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11-storey student block on Odeon site

'Scheme will revitalise London Road'

Written by . Published on January 20th 2014.

11-storey student block on Odeon site

HOMES for almost 500 students are being earmarked in an 11-storey building on the site of the Odeon cinema in London Road. 

The cinema hosted the première of the Beatles' film A Hard day's Night when the area was swamped with screaming fans during the heyday of Cattleman. 

Like the other picture palaces in Liverpool, the Odeon eventually gave way to the multiplexes. 

It switched off the projectors for good soon after the opening of the Odeon Complex in Liverpool One and was demolished soon after. 

OdeonOdeon London Road in its heyday

Today council cabinet member Cllr Nick Small welcomed the development and said it would help invigorate London Road. 

The Paramount Development, named after the first incarnation of the 2,000 seater cinema on the London Road site, would see a building ranging from seven to 11 storeys, housing 488 student bedrooms. There will be a central courtyard and recessed entrance off Hotham Street. 

The accommodation will be made up of 48 self-contained student apartments and 83 cluster apartments. The plan is to build retail units and student facilities on the ground, including a swimming pool and gymnasium. There will also be a three-level basement car park for 153 vehicles. 

The scheme has been submitted to the city council's planning department by Pinnacle Student Developments, of Manchester. 

Odeon %281%29 

Recently Cllr Small and his Central Ward colleague, former Lord Mayor Cllr Sharon Sullivan, criticised student flats in another part of the city centre, near to Vauxhall.

Cllr Small said: "In that case the plan was for student flats in the Marybone area of the city centre. My view is student accommodation in an established residential area such as Marybone needs careful consideration. In the case of the Odeon site I am supportive of the scheme. 

"A proposal has been put forward by Iain Hoskins, owner of Ma Egerton's pub (close to both the former Odeon site and the Empire theatre) to create a walk of fame in that area. It would be a good idea to secure some funding from schemes such as the Odeon development to help towards the cost of the walk of fame. It will be good for that part of London Road. 


"Names such as Frank Sinatra, Houdini, Laurel and Hardy and of course the Beatles, are just a few of the great names who visited this area." 

The student flats scheme is now being assessed before submission to the city council's planning committee in the near future.

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33 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Jack and Harry ShawJanuary 20th 2014.

Was the Duncan St, in Liverpool 1. The one that runs between Gt George St and St James St. I understood that land had been acquired by Urban Splash, but development was on a back burner. It was supposedly for some development relating to "Chinatown", or something similar, according to an Echo article in the not so recent past. I may be wrong, would appreciate your input.

7 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyJanuary 20th 2014.

There are two in for the Duncan St area. This is the one northgate.liverpool.gov.uk/…/PL.xml&DAURI=PLANNING… and the other is northgate.liverpool.gov.uk/…/PL.xml&DAURI=PLANNING… The housing 1 seems to be for Semi Detached, which I don't like in the city center so I recomended these, but the counil will ignore. goo.gl/…/K7fdw…

Jack and Harry ShawJanuary 20th 2014.


Jack and Harry ShawJanuary 21st 2014.

I did post a " thank you", it disappeared, it must have fallen into that railway tunnel that was refurbished at great cost, that lies beneath this land. Do me a favour JB. Was this the notice that appeared in Myrtle St. Is Gt George Place anywhere in the vicinity, or do they mean St James Place.

John BradleyJanuary 21st 2014.

I did turn up. Great Georges Place is where the Wedding house is. goo.gl/…/9zKFP…

Jack and Harry ShawJanuary 21st 2014.

You've used that Frodsham one before. I googled Gt George Place, must check it out ,they've been wrong in the past. That junction with Parliament St was altered many years ago. For some reason there's a big sign at the junction of Mill St proclaiming it as "Dingle" I'm even more confused now.

John BradleyJanuary 21st 2014.

I'm not saying the design is special, but I think the general concept fits well replacing terraced houses. You get privacy from the Living space being 1 floor up, and yet get a parking space.

Jack and HarryJanuary 21st 2014.

Ta JB, I know the area pretty well. The wedding house was formerly the Midland bank, it's reputedly haunted. The Lord Nelson next door was known locally as Jack Shaw's, the pub on St James St facing Duncan St The Furness was known as Harry Shaw's, no relation. Facing the entrance to the David Lewis theatre was a triangular plot of land with a ladies toilet, the co-op and Teds record shop. As was the practice back then, people used the local parlance for pubs and street names, sometimes completely different from the real thing.

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 20th 2014.

Oh good! more student housing there's such a shortage of it! why not build another 12 Tesco's as well.

4 Responses: Reply To This...
Mickey MouseJanuary 21st 2014.

Numbers have dropped by 7%, but they say it's only a blip, you are right. There's far too much student accommodation and Tesco supermarkets springing up. They will more than likely lie empty like the glut of office space in this city.

Student HallJanuary 21st 2014.

How do they mean "revitaise"? Students don't spend much and being conformists they all queue to get into the Tesco Express rather than consider buying from independent shops. I see that 'Nico' shop is still empty after the woman had all that exposure on Channel Four's Gypsy programmes.

A half-pint of your cheapest bitter...January 21st 2014.

I can't see those premises re-opening as a pub because of the development. Foreign students don't use pubs.

Anne DroidappJanuary 21st 2014.

Middle class British students have started saying “Can I get…” when they ask the barperson for service. A punch in the face often offends.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

Typical Bradley, the thread's about London Road and we end up talking about Myrtle Street. I've heard a man painted his door blue in Anfield.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Mickey MouseJanuary 21st 2014.

In fairness Mr Bradley was pointing out that the clots that put the notices up got it wrong in his neck of the woods. They may do it yet again. Mr Bradley has local knowledge reference student flats. he is surrounded by them, and he doesn't seem to mind how high they build them. He's starting night school in September, he's intent on polishing up his Cantonese, Rumanian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian, just in case someone asks the way to Edge Hill station or the nearest Lidl. He's a helpful sort of chap, so get off his back pal.

John BradleyJanuary 21st 2014.

I'm helpful unless you a chugger or Mormon. If anyone in any doubt as to the effect students can have come and have a look around Myrtle Parade, just the ffect of having people around makes a lot of difference.

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 21st 2014.

Exclusive picture of John Bradley reading Liverpool confidential released...he lost the eye after a confrontation with Anon turned nasty upload.wikimedia.org/…/General_Chang.JPG…

mickeydrippin'January 21st 2014.

Perhaps the University authorities want to build more accomodation for students around the city centre, so they will be nearer to their places of study. They will then sell-off the Halls of Residence in Mossley Hill and cancel the special bus service, thus saving a pot of money.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Mickey MouseJanuary 21st 2014.

That's it in a nutshell, Mick.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

"I'm helpful unless you a chugger" I thought you liked chuggers and chuff chuffs.

9 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyJanuary 21st 2014.

This is the kind of chugger you find on Bold Street.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

As usual, you make no sense

John BradleyJanuary 21st 2014.

Makes perfect sense, it just you are rather ignorant. www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/…/new-rules-penalties-street-chuggers-3337695…

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 21st 2014.

It just you are? Bradley fail English?! that's unpossible

Ignor AmosJanuary 21st 2014.

Ah come on JB, August 2012. Half of us can't remember yesterday....... all my troubles seem so far away.....Where was I, who are you, who am I.....Hey missus where's the La Bussola got to.

John BradleyJanuary 21st 2014.

Neither can I but for some reason I remembered the word and google.

Mickey MouseJanuary 21st 2014.

I think it's The Odd Spot you should be looking for old timer.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

John Bradley lives in a bedsit made entirely from dictionaries. It looks a bit like an Igloo, but is nowhere near as cool,

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 22nd 2014.

that's implying he turns to a source other than himself or Joe Anderson for knowledge, which just isn't true....

MikeJanuary 24th 2014.

When I moved out, we saved a bunch of money by finding off campus housing near our schools using www.meant4rent.co.uk… – renting is atleast half the price of living on-campus.

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2014.

Are we really that badly off for student accommodation? Including this article and the previous one I just read, its close to 1000 more student beds planned for development. Is there a new University somewhere in the works?

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