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Back your pub campaign

6p a pint threatened on beer, Confidential signs up to support pubs

Published on December 2nd 2009.

Back your pub campaign

This is a message we got from the British Beer & Pub Association – and Confidential supports them. After all the pub goes to the heart of Britishness and we should do everything to keep these glorious institutions full of rude health.Here’s the message.

We can help support a uniquely British industry that employs more than half a million people and plays a vital role in the economic and social wellbeing of Britain

‘You may remember that a year ago the Government imposed an 8% increase on beer duty to ensure that pub consumers and industry did not benefit from the VAT cut which took effect on 1 January. This was both unfair and unjustified – and now the Government appears ready to deliver another hammer blow by keeping duty up once VAT returns to its normal rate on 1 January next year.

‘This will mean a further 6p on a pint of beer and even more pub closures – now running at a record fifty a week across Britain. As a supporter of British beer and pubs, we would like you to lobby your MP to urge him or her to sign up to a parliamentary motion to call on the Chancellor to cut beer duty as VAT increases.

‘So please click here, then type your postcode into the ‘Petition your MP’ box on the front page of the website and send a clear message to your MP about what you think.

‘Together we can help support a uniquely British industry that employs more than half a million people and plays a vital role in the economic and social wellbeing of communities up and down Britain.’

Bravo, go on folks give it a thumbs up.

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21 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Arthur PintDecember 2nd 2009.

Don't talk ageist rubbish Dig! Where they survive proper pubs are valued by people of all ages (over 18 at any rate). You seem to be promoting modern 'bars' which aren't pubs at all. It's proper, long-standing pubs with a role in the community with locals and regulars we are trying to save, not flash-in-the-pan gangster bars in town!

Red LionDecember 2nd 2009.

Pubs are failing because:- 1. The drinks are too expensive for a quick, casual scoop with friends or neighbours- 2. You can’t smoke in them- 3. Intrusive loud music - 4. Intrusive big-screen football has taken over most pubs- 5. Big-screen football attracts only shouting, aggressive, foul-mouthed yobs- 6. There are yobs hanging around outside pubs unsupervised by the landlord or manager because of the smoking ban- 7. The anti-smoking brigade who swore they’d start going into pubs and spending money if smoking was banned were lying.

Emily BishopDecember 2nd 2009.

If people want to lounge on sofas watching the television with their feet on the upholstery, why don't they stay at home like the antisocial bell-ends that they are?

Arthur PintDecember 2nd 2009.

'Locals' Dig, the pubs that are closing down because their traditional customers who kept them in profit for a century or more are deserting them.

DigDecember 2nd 2009.

Atmoshphere? I've been drinking already.

Arthur PintDecember 2nd 2009.

That's why 57 a week are closing down, Dig. Paying £500 a month for Sky Sport isn't helping them.

Robert TrestletableDecember 2nd 2009.

Don't be daft lad! Taxpayers' billions go to the banks to bail them out of their own mess (and they still overpay the incompetents who made it), to pay huge subsidies to the rich landowners that own nearly all this country, to subsidise privatised railways, Crapita, etc. If the people above paid their actual workers better wages there'd be far fewer on benefits.

DigDecember 2nd 2009.

There are different ages and types of customers. There is room for enough pubs to cater for all. Some people enjoy watching football with a bottle of Becks as much as some people enjoy a quiet traditional pub with a pint real ale. Watching football in a pub with a bottle doesn't automatically make you a scally the same way drinking a pint of golden in a pub with no tv and playing music from the 50's doesn't automatically make you a boring old fart. There is room for all. I for one enjoy all types of British Boozer. I'm sure there has always been good and bad pubs depending on individual tastes. Pubs are moving with the times, even if you aren't.

TourmanDecember 2nd 2009.

Save the Pub, which has, like the motorist always been a cash cow for Governments which need to support the 8 million on benefits.

Arthur PintDecember 2nd 2009.

It seems though from your contributions Dig that you want all pubs converted into places that are all equally noisy, uncomfortable and expensive.

DigDecember 2nd 2009.

It's a lot more than £500. Very few places have scallies in them Arthur. I regularly visit a wide range of Liverpool bars and pubs. If you want to avoid scallies, avoid a couple of trendy bars, a few bars on Mathew Street and Concert Square on weekends. Everywhere else is generally fine all time. Places showing live football are in the minority too. What particular places are you referring to?

Rose O'MossleyDecember 2nd 2009.

A proper landlord who cautions customers who used bad language, a bar for the scruffs and riff-raff separate from the lounge for the properly-dressed decent folk - yes you have to travel some distance to find a proper pub these days.

AnonymousDecember 2nd 2009.

Pubs are closing for good every day. People don't want big screen football and shouting football hooligans so they're staying away in droves.

Phil MeasureDecember 2nd 2009.

Knocking internal walls down to turn proper pubs into open-plan caverns of noise where there's no escape from the television and the bellowing cretins that watch it is a big turn-off for traditional customers (who kept these places going for decades) too.

DigDecember 2nd 2009.

I'm not promoting them at all and my ageist pop at you was tongue in cheek. My point is because a bar/pub is modern or different to what you enjoy doesn't make it any less relevant or important to the clientele who do prefer the modern bar. How boring would it be if we all liked the same pubs? Variety after all.....

Albert TatlockDecember 2nd 2009.

Those big ugly sofas are inappropriate for pubs. They take up as much space as two traditional pub tables that could accommodate eight proper drinkers, rather than one or two sullen scallies who think they're in an episode of 'Friends'.

DigDecember 2nd 2009.

I would also suggest 'traditional pubs' are dying rapidly at present because so are their customers. It's unfortunate that younger drinkers don't value that type of atmoshphere and pub. A real shame.

Old and PeculiarDecember 2nd 2009.

Blaming the Government won’t wash any more. Whenever the Chancellor put 2p on a pint of beer, the breweries or ‘pub companies’ would shove another 10p or 15p of their own! People know they are being robbed and incomes aren’t increasing at anything like the same rate. They weren’t before the ‘credit crunch’ either. Anti-drink campaigners prattle on about alcohol being cheaper now than ever before but they obviously never go into pubs.

Arthur PintDecember 2nd 2009.

What with televisions showing football, tables that are too low, sofas and lager sucked from bottles it seems that too many pubs are trying to present themselves as a simulacrum of a scally's living room. I wish they'd go back to being proper pubs patronised by pleasant adults again.

DigDecember 2nd 2009.

An atmosphere that younger people enjoy and relate to and you don't. Traditional style pubs aren't what most young people want these days because there's always a bitter old bore in the corner belittling everything new, modern and trendy cos it wasn't as good as in your (sorry, their) day. You talk about young people only seeing traditional pubs on tv. What modern bars have you actually been in? We might be able to help you and drag you limping and coughing into the 21st century.

Arthur PintDecember 2nd 2009.

Dig said "It's unfortunate that younger drinkers don't value that type of atmoshphere and pub. A real shame. ” - What atmosphere? The modern pub isn't the cosy, welcoming refuge it once was. Such pubs are few and far between. Most people people only see them on 'Coronation Street' or 'Early Doors'.

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