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The Confidential Challenge: for her (part 6)

Helen Ramsbottom is partial to a Snickers flavoured protein shake

Written by . Published on August 12th 2010.

The Confidential Challenge: for her (part 6)

Week 9
Past the half way point now and Darren, our personal trainer from Elite Fitness Training, sprang a new diet cycle on us at the start of this week. As he introduced it to us, he commented that if he’d shown us this at the start it would have been too much to compute. Not behind the door this lad with how he’s eased us into things on all fronts (yes still haven’t forgotten the no drink bombshell).

Shake day consisted of protein powder milkshakes mixed with various calculated proportions of carbs and fats over each shake, over the day. Absolute winner here, one shake included chocolate flavour protein powder and chunky peanut butter this was like snickers blended.

Cleverly considered, he’d watched our commitment increase as the work paid off and now was the right time. It certainly was a step up from the previous eating cycle. Escalation in discipline would be required.

The new plan would run over a given time frame with a specific number of cycles within in it. I can’t give too much more away on the detail as this would be like divulging trade secrets – if I told you he’d have to kill me and I have a mandatory date to be in the desert sometime in August. (He is however in the process of finalising an online coaching programme that will be launching soon that includes this plan that you’ll be able to follow, details at the end of the article.)

What I can allude to is that this pattern is devised to ‘trick’ the body into burning fat, while strategically elevating metabolism. In L’Oreal speak, this is the science bit, brought to us with ten years of Darren’s grey cells invested into it.

The different days are planned in to complement the exercise plan. Portions are calculated on our body measurements, days are selected based on our training and the overall result of this is that our bodies are kept at optimum levels of metabolism, fat burning and muscle building. And having experienced the results first-hand I can vouch for him knowing his shizzle.

The days would include some familiar faces; treat days, protein days, normal days and a few newbies; classified.

Some of the food days were just going to take a bit more planning as it was impressed upon us the importance of feeding on the right fuel at the right time. At the outset of the challenge, Darren had asked us to fill out a food diary to be submitted each week. In this we needed to outline everything that passed our lips. Liquids, the lot. Now was the time he asked us to look at our food for the week ahead and be prepared in advance. It only took about half an hour for me to decide and that is half the mission. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Getting well prepped has other positives too, actually saving money rather than spending it on ‘convenience’ items and also notching up the all important nutrition levels as I know exactly what’s going into all my meals. Good food on the go is hard to come by so this was essential.

Shake day consisted of protein powder milkshakes mixed with various calculated proportions of carbs and fats over each shake, over the day. Absolute winner here, one shake included chocolate flavour protein powder and chunky peanut butter this was like snickers blended. Yum- I liked shake day.

Leading a rather hectic life this week again highlighted my appreciation of Darren’s support. Help on hand with planning my diet, fitness schedule and also someone to be semi accountable to. At the end of the day it is my body but having a third party engaged to maximise how I work it, works. Regular emails arrive to keep the momentum and motivation going. He’s that extra angel on my shoulder (that I personally need- that devil weighs in too much sometimes) and should I ever be thinking ‘sack the gym tonight’, knowing I’ve got him there ongoing is a definite bolster.

This definitely keeps my commitment to the programme. Combined with the fact that (I feel) he genuinely cares. Whenever we have the all important weigh in session, we sit down and discuss how things are going. He’s as keen as I am to see the progress made and to look at what’s next on the agenda. Bit too keen with the camera mind you. I am not looking forward to the before/after pic unveiling, I have to say. But as the time is ticking on I am confident the final pic will put the initial one well in the shade.

So after a week on the new regime and building on the other results the weigh in was as follows: click here.

Despite the literal ‘weight’ figure dropping by 3lbs, my lean body mass has stayed at a consistent level that shows I’m dropping fat and building muscle. Fat mass has reduced by almost another 2lbs, with 5lbs total evaporated since the start. Have that fat. Body fat percentage has gone down another percent and my heart rate is also healthier again. If you took the figure on weight alone I’ve lost half a stone since the start which doesn’t do my progress justice – with muscle weighing heavier than fat the other figures prove the progress here and at the end of that day it’s all about how I’m going to look on naked day. Actual body measurements to show this, next week.

Darren Casey is Master Personal Trainer and Director at Elite Fitness Training. If you’d like to know more about following a plan similar to ours or be kept up to date with other health and fitness advice register on his website elitefitness-online or email him at fit@eft-gb.com

Launching soon, with the man himself, The Confidential Get Lean Diet & Boot Camp, places will be limited so to be first in the queue click here to add your details to this list.


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