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The Confidential Challenge for her (part 7)

Helen Ramsbottom comes over all Michael Jackson

Written by . Published on August 18th 2010.

The Confidential Challenge for her (part 7)

The love of the glove
A suspect collection of bruises around my forearms were the results of three kettlebell sessions this week. The uninformed mind could assume dubious things about how these marks had been inflicted. Added to that, was the toughening of skin on parts of my palms so I decided corrective measures were needed.

Each time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I wanted to break out into a moonwalk. It really amused me. I reckon I could give Michael Jackson a run for his money. Shamone!

The solution was a pair gym gloves. I didn’t feel like the coolest kid in these, despite them being a functional and protective piece of attire. Each time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I wanted to break out into a moonwalk. It really amused me. I reckon I could give Michael Jackson a run for his money. Shamone!

A friend of mine said I’d turned into one of those people they couldn’t look in the eye at in the gym, but giggles aside they’ve been my saviour. Increases in the loads and changes in the motions have seen me punching heavier weights into the air and that takes its toll on my girl hands.

Sweet temptation
At the start of the challenge I wouldn’t have been able to complete these moves but Darren, our personal trainer from Elite Fitness Training, has devised my program to give consistent progression and I’m surprised at my strength. This is without a doubt the best I have felt in years and the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done, health and fitness wise.

I got into the groove for the second week on the new eating cycle. It was really easy to follow but was a bit of a bugger this week as my diary featured quite a few food centric events. One included a review, so I had to curb certain substances where normally I’d see this occasion as an excuse to eat for three and be double naughty with my choices.

Another was a client party that fell on my protein day. When presented with a simply delectable selection of desserts it took all the willpower in the world not to demolish them. With Chris’ eagle eye right next to me (after I’d given him numerous ‘talks’ about sticking to the plan) conformity was the only option. That is where I find this challenge the hardest. I’m fine on the no booze front- I’ve got my head well around that one- but with a passion for all things taste bud related, sitting and watching people getting stuck into fine food all around me is tough. But treat day keeps me going. And dreams of Krispy Kremes.

Naked ambition
Being serious though, what really keeps me motivated is the visible progress, as Darren keeps saying I will look brill in the buff. Naked Day here I come. It really is a small sacrifice for the fastest possible, optimum results. I would much rather take it at this pace, blitz it for a relatively short period of time and see impressive, speedy progress than slog it out mindlessly over many more months. The programme is sound and won’t inflict damage or more importantly result in muscle wastage – like just starving myself would, as I had previously been prone to doing. I’m on target to be lean, trim and super fit in quick time.

Skipping has taken a starring role this week. Each Kettlebell session is punctuated with 2 minute bursts. That’s a bloody high energy burner. I’ve seen the inside of the gym quite a lot this week. An additional upside to this, is that I’m spending a fair degree of time in the free weights room- as do quite a lot of blokes. Taking in my surroundings while having a well earned rest is like my own little diet coke break sans the sweet drink. A very healthy sprinkling of good looking, fine, fit specimens of the male species getting hot and sweaty, mmmm hmmm the mind wanders... There are worse things to feast your eyes on.

So for the all important measurement update. Click here to see my table of results.

Another 7 cm lost in the last two weeks. Excellent. A whole 4cm from both my waist and hips. My arms, which have always been my least favourite body part, are getting nicely toned and defined. Thighs are solid too with a definite ceasing of the dreaded cellulite. The visual difference in the pictures makes me very happy. But they’re not for public consumption just yet.

Darren, from Elite Fitness Training, explained that although some of the measurements may not indicate the largest changes at my body weight and size – my muscles are getting more dense and firmer. This means that an arm of 27.5cm for example that is untrained/floppy/higher fat percentage, to change to 26cm, of firm, lean and very low fat, is much easier on the eye. Understanding what these measurement changes mean, is important to illustrate progression, especially if you're already rather slim to begin with.

The end of the week saw me take a bit of a tumble. Legging it around the city centre on an ‘espionage’ mission with some of the Confidential crew, I got a bit over excited while hurtling around accomplishing the tasks. My knee has taken a twist. Given that we’re entering the final six weeks of the ‘secret cycle’ on the Get Lean programme, this could prove problematic. Read on next week to see how I manage the change.

Darren Casey is Master Personal Trainer and Director at Elite Fitness Training. If you’d like to know more about following a plan similar to ours or be kept up to date with other health and fitness advice register on his website elitefitness-online or email him at fit@eft-gb.com

Launching soon, with the man himself, The Confidential Get Lean Diet & Boot Camp, places will be limited so to be first in the queue click here to add your details to this list.


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