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The Confidential Challenge: for her (part 5)

Helen Ramsbottom wakes up to a shocking lesson in binge boozing

Written by . Published on August 2nd 2010.

The Confidential Challenge: for her (part 5)

Week 8
WAKING up in your own vomit is not big or clever. It is horrific. Certainly not a habit I want to start forming at my age. In fact I don’t ever want a repeat performance.

In the past I hadn’t considered myself a ‘binge drinker’, I didn’t get abusive or cause trouble, which is the image that label is associated with in the media. But by mere measure of what I was wetting my whistle with, the shoe fitted.

I’d had a ‘pass out’ to drink for a friend’s birthday but hadn’t actually made the journey south for the full do as I was playing catch up on some work. Instead I popped out for a quick lime and soda with two snowboarding buddies, Crossen and Dalton. Nights out with them in the past had often been early morning finish affairs with a not small amount of the devil’s juice imbibed.

As an example, New Year, after a serious run in with sambuca, Crossen and I were stuck wandering around the mountain resort trying to locate our chalet as we were the last ones standing but didn’t know the address. All other hotels full, no knowledgeable taxi drivers, it was starting to get a bit hairy when finally we were saved by someone who knew where we meant. Relief. The pair of us had a month off drinking in January after that. You get the picture.

After rabbiting on about the challenge, the great and good of everything I was doing, them remarking on how well I looked, I made the fatal error of mentioning I’d been granted a pass if I wanted it. Two lime and sodas in- it was nearing 10pm- they suggested I might as well have a proper scoop as I wasn’t going to go home and get back into working at that hour. It didn’t need to be said twice. Make mine a porn star Martini.

Giddy was not the word. I got totally carried away in fun company. Drinking in rounds with two burly boys with seemingly hollow legs, I didn’t realise how hammered I was until it hit me full on. Martinis were not a wise route to take- they’re essentially long shots, and on that subject we had a sambuca or two for good measure and also a tequila, I was informed the following day. Yack.

Darren, Confidential’s personal trainer responsible for mine and Chris’s body overhaul, had warned me that I should take it easy if I was going to drink as a healthy body cannot deal with (as he phrased it) the abuse I’d given my body previously. In the past I hadn’t considered myself a ‘binge drinker’, I didn’t get abusive or cause trouble, which is the image that label is associated with in the media. But by mere measure of what I was wetting my whistle with, the shoe fitted.

In one ear, out the other. I was far too excited to heed those wise words.

So the start of week 8 saw me waking up in sick filled sheets. I was that appalled with myself I told my Mum. Scarily I didn’t even remember doing it. If I’d been asleep on my back... well, it doesn’t bear thinking about. It was the biggest wakeup call I’ve ever had to be honest.

Not to mention the mither of sleeping on my sofa bed for the next two nights while my mattress dried out, washing the duvet, 4 x pillows and entire bedding set. Not just once but twice. I was convinced I could still whiff my gastric juices even after that. Awful. My apartment was like a Chinese laundry for the entire week. Never, ever again.

This episode played havoc with the health kick plans for the week. Diet went out of the window on the Monday, a bowl of porridge and some water was all I could manage. Stomach was still delicate come Tuesday- six meals were certainly off the cards. As you can imagine I wasn’t kicking ass all over the gym either. A run attempt on Tuesday wasn’t successful, I still felt so weak. I’ve never known anything like it. Lesson learnt.

Overall, Helen has lost 16cm since the first measurement session

This little stray had nothing to do with the fact the cat was away this week. Darren was on holiday so he’d left a plan in place for Chris and I to keep up the pace. And a bunch of weights in the office. We did a kettlebell duet one of the days in the park, on another occasion I did them in the office. When no-one else was about mind you, I wasn’t quite up to the point of heaving them round to the park myself. I also got in two gym workouts in a bid to redeem myself and a run. My fall from grace had renewed my determination to make the most of this experience.

Fortnightly measurements are in and I’ve lost 16cm since the first measurement session. Another 5cm in the last two weeks. Great to see results both on the calculator and in the flesh. Click here to see them.

Hot topic: General wellbeing
In addition to the direct toning and weight related effects of the plan, there is also a marked change in other areas. Previously I’ve experienced difficulty sleeping; restless nights, waking up and failing to fall back to sleep. This is the best I’ve slept in years. Straight through, out like a light. Up and at ‘em feeling fresh in the mornings.

Cutting out alcohol has helped with this; I always had a broken night’s sleep if I had a belly full of booze. My nails are noticeably stronger and no longer flaky, thanks to a healthier diet and my skin is smoother. Mental ability is massively increased. It’s all good.

Keeping our workout environments varied is also a factor. A good frequency of fresh air activity is fab for the soul.

Darren commented: “I incorporate outdoor training sessions into the programme as it’s out of the office and typical gym environment. Simple things like when running you can accelerate with ease whereas you can’t on a treadmill.

“Using weights you have to stabilise the actions rather than being guided or constrained by a machine. Machines also don’t allow you to learn a new neural movement. At the most basic level it can be more stimulating and motivating as the surroundings are varied and not forgetting the benefits of being out in the fresh air.”

Darren Casey is Master Personal Trainer and Director at Elite Fitness Training. If you’d like to follow a plan similar to ours, designed for you or be kept up to date with other health and fitness advice click here for more information.


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Broken Britain IIAugust 2nd 2010.

darts team mates just drink beer and keep their liver. Not spirits and shots iz the difference

broken_britainAugust 2nd 2010.

Having "snowboarding buddies" isn't big or clever. What's wrong with darts team-mates?

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