.

And if you live in the suburbs you may be in for a shock. Watch this space.

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ABLUEBOYJuly 27th 2009.

The problem is we the English like to complain, the French blockage the ports. burn sheep and generally let the government know they will not stand for. Our Government continually impose more and more taxes and restriction and what do we do send e-mails to each other. How much would Joanna Lumley charge to come and champion our cause

CorneiliusJuly 27th 2009.

With all this discussion about parking, I would like to bring to the attention of readers a scam that is taking place on the road next to the new cruise liner teminal. A guy in an unmarked car (grey VW golf) is sitting on double yellows waiting for anyone to leave their car to see a ship, then jumping out and sticking a parking ticket from a firm in Yorkshire contracted to enforce parking restrictions by Mersey docks and Harbour company, who's land it is. He than jumps in the car and rushes off to do some one else further up the road. Instead of ticketing everyone, he picks out individual cars then rushes off. The ticket is professionaly produced on a parking ticket machine and the 'fine' is £60 if paid in 14 days £90, after that raising to £135 if they have to take you to court. They threaten baliffs and all kinds of nasties.The thing is Double yellows on private land are not enforceable. I got a ticket over 2 months ago. refused to pay, and have heard nothing from them.I wonder how many people just pay the £60 and get scammed? Be warned

byebyeJuly 27th 2009.

The biggest difference is that if you park in Manchester its odds on the wheels wont be nicked, the paint wont be scratched and the windows wont be broken.Not true of liverpool even now unfortunately

AnonymousJuly 27th 2009.

Bye bye, yoy are talking through your arse, idiot

NiciJuly 27th 2009.

Note to MoaningMotorists: I can assure you that the parking prices in Manchester are nowhere near as bad as those in Liverpool. I divide my time between the two cities and can park all day on the edge of Manchester city centre for less than £3. You'd be hard pushed to find anything like that that near to Liverpool CC - even the private landowners are cashing in by charging inflated rates. In addition, the NCP car parks in Manchester offer a reduced Sunday rate. You don't get perks like that in Liverpool.

TwoWheels OnMyWagonJuly 27th 2009.

And another thing... Not alot of people are aware of it, but Liverpool has the ludicous rule which does not allow motor cycles to be parked in on-street parking bays. I just don't get the logic of it - motor cycles are more environmentally-friendly, generate less congestion and take up less space than cars and so the City Council could get even more income from its parking charges.

PatJuly 27th 2009.

Oops! I sound like a batty old snob in previous rant, but we were totally shocked at the charges in Manchester. We paid £4 for whole day in Lime Street C P Sunday in Liverpool only last week

Baffled a bitJuly 27th 2009.

I don't want to park in Manchester, I want to park in Liverpool?!

LastOfTheParkersJuly 27th 2009.

So our councillors want their own officers to seek greater enforcement powers, and also for them to seek an audience with the House of Commons Transport Committee. Would these be the same officers who tried to impose night-time parking charges? Are our councillors crazy - they should be going to the Government to ask for their own officers to be given less powers to impose charges on us. I bet the officers concerned all have free or cheap parking permits because they are employed by the money-making city council. I hope these officers are given a run for their money by Louise Ellman when they go to her committee. She should send them packing with a parking ticket between their legs.Trouble is the council view motorists as a cash cow and they are determined to squeeze as much as they can out of us. I hope Liverpool One shops have a special offer on trousers with deeper pockets.

MoaningMotoristsJuly 27th 2009.

Parking is dirt cheap in Liverpool. Try parking in Manchester - it's daylight robbery.

Rita MeterJuly 27th 2009.

What we need is a Meters Manager. I suggested this to Cecil Parkingzone over ten years ago. We really should milk the motorist for every thing we can.

TourmanJuly 27th 2009.

The parking and congestion problems that have been created in Liverpool are all because the City Centre Congestion Strategy Committee is peopled by Single, cycling, sandal wearing vegetarians not a single motoring organisation is represented on this committee. so these people pedal their warped ideas and inflict their schemes on the majority of us. It is time that we had a motoring group in Liverpool lobbying the council and banning cyclists from the streets. Cyclists are a menace and the most militant group of selfish people created. Don't pay, won't pay should be the motto and we will storm the council meetings until this bunch agree to do what is best for the city not the minority they seem to favour.

A. WalkerJuly 27th 2009.

Not to mention the shoe-destroying and guide-dog-injuring brass studs on the pavements in Bold Street! The Council decreed that Bold Street - once our premier shopping street - is now an "entertinment area" i.e., a giant lavatory for binge-drinking bell-ends. When one of them falls and fractures his or her skull on those studs and their family sues for damages, will the Council finally own up as to whose idea they were?

bye byeJuly 27th 2009.

The reason manchester is alleged to have higher car crime rates is misinterpretation of facts. Manchester car crimes relate to "detections" not reports.i.e. Manchester police are more efficient than the lazy scouse bobbies.In addition it is generally accepted in Manchester that most of the major car crime is imported; i.e. thieves from the minor surrounding areas like Merseyside.

The WorkerJuly 27th 2009.

I don't want to park in Liverpool city centre, but I do have to drive through it and because of the eccentric traffic system and sclerotic clogging of the tarmac arteries caused by Council planners it takes far longer than it ought to, so thousands of commuters every day burn far more petrol and produce far more CO2 and other pollution than they would otherwise produce.As for riding a bike on the narrowed, chaotic roads of Liverpool city centre, forget it! No wonder the delinquents ride on the pavements.You can't even catch a bus these days to cross the city centre! People working in the Dale Street area have to walk from bus stops by Lewis's in Renshaw Street!

AnonymousJuly 27th 2009.

Park and Ride please

DemocratJuly 27th 2009.

simple and effective solution to all this argie barjee; Add £10 per annum on the rates of every rate payer in Liverpool = $5 million per annum on free car parks.Bulldoze large redundant buildings in the centre and build (very cheaply) American style super coach and car parks incorporating trees, toilets and gardens to minimise the environmental impact.Over 10 years the revenue would be massive from tourism alone.

HazelJuly 27th 2009.

Manchester has a higher crime rate than Liverpool. This stereotyping astonishes me.

patJuly 27th 2009.

We went to Manchester two weeks ago on a Sunday to see Prima Donna and it cost us £9.00 for 4 FOR FOUR HOURS in carpark nearest to the theatre. I have NEVER paid such a price in Liverpool

D. RiversJuly 27th 2009.

It's outrageous we have to pay for parking on Sunday. If we had decent public transport on a Sunday who'd even want to drive?

HellohellohelloJuly 27th 2009.

Oh you big silly Byebye! Here is an article by reporter john scheerhout from you very own Manchester Evening News. I don't post this to gloat, just to suggest you stop being such an idiot. POLICE in Manchester claim vehicle crime has been slashed despite the city being named as 'car crime capital of the UK'.Virgin Money Car Insurance used Home Office statistics to give the title to Manchester as part of a national survey.People in Manchester were more likely than anywhere else to have their cars broken into, with 25 victims for every thousand people, according to the figures.Motorists in the city were also more likely than almost anywhere else to have their cars stolen, with nine victims for every thousand people.But GMP said they are continually succeeding in reducing car crime and it has plummeted in the last year.A spokesman said: "We are continuing to reduce vehicle crime across Greater Manchester. Figures for 2007/8 show that vehicle crime was reduced by 19.1 per cent compared to 2006/7, and since April 1, 2008, we have seen a drop of 12.1 per cent compared to the same period last year."Theft from vehicle accounts for a large proportion of vehicle crime, and we would advise motorists to remove all valuables from their vehicles including sat-navs and their mounting cradles."The latest available Home Office figures used by the insurance company suggest Manchester was the worst area in the country for thefts from vehicles last year.Motorists in the city suffered 11,241 thefts from vehicles in the 12 months to April, 2007 - up nine per cent on the previous year, which represent 25 victims out of every thousand people. In Salford, there were 4,618 thefts from vehicles, or 24 out of every thousand people in the local population.The worst area in London was Islington with 20 victims per thousand people.Greater Manchester as a whole suffered 39,104 thefts from vehicles, up nine per cent on the year before, compared to 12,806 in Merseyside.In the Metropolitan area, there were 91,931 thefts from cars although this figure represents 12 in every thousand people there - half that in Manchester.

A.A. MannJuly 27th 2009.

Liverpool already has park-and-ride. It's - er - off the M53 at Ellesmere Port.

A. WalkerJuly 27th 2009.

Tourman - what do you mean by 'motoring organisations'? Both the AA and RAC these days claim to represent all road-users, pedestrians and cyclists as well as motorists. I think you're a bit paranoid, it's worse for everyone. Have you tried crossing town on foot and having to use those daft new crossing the council has put in Renshaw Street? The pedestrain signals are at waist height and confusing point at the traffic rather than the pedestrian, unlike any other crossings in the civilised world.The Council isn't pro-cycling, it is just anti-everyone.

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