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The Confidential Challenge: for him (part 4)

Chris Grimes loves his treats but not his moobs...

Written by . Published on July 28th 2010.

The Confidential Challenge: for him (part 4)

Week 7
I have watched plenty of weight loss programmes and on one such occasion (cough, cough- my honeymoon) I got addicted to Biggest Loser USA whilst we were in New Zealand.

It was always on TV when we came home for our afternoon nap and I found the show rather inspiring. In short, people who are very fat (over 20 stone) go into a boot camp for 6 months and the person who loses the most weight percentage wins $100,000.

People lost amazing amounts of weight dropping 8 or 9 stone in 6 months whilst getting educated about food and exercise. Problem was, there was no way I could take 6 months off work for such a challenge but I did still wonder if I could ever get a cover model’s body another way...

Women think that men don’t worry about their bodies or get insecure about them. This is not true.

It’s not very manly to talk about your body within male circles and most men tend to steer away from such conversations- me being one of them. The fact is, we do look at Men’s Health and torso of the week in Heat magazine and wish that could be us. Any man who says they wouldn’t like a ripped figure is a total liar.

I have been insecure about my body for a long time. I hated the fact I had beer belly that hung over my jeans and had a cracking pair of moobs.

I have been on some great holidays over the past five years but kept my top on 95 per cent of the time while on the beach or by the pool as I was so embarrassed. As a kid you couldn’t get me out of the sea or the swimming pool, so much so my mum thought I would be an Olympic champion one day.

But as soon as I started to gain weight, I had to learn to lie. My friends would always ask why I sat in the shade and never went in the sea. I gave the excuse that I didn’t really like the beach and had to keep out of the sun because I have pale skin. I just hated my body.

You notice more in photos at how much weight you have put on and my Las Vegas pictures (see week one) were the wake-up call I needed to begin this challenge.

By week 7 my belly had more or less gone and my moobs had reduced significantly. I have definitely started to feel more confident about my body again, but that doesn’t mean the effort ends: I still have long way to my goal of hunk status.

People say you’ll first notice it in your clothes when you’ve lost weight and this is certainly where I have noticed things. None of my suits, work shirts or jeans now fit. They look like someone else’s clothes.

I have lost two inches off my waist, one and a half inches off my collar size and four inches off my jacket size. I have filled up three bin bags of clothes and dropped them off at the charity shop and although it’s going to cost me money to buy new clothes, I feel so happy moving on from the old me.

Hot Topic – Treat Days
You have heard me talk about treat days in my previous updates. I think I love this day more than Christmas now.

On this day, all the crap I ate before this challenge, all the food and drink I love but is really bad for me, can be eaten. Chinese, Indian, chips, crisps, fizzy drinks, the lot.

However there is a rule (well a few actually)

1. No alcoholic drinks
2. Portion control
3. No binging

Treat day doesn't mean go crazy and stuff yourself silly day. This is really hard to control. It’s a bit like not being able to have sex with your wife for two years and then getting told you have to go through 30 minutes of foreplay.

You want to eat everything in sight, but have to hold back and be reserved. You’re allowed to eat small manageable portions five times a day, but this time I can have a bar of fruit & nut with pickled onion monster munch which I do every treat day (smile).

Darren said: “Treat day is about having a treat, not binging. Treat day is a part of a specific cycle of diet that I’ve worked out for Chris, over time.”Treat day actually makes this programme more bearable, knowing you have something to look forward to every 7 days. And so I soldier on...

Please remember, I doing this for a great charity called Forever Manchester.

Donate here:


Read next week to see how Chris has been keeping up the hard work...

Darren Casey is Master Personal Trainer and Director at Elite Fitness Training. If you’d like to follow a plan similar to ours, designed for you or be kept up to date with other health and fitness advice click here for more information.


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