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Restaurant review: Zeligs

AA Grill gets hot under the collar at the most recent Korova venture

Published on September 29th 2010.

Restaurant review: Zeligs

ROB Gutmann's jackdaw mind has taken nuggets of gold from wherever in the world he finds them and converted them into some of Liverpool''s most talked about restaurants and bars.

Finally, a third waiter arrived to announce
that the fan could not be turned on because
“it interferes with the music”. This could
only be a good thing, we argued

So it was always going to be hard for his Korova Corporation to keep its brands off Liverpool One. Sure enough, a late addition to Europe's biggest city centre retail and leisure space is the latest concept born of the Korova stable, Zeligs of Little Italy.

Zeligs (no apostrophe - it's either a style thing or punctuation blindness, you choose) is a mammoth, startling and undeniably impressive area (“a New York style warehouse space”, they prefer), with a fairly huge downstairs bar, a really huge first floor restaurant, and a terrace that overlooks the new Hilton Hotel – they'll be hoping for a bit of that action.

The bar, with bench seats for snacking and lunching, features a “chic Manhattan cocktail menu for the celebrity-spotting crowd”, which is fairly presumptuous, while upstairs the padded chairs are made for serious eating, and the lighting subdued, or just dim depending on how you see it (or how you don't) and chiefly provided by elaborate chandeliers dropping from a bare concrete ceiling.

Why Zeligs? The only Zelig I know is a lesser-known Woody Allen film of the same name, the make-believe story of “human chameleon” Leonard Zelig who transforms his appearance to that of the people around him. A series of mocked-up black and white photos in the bar appears to embrace this joke but I wonder if Mr Allen has embraced Zeligs, or whether he could be in for a surprise of the copyright-breaching kind the next time he googles his fictional creation.

I couldn't say what the material beneath our feet was but it occasionally caused our chairs to slide around unexpectedly, which was quite fun but probably not the intention. Throughout our meal, we were observed at close quarters by a pair of beady, slightly unnerving, long-dead eyes belonging to a two-headed beast, one of several affixed to the balcony rail, each formed from the craniums of two animals, cut off at the throat and spliced together. Charming. It was the sort of thing you might expect to encounter in a nightmare, but not three feet from your dinner plate.

They waited until it was too late for us to change our minds to start up the music. From a raised stage, one of them tinkled the ivories while the other crooned middle-of-the-road fifties standards, sub-Sinatra, in the manner of a Friday afternoon recital for the residents of a Southport nursing home.

The temperature up on the balcony was becoming a little too authentically Lower-East Side-in-mid-July for our comfort, and we had noticed a giant fan standing idle. We asked if they would be so kind as to turn it on but, as we discovered, we had to ask everything twice. We consulted someone else. “I know,” he said, “everyone’s complaining about the heat.” Finally, a third waiter arrived to announce that the fan could not be turned on because “it interferes with the music”.

This could only be a good thing, we argued, but he wouldn’t have it, adding by way of explanation “it’s a big industrial job”.

I gave in and he gently patted me on the back, which struck me as unusual behaviour for a waiter but assumed it was my reward for shutting up.

The music had been chosen from, and I quote verbatim, “an ecclectic choice of genre's” a statement that offends me in too many ways to list. From the “ecclectic menu” (at least the poor spelling is consistently poor) we began with a bread basket and mixed olives (£2.75 each). The latter, gently spiced, were fine, the former lightly toasted and thus pretty useless for dipping and soaking purposes.

The charcuterie platter (£11.95) put the emphasis on quantity and, despite claiming salami from wild boar, all of it was singularly unremarkable save for the mortadella, slices of pork sausage, which in every way resembled Plumrose Chopped Ham with Pork. The

meat was accompanied by “warm” bread which was actually more of the lightly tanned variety, and house pickles which were okay but for their cloudy, viscous liquid that put me in mind of weak spit.

Pan fried calves' liver (£13.95), was properly pink and mild mannered – “yes, it's nice actually”, agreed my companion – and came with smooth, buttery mash and caramelised figs that were fine and dandy. Roast duck breast (£13.95) was chewy, fatty and – with sweet potato and a syrup of balsamic and honey strawberries – consumed by saccharine.

Buttered long beans (£2.75) were well-cooked and simply presented while a veritable mountain of fries (£2.75) were pale and without flavour and only improved by the addition of a medically-inadvisable infusion of salt.

Chocolate and ameretto (sic) cheesecake (£4.55) was soft, gentle and well-adjusted, but two from three farmhouse Italian cheeses (£6.95) were so deeply unpleasant I had to force my friend to try some to ensure it wasn't just me. “Hmm”, he concluded, “this one's nasty like sweaty socks and this one's nasty with a hint of sweetness.”

Big is great so long as everything's running like clockwork; unfortunately we know several people who have expressed dissatisfaction with the food and service at Zeligs. It would be a shame if their only fan was that big industrial job.

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83 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Sailor JerryJuly 24th 2009.

What is this? Attack of the nerds? Bourbon, let's go drinking and then-a-killing...

TV KellyJuly 24th 2009.

You know, I think I do love Sailor Jerry a little bit. But that's because of his largesse. It's not a sex thing. I wish I were one of his friends and forever popping out to restaurants with him, enjoying relaxed conversation, which is, by far, my favourite sort of conversation. Maybe you could come too. I'm a broad-minded chap. You could splice his mainbrace, while I run up his rigging.

The Bourbon KidJuly 24th 2009.

haha these are surely all the the same people using different names now to start it up again, and no madame i am not Dig, Dig is his own man i am not that sad too have to hide behind numerous names to get my point across.And TCT you obviously didnt read any other post but mine as it started way before me.Bourbon is a "proper whiskey", the way all whiskey should be made.

Yan King OffJuly 24th 2009.

I'm bored now. Move on. Nothing more to see here, obviously

geegeeJuly 24th 2009.

we made the massive mistake of eating there last week and were served supermarket olives, supermarket gnocchi and the strangest chicken in milk dish I'd ever tasted. Even the 25% discount couldn't make up for the shambolic food. Saying that, the service, for a Korova corp venue was actually quite good (in a polite and attentive but massively under experienced type way.) Not only will we never go there again, but we've made sure that none of our friends will either. Shocking.

Davy JonesJuly 24th 2009.

Well! Hel-loah, Doris...

Cynthia PayneJuly 24th 2009.

Not since John Profumo was unceremoniously ousted from the cabinet by that old school bounder Harold McMillan for a minor misdemeanour.

The Bourbon KidJuly 24th 2009.

so your agreeing your full of s***, at least your being honest about something then.and i think sailor jerry might be right, it seems like attack of the nerds, why dont you all go spoon eachother enough of the foreplay just get it over with

Deryck GuylerJuly 24th 2009.

Where exactly IS this ‘Zelig’s’ place? I went to Liverpool One last Saturday’s sunlit afternoon specifically to find it. It wasn’t on the top shelf with all the junk food bars and The Odeon children’s cinema, it wasn’t across the way with the celebrated Thai restaurant and lateral explorations were limited by being blinded by grit in the gale-force winds that cut across the shopping precinct. Whatever was wrong with having streets, with names, that everyone either knew or could look up?

Cynthia PayneJuly 24th 2009.

Most of my regulars were anonymous too. However, they couldn't resist the thrill of slipping into my parlour for a cuppa, and a french fancy.

Sailor JerryJuly 24th 2009.

Well I hadn't seen any venom until now. Grow up!

Dis AppointedJuly 24th 2009.

Presumably SS you never touch scouse outside of Scandinavia?

Sailor JerryJuly 24th 2009.

Just a bit of speed writing lovey. I didn't realise I was being tested on my grammar.And since everyone else has come up with a jaunty name, just thought I'd follow suit.You really are taking all of this very personally aren't you?

Roger the....July 24th 2009.

I heard it was bashing the bishop

Cack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

Oh Bourbon Kid! "Gay little biscuits" - homophobic as well as a fan of girls' drinks, eh? I didn't think you were from around here.

The Bourbon KidJuly 24th 2009.

yes Ron a donkey, thats exactly what i said... and the name has nothin to do with gay little biscuits, its a drink, maybe you should try some it might put some hairs on your chest

TV KellyJuly 24th 2009.

Oh, Bourbon Kid, MUST we go down this road? Can't we just agree to disagree? Bourbons are, after all, my favourite biscuit, so I suspect we have much in common.

welksJuly 24th 2009.

It's that trendy "with a twist" PR-style comment that ruins your ability to believe that it's an ordinary diner ranting

TV KellyJuly 24th 2009.

Sailor Jerry, I apologise if you do already spread your custom about, and that Zeligs is merely a part of your restaurant portfolio. But if that is the case, I recommend you cut back on the restaurant visits, as you're probably looking a bit portly by now. I'm not sizist, but obesity IS a killer.

Custard CreamJuly 24th 2009.

Where have you lot been living for the last few decades?'Jack Daniels' and coke' is a popular ladies' drink amongst the denim community but amongst scallies I suppose it is more popular with the slapheaded old meatheads who dress like toddlers rather than their Bacardi-Breezer-sucking womenfolk. Scallies really like that tasteless tramp 'beer' American Budweiser too.

The Bourbon KidJuly 24th 2009.

wow tv kelly, have you ever thought about taking your head out of your ass sometime?And that was just my opinion.

Sailor JerryJuly 24th 2009.

I've eaten at Zeligs on numerous occasions with many different friends and family, and each and every one of them had a wonderful evening. There is a wide choice of food and it has always been of a high standard. The decor is cosy, it has a relaxing ambience that encourages relaxed conversation. I would recommend this establishment to anyone who wishes to have a great evening meal. I can only assume the initial reviewer is a manic depressive who rarely finds any kind of joy in life, I hope he/she gets better soon.

Cynthia PayneJuly 24th 2009.

As someone who knows the Liverpool dining scene well, I was amazed, somewhat amused, and sometimes utterly bewildered, not just by the culinary assessments of some of the diners who claim to have eaten at Zeligs, but also at the venom aimed at Grill, and it leads one to suspect that, (if their true identities were to be revealed) it may throw up a surprise or two, (or not) as the case may be, however, if I may, I'll come back to throwing up in a moment. It comes across as a not too thinly-veiled attack upon an honest, and in my view, restrained piece of journalism by people whose skin in an uncomfortable shade of orange, enjoy cocktails with racy names they can't spell, and whose sole object in life is to have their picture taken, while they're being taken, by anyone from Hollyoaks. Yes, you recognise yourselves. One suggested it was listed amongst their favourite restaurants. Really, if that's the case, I'm assuming you won't be unfamiliar with the dining experience that can be had at her majesty's pleasure. But let's leave the slopping out till later. Another suggested you can enjoy 1st rate cuisine with a twist, and without the London prices. The only twist I discovered after eating there was in my colon, and now regret cancelling my BUPA membership. Sailor Jerry; one wonders if your wonderful evening with friends preceded your flight from the authorities, and if your professional claims are true, you'd have flung yourself into the arms of your paramour called self delusion. The food in Zeligs is frankly awful, and anyone who suggests it isn't, is either related to the proprietors, in their pay, or is a complete stranger to good food. It used to be said amongst the jazzer's of the 50's New York scene that if you wanted a good way to close a popular club, just start a "bop night." The owners of Zeligs have found a variant on that theme, "serve them food."

DigJuly 24th 2009.

Definitely not. I don't want any prizes for guessing who yourself and Nadia might be.

Cynthia PayneJuly 24th 2009.

Grill, my husband Reginald, (now sadly deceased) was a very wise man, and although he knew I wasn't his match, would often, to my great relief, drive home his message until I got the point. In his absence, and if my bible's not to hand, I've often sought the advice of one of my girls Vera (a bright, but wayward thing) and now take great comfort from it. She explained to me that PR stands for permanently retarded, and that one shouldn't be too offended, as they know not what they do. So continue the excellent work you do, regardless of the criticism of the morally destitute, and the unhinged. Wherever you lead (in a culinary sense) me and my girls will gladly follow. Very best wishes. Cyn

gua mayJuly 24th 2009.

It takes courage to pull off a venture of this kind. They have succeeded!The food admittedly is not the average stodge you get in most L1 places - this is first rate international cuisine with a twist.You get great portions, interesting combinations and attentive service without paying London prices.Book it for a family event, no one will be disappointed.

TV KellyJuly 24th 2009.

All the ladies in my family drank port and lemon and Cinzano with lemonade when I was a lad. We were savages in the 1970s, weren't we?

Jack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

Where's my bit about being Errol Flynn? You can censor the truth TCT but you can't prevent it!! I'm being repressed! I'm being repressed! Gonna have to wait for the violence...

Jack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

Ooooh I am! What kind of a name is Captain Blood anyway? Bourbon is hardcore believe it or not, girls generally drink wine and vodka and wkd, a bit like the stuff in Woodcocks hidden stash. I was quite frankly appalled.

Roger the Cabin BoyJuly 24th 2009.

Yes, are you for real Cynthia? I think it's appalling when people come on here and pretend to be someone else. Sailor Jerry is as real as you or I, or Captain Ahab, so fess up "Cynthia" and stop messing about with your remarks, accurate as many of them may be.

DigJuly 24th 2009.

Zeligs is good for a bevy. Never ate there so can't comment. Bourbon is lovely, that's the drink not the kid. Anybody can drink anything they like. Everything is great. You're all winners. Sorted. Nadia, St.Petersburg 7p.m tonight? Antrecote followed by copious amounts of Arak and dancing?

Sailor JerryJuly 24th 2009.

My apologies to you for suggesting there was a personal element to your critic, it did seem that way to me starting from your 2nd paragraph. I just find like yourself that there is a great deal of dishonesty in this line of work, and I believe integrity to be key. However, I disagree with the "passing judgement" sentiment, sometimes, people write more honestly than that of what they express verbally. That doesn't mean to say I was correct in my assumption, but it was just that, an assumption.I would also like to apologise for my "manic depressive" remark, I do feel this was an unprofessional remark and would like to retract it. I wish you all the best with your career and future reviews.

Jack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

Well TCT Bourbons comment wasn't nasty or personal, it was a question. There is many other comments on here that are nastier but you haven't pulled any of them up.Blackbeard be silent you're just gutted that you lost the Queen Anne's Revenge to me in poker last night. Be a good loser and be quiet. Bless.

AndrewJuly 24th 2009.

Totaaly agree with all the comments.... this place is JUST AWFUL...in every way....... the only positive one is evidently a Manager or a relative of the owner!!!!!! GIVE THIS ONE A MISS!!!!!!

Madame BlavatskyJuly 24th 2009.

Dig was Bourbon Cream Kid? Surely not?

NadiaJuly 24th 2009.

So, this Bourbon biscuit man, he not like lady men and is big with chest. I am hot Russian lady and I look for mans who take me out and show good time, and maybe it is you who have money to pay for girl like Nadia. But I say no to Jack Sparrow with small pecker

Ivor WoodcockJuly 24th 2009.

Bourbon-style whisky is sweet and soft for girls to drink. Real men drink proper whisky.

AnonymousJuly 24th 2009.

So because I like Zeligs, Im orange and have 'ate at her majesty's pleasure'? Are you for real Cynthia?

Al AcarteJuly 24th 2009.

It's the trendy "with a twist" bit that usually ruins potentially good nosh.

BlackbeardJuly 24th 2009.

Aharrr! An' 'is spellin' an' 'is grammar would be better than this Sparrow swab too, hearties! Ahrrr!

Roger the cabin boyJuly 24th 2009.

£83 a head? Cheap???? That's like £170 for two! You avvin a laff???

Hardman StreetJuly 24th 2009.

It's sweet stuff for girls and apemen still can't drink it neat, they put Coke in it!

Elsie TannerJuly 24th 2009.

Ladies drink gin.

The Confidential TeamJuly 24th 2009.

Banter is allowed. Nasty, personal and not very witty remarks aren't. OK?

JoanJuly 24th 2009.

I have never been in any of that man's establishments where the staff aren't rude and rather haughty - they seem to forget that the customers pay their wages. I work in customer service and if I had that attitude, I'd lose my job. I love my customers, not despise them.Worse, the protegees of the company are starting up ventures where the staff are equally rude - I'm thinking of a certain bar on St Peter's Square where they always play their music so loud that everyone has to sit outside to get away from it - when you ask them to turn it down, all you get is a sneer for your trouble. One night we were the ONLY people in there and asked, only to get the customary unconcerned shrug. We left after one drink - their loss as we went on to have several more in somewhere that cared about us and where we could hear ourselves think.It's not good enough people! Get you staff to stop thinking the only people worth serving are wannabe wags and sub-standard studs, and look after ALL of your customers....

Ned TeachJuly 24th 2009.

Jack Sparrow is a weedy, craven upstart, not a proper pirate as would have been played by the great Robert Newton.

TV CuriousJuly 24th 2009.

Strikes me, Kelly, that you've got a bit of a thing about Sailor Jerry, not that I'm jealous. I thought you were going to introduce me to a bit of cross dressing, although I do hope cross doesn't have to mean angry.

Lovey DoveyxxxJuly 24th 2009.

How have the owners been talked about in a negative light? And when you write your "honest journalism" for food magazines Sailor Jerry, do you use this jaunty name and do they edit your grammar and punctuation or does it go in in this honestly poor state?

Jack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

Well Ron, the only way I know to eat things is with my mouth, I guess you eat with your arse, you seem to talk through it!

gua mayJuly 24th 2009.

It takes courage to pull off a venture of this kind. They have succeeded!The food admittedly is not the average stodge you get in most L1 places - this is first rate international cuisine with a twist.You get great portions, interesting combinations and attentive service without paying London prices.Book it for a family event, no one will be disappointed.

AnonymousJuly 24th 2009.

well i love it...pizzas are amazing!

TV KellyJuly 24th 2009.

Bourbon Kid, if I could do that, I'd never leave the house.

Cack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

I said girls, not ladies, Dig. They drink it with Coca Cola.

Master BatesJuly 24th 2009.

The food is undeniably good. They serve it hot, on time, and with finesse.Every single member of my party (5) had deserts and the whole bill did not exceed £250.00, excluding drinks (£168).That is a cheap night out

DigJuly 24th 2009.

Bourbon isn't whiskey. It's bourbon. Jack Daniels is Tennessee Whiskey. It tastes similar and has variations on a theme depending on where it's made. Just like champagne only being champagne if it comes from Champagne.

Roger the Cabin BoyJuly 24th 2009.

Have you trimmed your bush recently?

Captain AhabJuly 24th 2009.

In my Merchant Navy days, I knew a deck hand who called himself Jerry. Everyone else called him the ships cat (with the exception of the 1st mate who called him Elsie) because of his tendency to eat whatever was served up to him, however bad. Any relation?

Barnacle LarsJuly 24th 2009.

It isn't the Sea Sick column in Nautical Nibbles is it? One of my favourite journals written by Cromity Mumbles, author of German Bite. If so I would go along with anything you say about Stalags. Although I have to say cicvilised conversation is the last thing I want when me and the missus have got the nose bags on. fill-up and F***-off, that's our motto. That doesn't mean we don't appreciate a quality dining experience - ther are so many good places to choose from these days you can get a good five dinners in during one evening and still grab a curry chips and rice to leave on the seat at the bus stop.

TV KellyJuly 24th 2009.

Now that's enough! Leave Sailor Jerry alone! All he's done is display boundless enthusiasm for a restaurant and express the entirely reasonable theory that reviews should not be subjective. I for one stand shoulder to shoulder with him on this one. Down with opinions, that's what I say. Apart from this one.

DigJuly 24th 2009.

Bourbon a girls drink? I'm sure there's some female bourbon drinkers out there but I've never seen a lady order a bourbon.

DigJuly 24th 2009.

What's going on here? Lots of people having a go at each other and I'm not even involved. Makes a change you bunch of idiots. With the odd exception.

Ron VivantJuly 24th 2009.

Hang on - T.V. Kelly keeps his head in his DONKEY? I think you've been eating too many bourbon creams, Bourbon Kid!

Al AcarteJuly 24th 2009.

And "London prices"! I have eaten better food in better places with perfect customer service in London for less money than I have to pay in these pretentious local monkey parlours with their familiar waiters that don't even have tablecloths or proper cutlery. And in London they have proper, well-behaved celebrities too, not just footballers and soap 'actors'.

Holly Go HeavilyJuly 24th 2009.

Eh, Joel, is that you masquerading as Sailor Jerry? I can spot your award winning blarney from a hundred yards you naughty little boy. When are you coming back to see your little Holly again and whisper sweet nothings?

Jack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

Al K. Hal, I don't care about the spelling as long as it tastes goooooooood, MM, JD, EC, JB, VW, E are all good by me, have enough and the bottle gets blurry anyway!Oh and TCT, it still went derogatory anyhow, now I'm off for some Rum!

EveryoneJuly 24th 2009.


TV KellyJuly 24th 2009.

Gracious me, Sailor Jerry, you must really love Zeligs, to have eaten there on so many occasions in the short time the restaurant has been open. I'm like that with sweets. I'll buy a Snickers, for example, and think, "Mmm. That's cracking." And then for months every time I buy some sweets I'll get a Snickers. But eventually, the passion will fade and I won't be able to look at a Snickers. At that point, I move on to Bounty bars, for example, and then it's Bounties all the way (milk or plain, I like 'em both). In either case, I think it's essentially unhealthy. There are other sweets and, indeed, other restaurants. Spread your custom about, that's my advice.

TCTJuly 24th 2009.

Actually, looking at all your IP and email addresses in the back office here, you are all different people. And to you and Sparrow, we did say "as of now" on our original post earlier. Anyway, off out now. You'll have to police yourselves.

I. Noah LottJuly 24th 2009.

So where exactly is the 'Zeligs'(sic) then? Where exactly is this "Little Italy"? I've never heard of it and I'm a pub quiz champion.

AnonymousJuly 24th 2009.

I normally always value and enjoy reviews from AA Grill, but never have a read such a petty review. I have eaten in Zeligs’ several times now, and would list it in my top favourite restaurants. The food is excellent, and not over priced, the place is spectacular, and the staff couldn’t be more friendly. My family and I really enjoyed the entertainment, and couldn’t recommend it enough. Did we go to the same restaurant.....

Ron VivantJuly 24th 2009.

I'm deeply suspicious of any so-called restaurant that refers to chips as "fries" and extra portions as "side orders".

Satan's SlaveJuly 24th 2009.

How very Cyn-ful. I, too, embraced the dark side, until the local bobby and the parish priest gave me a good thrashing.

Jack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

I'm deeply suspicious of this peculiar witch hunt and someone who is deeply suspicious of food titles, fries? Chips, who cares, what's in a name? I'm all for objectivity SJ, seems like your review and AAG's may be the only ones that count. The rest seem like scurvy mongrels who have little else to do on a rainy day, about as useless as my crew, but maybe useful for polishing my brass (fitties apply here with an X)....and really bad eggs.

Dis AppointedJuly 24th 2009.

To my mind Italian food in New York (and most of the USA) was a haven of good food and service. That this claims to replicate the experience is extraordinary. Perhaps the clue is in the "1930's New York" when the depression was in full swing. Fortunately before my time.Also Liverpool City Council, how a venue of this size, in the 21st Century, receives a licence from a city council when it fails to provide full wheelchair access, is a mystery to me. Liverpool has a tendency for large families with faddy eaters (ref: Alexi Sayle's Train to Hell). Beware Zelig's then. There is a fixed menu for large parties. We were only 17 as several family members were unable to make it. The manageress was quite adamant that rules is rules. The service was provided by one clearly inexperienced, although enthusiastic waitress. As for the food I have to agree with AA Grill, about the resemblance of what was served to us, to pre-prepared meals. The starters were awful. The calamari was rubbery, greasy and covered in gloop. The mains were miserly and the desserts were straight out of a packet. Liverpool has far better Italian restaurants and I would suggest that you save yourself the disappointment of eating here and head elsewhere. I certainly will.

Jack SparrowJuly 24th 2009.

Oi, Cack, "gay" means happy, perhaps you're the homophobe? And as regards to bourbon being a girls drink...I am laughing my arse off, drinks can be for whoever ya doughnut!I also think the confidential team need to sort out their priorities, this hasn't been a debate on food for some time, half of the comments before Bourbons had nothing to do with food, if ya gonna govern your site, do it correctly or not at all.

El CrabJuly 24th 2009.

Can't comment on the food but we went for a few drinks after work one day and they only had one draught beer on, so we had a pint of that. One round later and a girlfriend of mine went to get the drinks- they'd run out of that only draught! The manager was really really rude to her, will not be going back.

Tennessee WilliamsJuly 24th 2009.

So, Dig. never seen a laydee drink bourbon eh? You've clearly never been to the Big Easy my boy where the laydee's like a little imbibition, and a mouthful of grits.

Al K. HalJuly 24th 2009.

Oi, Bourbon Cream Boy! The supreme bourbon-style whisky is 'Maker's Mark' and on its label whisky is spelt the proper way!

Sailor JerryJuly 24th 2009.

Well, well, well. It seems that a lot of you are incredibly subjective when it comes to where you eat and how you review said establishments.I travel the length and breadth of this land (that's how I keep my weight down TV Kelly) and eat in many fine restaurants, I generally write reviews for food magazines, but felt that this establishment was having it's named blackened unfairly by AA Grille - to attack a place's name and talk about the owners in a negative light is one thing, but what has that got to do with a review of a nice restaurant, (personal thoughts kept to yourself please, be objective, it is our job as reviewers to do so.TV Kelly, I'd say that you have demeaned yourself a tad by this purile nonsense you seemed to be sprouting, I, on the other hand, wrote an honest bit of journalism.Hey Holly, I could whisper sweet nothings to you all day, however there seems to be a lot of that going on here. Later lovey x

Ron VivantJuly 24th 2009.

Jerk Sparrow - well, what's in a name? It doesn't matter at all what we call things, or how we eat them, apparently...

TV KellyJuly 24th 2009.

Now, Holly, I can spot an inept piece of PR guffery masquerading as a customer review from a mile off, and I'd stake my reputation on Sailor Jerry being absolutely genuine. There's no amount of money in the world that could buy that sort of loyalty to a client. I mean, really, what sort of PR man would demean himself so thoroughly? No, Holly, what you suggest is preposterous.

Curious, but not TV CuriousJuly 24th 2009.

What's spooning?

Captain BloodJuly 24th 2009.

You were never Errol Flynn!

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