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BNP targets Liverpool tomorrow

Anti-racism groups, students and politicians gather for major counter-protest as right-wingers descend on city centre

Published on November 29th 2008.

BNP targets Liverpool tomorrow

The BNP are to target Liverpool tomorrow in response to 12 of their members being arrested last Saturday here. It has sparked plans for a massive counter-protest in the city centre.

The 12 were held by Merseyside police on suspicion of inciting racial hatred while distributing a leaflet published by their extreme Right-wing party. They were bailed, with the BNP later claiming they had been "tortured" while in custody.

The deeply unpleasant leaflet has already been widely distributed nationally. Indeed, a large number of Liverpool city councillors were outraged this week to receive the “Racism Cuts Both Ways” pamphlet unsolicited in the post to their home addresses.

But ire at the arrests, among the higher echelons of the BNP has been brewing all week, and tomorrow they have planned a Merseyside “day of action”. A groundswell of BNP members across the country have been mobilised to descend on Liverpool for the day by non other than their leader Nick Griffin who it is also thought will be in town.

Meanwhile, a peaceful counter-leafleting protest is planned at the same time in the city centre, starting at 10am in Bold Street. Politicians across all parties have pledged their intention to attend, along with members of trades unions, student groups and plenty of ordinary members of the public.

Liverpool University students are asking council leader Warren Bradley to turn up, while DJ Pete Price has already lent his support: "As a gay man, I have no

time for the BNP. They want to have freedom of speech in Liverpool but only so they can denounce people who aren't white, gays, Jews...we all know their list of hate. I hope the city council does ban the march on Saturday."

Some people say organising a counter protest is just giving the BNP the oxygen of publicity. That we should simply ignore them and walk past their loud hailers tomorrow.Others are obviously prepared to get stuck in, ignore the possibility of appearing on the sinister Redwatch site, and make the anti-racism message louder. More, meanwhile, would call on the police and council to just ban them from demonstrating in the city.

This is shaping up to be a big event of the weekend and has got an awful lot of people talking. Quite how it will pan out remains to be seen.

*Peaceful, Democratic Objection to the BNP Leafleting of Liverpool Saturday. 10am-4pm, Bold Street, Liverpool

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37 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

CliveNovember 28th 2008.

Shame on Confidential for being the only media organisation to give the BNP the oxygen of publicity they so crave. Other media outlets appear to have been more responsible.

TruthNovember 28th 2008.

As history has shown, right wing parties thrive in times of recession/depression because it's a good time for ordinary decent white folks who have been given a tough deal to blame everyone on the margins of society for their ills. So get ut there tomorrow and stamp the BMP and their evil bile down. They have no place in our Capital of Culture

Proper RealistNovember 28th 2008.

Hmmm, I would have thought that somebody calling themselves "Realist" would have at least some small grip on reality. If you really believe a boatload of immigrants are moving in every day, you must be reading the Daily Express. And either they are taking the jobs, or they are sponging, but they surely can't be doing both. Ignorant and an idiot, now there IS a dangerous combination.

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

This is a really sick video by Peter Tierney(Quiggins) on Youtube - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zFBgPgF6KJk. I have flagged it but Youtube has not removed it yet. I will take further action if it is not removed soon.

Toxteth TerrorNovember 28th 2008.

How can the BNP be realists when they deny the holocaust? The holocaust was real enough for the millions of people exterminated by the nazis. Liverpool Confidential were right to publish this article. The BNP won't just go away if you ignore them.

Edukashun DipartmintNovember 28th 2008.

Realist, are you an immigrant? Judging by your ability to write and spell the English language I would guess not. There are some useful classes available if you need help. By the way there are 40,000 empty homes in Liverpool alone But you are right, nowhere near enough to house all those Brits polluting the streets of Europe America Canada Autralia Spain Cyprus. Force them all home now! We cant have Brits sponging off other nations and vomiting in their streets and shagging on the beach.

Free ScreechNovember 28th 2008.

All those who gallantly say they don't agree with what they say but hey have a right to say it. Can I interest you in tickets to the Gary Glitter One Man Show talking about the virtues of youth How about an article on here for paedophiles to state a case for equal rights? Too much?Okay, let's stick to politics and culture, perhaps an Audience with Osama Bin Laden with show and tell bomb making? How about a talk from and exponent of female circumcision with a practical demonstration?No? None of these? Then why so f***ing pious when it comes to Nazis?They are routed in brutality, hatred, murder,and genocide. The BNP (bigoted nasty parasites) have their foundation in the worship of Hitler and anti semitism. In my book that pretty much negates the right to free speech or to organise. They should be banned and arrested for membership. They are based in violence and hatred. They use race as a political weapon to stir up fear and hatred. So what are you defending when their voice, that you insist must be heard leads to the gassing of children because they are jews or gypsies or disabled? The murder of people becuase they are Homosexuals or Communists or slavs. They are linked around the world to groups who still openly brandish the swastika who don't try and kid us with the phoney veneer of respectability or patriotism they are Nazis. Opposing them with peaceful protest or resistance is all very well, you just need to be careful that the peaceful march is not right through the gates of the concentration camp.Nazis have no right to speak Nazis have no right to organise.

Mystery ShopperNovember 28th 2008.

Who is this Peter Tierney? Does he run a shop? What does he look like?

MerseymikeNovember 28th 2008.

Yes, but the right to express one#s views also applies to the right to protest against them.The good thing is that as the recent leaked membership list showed, the BNP are comparatively weak here. But thats no reason to be complacent

Gareth FieldsteadNovember 28th 2008.

So typical of the left to try and dismiss genuine concerns by thousands of hardworking individuals, because they don't share the same viewpoint as them! I may not agree with everything the BNP stand for but they are the only political party who are willing to address so called "sensitive issues" that this Government has caused. Once again the very people who demand "democracy" are the same people who refuse another political party a voice because they express views that are different to there own, how very socialist! By the way are you still allowed to mention the word Christmas in Liverpool or might it offend Muslims? I see there is confirmed evidence that English born Muslims are once again behind the latest atrocities in India, I am sure we can all count on Gordon to make sure they are well looked after in Indian custody and that we demand there release as soon as possible so it doesn't contravene there human rights.

david shawNovember 28th 2008.

The BNP have a legitimate right to protest against anything they want without fear or hindrance by bullying mobs of politically correct proto commumnists.The BNP may be right wing but they do represent the opinion of many people who are heartily sick of the way so many minorities are given whatever they want while ordinary citizens are squeezed to pay for foreigners,gypsies and east european gangsters activities.Why not speak these terrible truths?Someone has to have the guts to say it!

Simon SymondsNovember 28th 2008.

A plea to genuine Anti-FascistsDon't play into the BNP's hands.Stay away from Liverpool.http://manchesteruaf.blogspot.com/

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

Hmm, realist is thick with it, too.

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

I cannot believe these people will be given a public voice tomorrow. I really hope that the peaceful protestors will out number the BNP crowd. I am totally with Pete Price on this one, the BNP freedom of speech is always at the expense of others, bring on the demonstration!

lolNovember 28th 2008.

You really are making a laughing stock of yourself now. The BNP would even be embarrased.

BrianNovember 28th 2008.

I was 'lucky' enough to be handed one of the BNP leaflets in town last Saturday. Please don't be taken in by their 'freedon of speech' claims. It was just their usual bile against the usual targets. Liverpool is a city of immigrants, and that's what makes it so great. So join the protest and let's kick these bigoted idiots out of our city.

realistNovember 28th 2008.

you miseed out how about an nice strole with rapist immigrants walking the streets of liverpool and the rest of britain and a lunchen with suicide bombers that have just jumped out the backs of a lorries. Bnp arnt racist they're realists, is not racist to want leaner immigration laws. Y pollute are streets with anymore immigrants, there are already too many british people to find homes without taking in anymore from other countries

AlanNovember 28th 2008.

If I could join the counter protest against the BNP I would, but living in Basingstoke Hampshire it is a lot of train fare to get up to Liverpool. But I do feel that I am there in spirit if not physically. BNP are not to my knowledge a proper decrocatic party as they are just fascist racial bigots (they changed their name from National Front to BNP but they are still the same). Such a group of racist bigots should be outlawed.

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

Good on you Pete Price, you are a courageous man standing up to be counted, which is more than I can say for local councilors, especially in Sefton. I am sick and tired of sedition, corruption and racism at all levels. A simple planning investigation into corruption at Sefton Planning Department uncovered "links" to the BNP, a pedophile, a money laundering operation and collusion and corruption within the Planning Department and the senior management of the Council

realistNovember 28th 2008.

40,000 houses in liverpool, thats not enough to put up with the boat loads of immigrants coming over everyday.

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

I oppose everything the BNP stands for, but I am totally committed to freedom of speech and will defend their right to express their opinions, no matter how ignorant and irrational they are.

AngelaNovember 28th 2008.

Truly disturbing? No, just advertising for the the party. Which is what this story is doing, raising their profile. The BNP must be delighted! They are taking advantage of the current climate to insight hatred. It may be dressed up with terms like 'saving our heritage' but the undercurrent is clear.

MinksterNovember 28th 2008.

FREEDOM TO SPEAK is unfortunately blind as well as lacking in knowledge. So I'll put it simply for them - we live in a predominantly white male world and that is why the police do not need a White Policemans Group etc - it is a white man's world.Talk of "morons of the right and left are so scared of upsetting the Blacks,Muslims and any other minority group in this country." has some truth. When these are "political morons" the truth is more sinister than "political correctness" because it belies an attitude that says we should speak of minority groups in a different way to how we speak of any other group and so demonstrates prejudice on their part. The many who hide behind 'political correctness' and Codes of Practice rather than understanding that there is just the one human race - available in a wide variety of colours and styles, need to get a grip of themselves and stop trying to grab others.

DigNovember 28th 2008.

I will be surprised if there's no violence in Town tomorrow. We can only hope. It will be terrible for us if there is. I'm sure it's not just going to be local papers in Town looking for a story tomorrow. It would be typical of the nationals to ignore all the good thats happened here this year then turn up at the last minute of CoC year with an exaggerated story about racism and violence in Liverpool. Scared children, pensioners, people innocently going about their Xmas shopping getting caught up in a melee. I can see the sensationalisms now. I hope I'm wrong. Very wrong.”

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

I am an anti-nazi leage supporter and I believe it would be very irresponsible for a media organisation to know that the BNP were coming en masse to their city, to leaflet innocent shoppers with their bile and hatred, dressed up and sanitised, and not warn them about it. Yes, you can say don't give them the oxygen of publicity, which seems to be what this story is saying too, but at the end of the day if there are over 1,000 people who despise the BNP setting up Facebook groups and telling people to spread the word that the BNP are in town and have to be stopped with a peaceful day of counter action, then should the media ignore it? That would be irresponsible.

faintestNovember 28th 2008.

idea how people like me think!

realistNovember 28th 2008.

ano i cant spell for **** can idifference is brits go to live in other countries because they can afford it, y would they go somewhere without the expences to live. not like people from iraq an pakistan who come over here and steal and take jobs for half the wage so there isnt any for brits there the one's that sponge.

realistNovember 28th 2008.

Britain is full!!! keep them out send them home!vote bnp

CorrespondentNovember 28th 2008.

Mystery Shopper, Tierney has moved his Quiggins business to a site on Aigburth Road. Back in 2002 he was photographed as part of a BBC piece on the original site of his business on School Lane (www.bbc.co.uk/…/index.shtml… ). The campaign to keep Quiggins in the city centre attracted support from people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, etc. Ironic, eh?

FREEDOM TO SPEAKNovember 28th 2008.

The B.N.P.are gaining support because the other political morons of the right and left are so scared of upsetting the Blacks,Muslims and any other minority group in this country.The United Kingdom is a Christian country that welcomes people from other religions,it is a very tolerent countryit also has the option for all peoples that if you dont like this Country you are free to leave and go and live in a country of your choice (if they will accept you).In this country we have The Black Police officers group,why do we not have a White Polices officers group ?.Muslims want Muslim only schools,why cant we have Christian only schools.There is a Black musicians group,why no White musicians group.The B.N.P.to my knowledge have not Murdered any U.K.Citizens.Muslims have but in this land of free speech you cannot say anything that might upset them.I am a former trade union activist but in the last 10 years my views have changed after the unions sold out the Liverpool Dockers and were more concerned about there own soft jobs and company cars than the unemployed.The worst thing to be in this country today is White,Male,Working,Honest and Straight.Anyone else will have some P.C.leftwing group looking out for there Human Rights.So until this changes the B.N.P.will grow and grow.Sadly.

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

More ignorance. Is it bliss? Do not try to inject disaffected people with your insidious and ignorant hatred, Gateth. It was never a solution, never a Final Solution. Merely no ideas.

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

Oh, there rants the Fascist scum I was wondering how long. Pathetic.

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

They have benn targeting Liverpool for a while I was really shocked to see Peter Tierney from Quiggins hosting a BNP stall on Bold Street last month claiming that it wasnt a racist party shame on him and all his kind !!!

Jimmy NailNovember 28th 2008.

Waiai Dennis Man, let's gang oover to Dusseldorf or Speeen like an tek some jobs man. Ahh oonly hope the lercals are not ignorant reecist bastads like.

CorrespondentNovember 28th 2008.

realist, you're just the sort of highly educated, literate & well-read chap that this country needs.FREEDOM TO SPEAK is now having his tea made for him by his mum.

GerryNovember 28th 2008.

As the saying goes, "evil thrives where good men/women do nothing". Would you really prefer that Confidential ignored the BNP's plans to pour their poison on to our streets? We turn a blind eye to the threat of the BNP at our peril and by not speaking out against them, we allow them to gain acceptance. And in reply to "Freedom to Speak", my guess is that no white police officers' group exists because white officers are not discriminated against or subject to racism, and the hatred that goes with it, by fellow members of the police force.

AnonymousNovember 28th 2008.

watch this...truley disturbing...still want to support quiggins now.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhxC9gcXS2E

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