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Exclusive: We are the champions (again!)

Of all the bars, in all the towns, in all the world, Newz is Number One in global poll! Agree? £50 irresponsible drinking tab for telling us your best (or worst) bar

Published on January 14th 2010.

Exclusive: We are the champions (again!)

THE European Capital of Culture has done it once again!

After recently laying claim to best restaurant in the North, and winning the title of worst roadworks in the galaxy, Liverpool can now also boast the best bar, bar none – in the entire world!

The “Exclusive Newz Bar” on Water Street came out on top, that's Numero Uno, in a GLOBAL vote which saw it trounce establishments as far-reaching as Bangkok, Melbourne and, obviously, Manchester.

We may not know how to vote to save our lives in a boring council election (with the worst voter turn-out in the world, blah, blah), but when push comes to shove, we clearly know how to lend our X to a bar that can turn out a decent Between The Sheets with a few celebs to boot.

George V Bar in Paris? You can Singapore Sling your hook.

The poll, sponsored by Irish whiskeymeisters Jamesons, was undertaken by the website ‘worldsbestbars’ which said The Exclusive Newz Bar “would not be out of place in the glitzier arrondissements of Paris”.

Reaction to the “Newz” has, so far, been fairly low key. No one, in fact seemed to have heard a dickie bird about it. Until now, that is.

We rang an ex-barmaid of Exclusive Newz Bar who voiced her glee over a mid-morning Cosmopolitan.

“Top bar in the world? No way! Who voted?” she demanded.

“How should we know?” we shrugged.

But when asked about the clientele, the now defunct cocktail maker told of her nightly brushes with A-list celebrities.

“Coleen goes there, Alex Curran…that Natasha bird. Jennifer Ellison," she revealed.

‘Worldsbestbars’ couldn’t be reached for comments regarding the criteria for the award. There were, however, plenty of well-wishers on the site leaving clues as to why Exclusive Newz Bar was given the prestigious title over about a million other bars in the universe.

"Kirstie" wrote: “When we arrived we were paparazzied then walked up our very own red carpet, given champagne cocktails and shown to our booth by Marilyn Monroe!”

"Casey" went on to say: “Saturday nights are rockin’ and the girls are a sight to behold! A few meat heads on a Saturday but they're well behaved.” Meanwhile, it seems that it wasn’t only the red carpet and foxy females that made Exclusive Newz Bar so darn fantastic. “My sister has a soft spot for the big bald doorman,” somebody called "Ando" announced.

No stranger to national fame, Newz regularly features in the glossy mags. Just last week Heat reported that Grace and Micky from Big Brother were spotted canoodling there, and the entire cast of Lost reportedly told Closer recently that they had, in fact, never been in there.

Though the negative comments were extremely few and far between, one disgruntled female did have this to say on the site.

“This place is everything I hate about Liverpool; it's full of wannabe WAGs, self absorbed and pretentious people. I went in there wearing a brand new Karen Millen dress, looking classy, and was snarled at by a girl in tiny hot pants blatantly trying to bag a footballer. Some people!”

Obviously this woman is completely deluded.

Let’s hear it for Exclusive Newz Bar – the greatest bar in the whole world. You’ve made us proud.

The top ten in full

  1. The Exclusive Newz Bar, Liverpool
  2. Barasti, Dubai
  3. Socio Rehab, Manchester
  4. Club 11, Amsterdam
  5. Bar Bacca, Belfast
  6. Vertigo, Bangkok
  7. Velvet, Manchester
  8. Der Raum, Melbourne
  9. George V Hotel Bar, Paris
  10. Raoul's, Oxford

What do you think? Is Exclusive Newz Bar the best in the world? Tell us your top bar. Or worst. Best ranter gets a £50 cocktail tab on us next time they are in it.

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37 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Widnes WonderApril 29th 2008.

Hey don't be comparing this place to anywhere in Widnes...I can't speak for Swindon but we wouldn't put up with anywhere as pretentious as this out our way. We only have 'proper pubs' as recommended by Mr Stanley Street. Bloody cheek.

Rusty SpikeApril 29th 2008.

Clearly the above 'ranters' don't go anywhere in the world apart from Swindon and Widnes. I once walked past the Newz Bar (and any joint that sticks a 'Z' in its moniker has to be up its own bum) and shivered. There were all kinds of weirdo wannabe celebs scampering inside, folk who would gag for invitations to the launch of a gardening centre catalogue. Don't wish to dampen the enthusiasm but a short breeze around Singapore, Sydney or Shanghai would reveal a brace of bars in each city that leave the Newz Bar drowning in its own cocktails. The NewZ bar indeed. Get a life. And I went to the Alma de Cuba - ahem - and thought it was an aircraft hangar with the lights out. And they charged filthy amounts of lucre for bottled water.

Pop TartApril 29th 2008.

to reply to Runcorn Ron, Newz of course!Its all PR dahhhlings...... don't take it too seriously, we are the real beautiful people!

born_2_boozeApril 29th 2008.

Who won the £50 then?

Boozy babeApril 29th 2008.

The Jacaranda stinks.........

AnonymousApril 29th 2008.

newz is cheap!

X. ClusiveApril 29th 2008.

The implication of the word 'exclusive' suggests that the riff-raff are kept OUT, not vice-versa as it would appear to be in this case!

scrittipolittiApril 29th 2008.

Angry of Aigburth: first, I'm flattered that you read me so closely but I don't apologise for being critical of some aspects of Liverpool...(what are YOU "angry" about?) that makes me a thinking, sentient individual (and Liverpudlian). I think you'll find I don't just complain. Footballers and their assorted orange admirers have less pretensions than most -- they are quite transparent. Have you seen the murals? You may find pleasure outside the grotty watering holes you call "proper pubs"...

Stanley StreetApril 29th 2008.

How can one say which is the best bar? Personally I prefer proper pubs, but just like these so-called ‘bars’, what makes them places to either stay, socialise and become a regular or avoid in future is the CLIENTÈLE. The other customers provide the atmosphere, be it boring, threatening, ugly, intriguing or fun. You couldn’t have a good time in a place filled with the sort of boorish orange scally people you’d cross the street to avoid, could you? Also the characters of some places change completely depending on the hour of the day and the day of the week. Even Concert Square can be civilised during the day, and many decent pubs in the week are awful at weekends. The décor and the staff are only window-dressing, they only count if you can see and hear them, and that isn’t often.

Elaine FordApril 29th 2008.

I would agree that the Newz Bar is the best bar in the Liverpool City Centre.

Egmont ParadigmApril 29th 2008.

I suspect the bloke who thought that one up was really pleased with himself

Papa PavelApril 29th 2008.

Helen says..“ Alma de Cuba surely must rank as the best bar in Liverpool on looks alone. I would take visitors there every time."-------- If the management of Alma de Cuba agreed with you about the looks of the place then surely they’d put some lighting in? Ah, but of course how would they then hide the sticky tables and stained seats?

HelenApril 29th 2008.

Alma de Cuba surely must rank as the best bar in Liverpool on looks alone. I would take visitors there every time. The News bar would come way down my list. In fact, the Alma is probably one of the coolest looking bars anywhere in the world.

Really fed-up of AigburthApril 29th 2008.

I couldn't agree more with Appalled of Toxteth. I wouldn't darken the doors of the Newz bar, the Living Room or any of these fake celebrity hangouts so beloved of the Echo. Its clientele haven't got the intelligence or the wit to be pretentious. Ugh!

Barz Irn BruApril 29th 2008.

The criteria for judging seem a little out of whack. I went to Newz once when it first opened and didn't stay very long at all. I had it recommended to me by a friend who'd been midweek and loved the music but on a Saturday there were more posers than a life drawing class. Alma de Cuba is a place to go and see rather than be seen but the only time I've ever had decent service in there is when it's been empty midweek. Otherwise there's been rotten fruit in vases and bar staff that consistently serve out of line, just because the big-mouth beauty next to me has made use of her better looks and bonier elbows to secure attention.The bars I love and consistently go back to are those where I've had the best time and made the best memories like La'Go, Fab Cafe, Bar Ca Va and the Casa. Nothing much classy or exclusive about any of them but the music suits me and nobody cares what you wear or if you oompa-lumpa-orange face fits. That way you can focus on what is really important; good time with good friends.

ChrisApril 29th 2008.

Best bar in the world my a**e! I'd love to know what it was judged on. Anything 'exclusive' should never mean it is the best. Apart from this exclusive report of course!

Appalled of ToxtethApril 29th 2008.

Newz has got to be one of the most pretentious tart/WAG magnets in the UK, as if the nostril-burning woff of Fake Bake isn't enough, they then go and charge you megabucks for crap drinks served by smug bartenders. And they can't spell. I much prefer knocking back a few vinos at the Font bar, Arrad St,Fly in the Loaf on Hardman or having a good boogie down at Heebie-Jeebies where it is distinctly lacking in fake boobs and posing prats.

AnonymousApril 29th 2008.

I couldn't agree more with the comment 'This place is everything I hate about Liverpool'. So very true, it's such a shallow and superficial venue. I'm so thankful that Liverpool still has bars such as the Everyman and Korova where you're not judged by the deisgner label you're wearing or the shade of tan you're drenched in.

Y oh YApril 29th 2008.

Because no one else is allowed in. That's what "exclusive" means, isn't it? I prefer Alma De Cuba myself.

AnonymousApril 29th 2008.

newz...no way... crap music, orange tarts, bad attitude service and phoney's all over the place... no thanks!!!!

Panda FaceApril 29th 2008.

Give me a proper bar like the Jacaranda any night of the week - places like this are what Liverpool should be known for, not plastic scally hangouts like Newzzzzz

Edmund HillaryApril 29th 2008.

Isn't Newz so called because it is in New Zealand House (geddit?). I suppose they are trying to be clever with Exclusive Newz as well: Exclusive. News, (geddit?)

Runcorn RonApril 29th 2008.

Wot, Widnes Wonder? Where do your gangsters go to show off then?

Boozy babeApril 29th 2008.

The swan also stinks and check out them ladies that like riding on the back of motorbikes, i bet they like riding the ladies too.

Scotch PiperApril 29th 2008.

The Swan is the best bar in Liverpool. No WAGs, just real women who like a ride on the back of a bike.

That'smrbollockstoyouApril 29th 2008.

Bring back Telford's Bar the saloon in the old Skelhorne Street Bus Station. That would have given the exclusey Newsy a run for its money.

Disgusted of ToxtethApril 29th 2008.

*De*-bag a footballer, more likely. If they don't leap onto the table and volunteer the sight of their own accord after an evening of alcopops and vulgar muzak.

SarahApril 29th 2008.

Each to their own I suppose - I haven't been but if I did I'd wear a dress by my favourite designer - Georgio Asdario and bag a Sunday league footie player x

Egmont ParadigmApril 29th 2008.

I meant Edmund Hillary's comment:- "Isn't Newz so called because it is in New Zealand House (geddit?). I suppose they are trying to be clever with Exclusive Newz as well: Exclusive. News, (geddit?)"

Charing CrossApril 29th 2008.

Exactly, Mr. Spike!There is an equivalent to "Newz" (sic) in Birkenhead. It is called "Moodz" (sic). Very common indeed.

Pop TartApril 29th 2008.

That's us by the way, not them!

scrittipolittiApril 29th 2008.

I'm not sure which is the bigger surprise: 1) Newz as best bar in universe (or Liverpool--which is same thing for most Liv Conf readers)2) That Liverpool Confidential contributors came out with a predictable set of inverse snobbish comments about clientele, pretensions etc. This from readers who probably consider Dr. Duncans the apotheosis of bar authenticity indicated by the high percentage of facial hair and outbursts about "gentrification" (ps Dr Duncans is gentrification for the niche market of beer aficianadoes). Everyone should look at the murals in Newz -- they are interesting and perhaps politically surprising to those who have sneered....

X. ClusiveApril 29th 2008.

How can this place claim to be 'exclusive' when they allow monkeyman footballers, their orange girlfriends and the third-rate trash that feature in 'Heat' comic into the place?

Jon GApril 29th 2008.

I loved Newz when it opened and the food was sensational. Then they chased the money, let the scalls in and now it's an expensive Matthew Street.Ick.

AnonymousApril 29th 2008.

The place is full of scally footballerswho think they are gorgeous and fake-tanned slags who would sleep with anyone as long as they are a footballers.

AnonymousApril 29th 2014.

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