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Pai organic skin care

Thea Euryphaessa tests this organic and cruelty-free range and comes up smelling of roses

Written by . Published on March 10th 2011.

Pai organic skin care

MY interest in organic skin care stretches all the way back to childhood when mum vetoed me playing with a lipstick grandma tried giving me. All I recall of the conversation were the words ‘Japanese’, ‘illegal whaling’, and ‘Greenpeace’. Something like that.

I want products with a luxury feel and bathroom-shelf chic which are free, wherever possible, from nasties such as parabens (natural and synthetic), alcohol (dries and irritates skin), propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde and beeswax (pore blocking and comedogenic); which is why Pai’s products hit all the right notes.

The only make-up mum wore was mascara and occasionally, eyeliner. But that was it. She was a passionate advocate of allowing skin to breathe, using only the purest most natural skin and body care products available. During my teens I joined the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) and even gave speeches on their work in secondary school.

In my late teens, however, and with an onslaught of acne I dropped my cruelty-free organic stance in favour of anything that would clear my vesuvian-blemished complexion. So it was I finally ventured into the cosmetics hall in search of products which promised clear skin. I finally settled on Clinique and went the whole hog, buying up their entire range. Did it work? Not really. To be fair, they did help a little but only because their products were so bloody abrasive. I was also sucked in by the fancy packaging.

During my early twenties, and with my skin still not playing ball, I progressed onto Dermalogica’s products. After a series of their intensive facials and investing in thousands of pounds worth of their products over a several year period, my skin was finally wrestled into submission. To give them their due, I’m not surprised they’re considered one of the world’s top skincare brands. In terms of packaging they may not be all that to look at but they definitely sorted my skin out.

In my late twenties, however, my organic bent reared its head again as I began reading labels and gradually switched all my household products to eco-friendly versions. Soon after, skin and bodycare products followed. Thing is, it’s not been an easy road.

Just because I opt for organic, environmentally-friendly products doesn’t mean I want to look like one of those poor-looking eco-heads who don’t look like they’ve washed in years, have matted hair, and permanently smell of musk. Just because I shop natural/organic, doesn’t mean I want to be asphyxiated with overpowering essential oils which are equally capable of stripping skin, particularly if it’s sensitive. Neither do I want down-in-the-mouth-looking skin/bodycare products which smell and look no different to the stuff I put down the loo.

I want products with a luxury feel and bathroom-shelf chic which are free, wherever possible, from nasties such as parabens (natural and synthetic), alcohol (dries and irritates skin), propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde and beeswax (pore blocking and comedogenic); which is why Pai’s products hit all the right notes.

Perfect for super sensitive skin, this is the skincare range of choice for porcelain-skinned, Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Portman. It’s also the skincare range of choice for my boyfriend who’s snaffled almost all my Pai products and claimed them as his own in a scary Gollum-like fashion, hissing “Mine!” whenever I so much as attempt to use them.

We’re both fans of their Macadamia & Rose Organic Dry Skin Cream (£22 for 30ml). It’s ever-so-slightly scented, but still gentle on the skin. My skin isn’t particularly dry but still drinks this moisturiser up leaving no trace of oiliness. My fella’s skin, however, is permanently parched but it seems to do the trick for him too.

They only have one cleanser and that’s their Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (£25 for 100ml). It comes complete with an organic, unbleached muslin cloth – nice touch. My word is this product understatedly luscious. It leaves your skin deeply cleansed, hydrated, and soft to the touch causing no irritation whatsoever. I wish this product had been out back in my teens when I was struggling with acne. It’s also sensitive enough to use by those who suffer from rosacea, urticaria, adult acne (or any age acne for that matter), eczema, and contact dermatitis.

I also carry their Fragonia & Seabuckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream (£16 for 50ml) in my bag at all times. It has a base note which, admittedly, does smell a little odd but you soon get used to it. Regardless, its overall smell is pleasant enough. Most importantly, it’s fast absorbed, deeply nourishing, and, once again, über gentle.

My fella has completely claimed their Anti-Aging Echium Eye Cream (£24 for 10ml) for himself and seems happy enough with it. I, however, have managed to hang onto their Bergamot Orange Organic Lip Care (£6 for 7g). It’s not greasy and does the trick, keeping my lips kissably soft.

They offer sample sizes of many of their products so you can try before investing in the full-size versions. Without a doubt, Pai is a must-have organic and cruelty-free range for ageing and sensitive skin. To buy their products visit their website at www.paiskincare.com.

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