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Battle of Sefton Park Meadows goes on

Appeal for Grade I status as campaigners renew bid to save land

Written by . Published on October 22nd 2013.

Battle of Sefton Park Meadows goes on

CAMPAIGNERS battling against the sell-off of the Meadowlands have vowed to fight on, despite Mayor Anderson’s decision to proceed with the sale. 

They have applied to Government watchdog English Heritage for the Meadowlands to be given the same Grade I listing as the rest of Sefton Park (see panel below). In the meantime. a new e-petition has been launched and the campaigners are holding a public meeting next month.

The petition is calling for any planning application to be called in by the Government rather than just receive consent from the city council’s own Labour-dominated planning committee. 

The meting is to take place at 7pm on Wednesday, November 17 in the Rathbone Room at the Greenbank Academy in Greenbank Lane, just a few hundred yards from the Meadowlands. 

Sefton Park Meadows Liverpool

The city council has confirmed the proposed sale, even though a petition was submitted signed by 7,500 people with around 1,300 objections lodged against the sale as part of the legal consultation exercise. 

Campaigner Paul Slater said: “The council (read as the Mayor) have ignored all of the valid representations they have received, and are bulldozing this through.  However, we will not stand by, whilst they try to do this, and will fight them at every stage. 

Mr Slater is critical of a “small” legal notice published in the Liverpool Post which referred to the proposed sale of “incidental space in Park Avenue, Liverpool 18”. 

It was misleading not to mention the relationship of the site, which is known as the Meadlowlands, to Sefton Park.” 

He commented on the recent meeting of the council’s Regeneration Select Committee, at which the council report (into the objections) was discussed. 

Mr Slater added: “The Mayor again dominated proceedings.  There was virtually no input from the Labour members on this committee and certainly no scrutiny.  As was expected, they voted through the sell off. The only Liberal Democrat on the committee, Pat Maloney, asked about the Mayor's supposed commitment to making Liverpool a greener place. Rather than answer the question, the Mayor launched into a party political rant. 

A number of objectors addressed the committee, with very valid points.  These were all dismissed by the Mayor, who retorted that more people had voted for him, than had signed the petition.  The Mayor refused to rule out the sale of any other green space. 

 “Our fight goes on and we will fight at every stage of all the processes, that will need to be gone through, before the Meadowlands are built upon.” 

A new newsletter is in preparation, and will soon be mass produced, and widely delivered across Liverpool. We are also pushing a new e-petition, on the Government website, this is asking for any subsequent planning application to be called in, and to go to public inquiry.  The petition can be signed here 

Further information, and updates are also available on the Save Sefton Park Meadows Facebook page, and on the campaign website 

Grade I listing

Sefton Park Meadows Liverpool 1
Campaigner John Middleton has applied to English Heritage for the Meadows to be granted Grade I listed status claiming that they form "the last remnants of a sanitary cordon of grand boulevards which connected the Ring of Parks enacted by the Liverpool City Council of 1862."

He says: "The Meadows are part of the 19th century plan for a Ring of Parks and they lead to the next link, Calderstones Park. The Queens Drive entrance to Sefton Park are a deliberately designed beautiful and sweepingly graceful entrance to the Park and should be given the same protection as the already listed, stone gate entrances at Sefton Park Rd (leading to Princes Park) and Aigburth Vale (leading to Otterspool).

"The distinctive grand design of the double row of lime trees that protect a broad walk used to go right around Queens Drive. This can be seen in photos from 1906 at Queen Drive in Walton, before the trees were felled to make way for the dual carriageway."

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28 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousOctober 22nd 2013.

There is no democratic mandate for this, it was not part of Joe or Labour's manifesto. no one voted for it.

SaladDazeOctober 22nd 2013.

Can't Joe put a bus lane through it?

4 Responses: Reply To This...
John ShawOctober 22nd 2013.

He could well do, as it appears Joe pleases himself what he wants. He fails to consult with any of the electorate at all, his is the only opinion that counts.........Or so he thinks

John BradleyOctober 22nd 2013.

You mean he didn't ask you, so he can't have asked anyone else.

John ShawOctober 22nd 2013.

Why don't you ask him who he asked, he's your numero uno amigo, you have a direct line to him, you're forever riding to his defence. You appear to have more say on the subject than he does, because you utter the same inaccuracies, that he does. Part of their remit is to have dialogue with people, this never took place. The good people of Liverpool are only informed on a need to know basis, it's Joe's opinion that we don't need to know anything until it's written in stone, then tough if we don't like it. There are many contributors to this forum on many issues other than SPM, they are of the same opinion "We are not consulted". Believe me Anderson is not the oracle you think he is, oh that he was.

John BradleyOctober 22nd 2013.

You really are a deluded man aren't you JS. I'm not riding to his defence but attacking your stupidity. I've never spoken to Joe and have only ever exchanged 1 email with him. Though he has received lots of emails from me, often about trains. There are very few contributors to the forum, 20 max. I cannot work out whether you genuinely believe that is a lot or will make make spurious claims, either way it is a nonsensical POV. The problem isn't that JohnnyS can't read. The problem isn't even that JohnnyS can't think. The problem is that JohnnyS doesn't know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling. Thomas Sowell

John ShawOctober 22nd 2013.

Why should you feel the need to attack other peoples stupidity. Do you not have a life outdoors, photography and trainspotting, lighten up, quoting old American economists isn't much fun, why you continue to air your considerable knowledge to a forum of less than two dozen folk is a waste of your talent. Get your backside over to the Oxford, quaff a few beers, or are you too busy with Trojan horses?

1 Response: Reply To This...
John BradleyOctober 22nd 2013.

Because stupidity is what fucks up the world and I have a conscience, and this takes up very little of time,.

C'est La VieOctober 23rd 2013.

I suppose we should all be grateful for small mercies

AnonymousOctober 23rd 2013.

Are John Bradley and Joe Anderson the same person?

6 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyOctober 23rd 2013.

Nice bit of spinning from Dobos team. You lost the arguments and the votes why does you ego force you to carry on? BTW You and the rest of the Car Park protection society need to get down to the junction of Hope and Myrtle you other great nature reserve is getting prepared to be of value to society.

AnonymousOctober 25th 2013.

Are John Bradley and Joe Anderson the same person? You never answered the question did you

John BradleyOctober 25th 2013.

Of course I'm not but it does show how tiny your mind is that you imagine everyone that disagrees with you is Joe or you must be a bit of a snide git to try and muddy the waters but as you don't even have the integrity to let us know who you are your opinion is meaningless.

AnonymousOctober 26th 2013.

I think you'll find I made no opinion one way or the other. I merely asked were you Joe Anderson. I neither agreed or disagreed with anyone on here. As far remaining anonymous goes that does not affect my opinion because I never expressed one in the first place.

AnonymousOctober 26th 2013.

Joe Anderson hasn't got form for stalking

John BradleyOctober 26th 2013.

Well that is something I do have in common with Joe then.

Big ToeOctober 27th 2013.

I am "Gluttonous Maximus"

Clearwater RevivalOctober 27th 2013.

Now your talking. I used to like Muddy Waters.

AnonymousNovember 1st 2013.

I would have thought John Bradley would have been upset by this. I thought he lived under the bridge in Sefton Park

1 Response: Reply To This...
John BradleyNovember 1st 2013.

You would have though? Well that would be a first. You really do need to stop claiming that everyone that disagrees with you is a troll.

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