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Best of three: Delivery pizzas

Are you stopping in tonight? Treating yourself to a home delivered pizza? Here's the lowdown on a random trio we tried from chains around Liverpool. You may know different

Published on January 14th 2010.

Best of three: Delivery pizzas

IT might be any night, on this occasion it's Friday night. For whatever circumstance, you are at home. You might have chosen to enjoy some Jonathan Ross innuendo, but what what are you going to put in your other end-o?

Nobody wants to cook after a hard week's slog, so a deliver-to your-door pizza is the name of the game.

But nobody wants to end the week with a big fat cheesy flaccid disappointment either so we have spent the last few weekends answering the door to strange chaps pressing warm, extra large packages into our hands.

There, Mr so-called funny chat show host, eat that.

(Our findings, from three popular pizza chains operating in Liverpool, below)

American Pizza Slice, 52 Whitechapel, L1 (0151 707 1333) and South Road, Waterloo (0151 928 0600)

American Pizza slice is being reviewed because our ranter “Witty” on a former story about pizza, ages ago, made a compelling case for the place (who says we don't listen to our readers?) Unfortunately, American Pizza Slice doesn't have a website but it certainly talks the talk with its delivery man telling us that this was, indeed, the best pizza in Liverpool.

The pizza: Meat Feast 18-incher (£12.50)

The deal: No special offers. 24 varieties. Extra toppings 75p.Underneath: Only one style of base available. Which was quite heavy and the thickest of all we tried, although it wasn't horribly stodgy at that stage. No discernible tomato sauce flavours to speak of.

On top: Laden with pepperoni, salami, honey roasted gammon and “our own spicy beef mix” which included green peppers and red onion).

And? This wasn't a particularly hot mix, in any sense. It was warm enough in temperature by the time it arrived (in the stated 40 minutes) but, despite the spicy beef element there was little zing. Also, the cheese, was scorched brown the whole, entire way through.

Verdict: Despite this, the meats had good flavours and were generous, particularly the gammon which had a delicious and strong crispy bacon flavour. A careless effort made interesting with a bucket of chianti.

Test of time: Leftovers the next day: the base had turned solid and rather lardy, as had the tester.

Would we go back? In a dial-a-pizza emergency. 5/10

Domino's: Huyton, London Road, Walton, Crosby. Heswall etc.

Domino's, as the name suggests, has a massive world market share in pizza delivery purveying, with a reach in almost every country. Our tester used to love them when working in the Far East years ago and was looking forward to a rematch.

The Pizza: Veg - a – Roma, 13.5 incher on a thin and crispy base (£13.99, with added jalapeno peppers £15.24)

The deal: No online offers that we could see. Check instore. 16 varieties. Extra single toppings £1.25.

Underneath: This was more like compressed puff pastry than dough, a very odd consistency which was akin to someone's first try out on making a pizza at home. Edible, but, yes, odd.

The topping:Sundried tomato & garlic sauce, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, herbs.

And? Could we feel the flavours of sundried tomatoes coming through? No. Or garlic? No. How about herbs? No. Green peppers and mushrooms? We were starting to feel sorry for non-meat eaters now. How about the cheese? Scorched brown a good couple of inches into the perimeter. The jalapeno peppers (extra) were good though (in a can't go wrong sort of way).

Verdict: See above. As a world leader, this ought to be a lot better. Could or should we really have expected more from “just a veggie pizza”. Yes.

The test of time? A red Leicester toastie won the toss-up for the leftovers the next day.

Would we go back? We are certainly looking forward to this experience on a regular basis when we open Ulan Bator Confidential. 5/10


Papa John's. 48 Allerton Road, L18 ( 0151 733 3733), Unit 1A Prescot Street, L7 (0151 263 0500)

Another of the world's biggest chains, but a relatively new name to these parts. Papa John's is handily located opposite the Royal Hospital. They didn't deliver to the address we wanted. So determined, we drove there and back without even busting a red light.

The Pizza: Italian Sausage Fiamma Extra Extra Large (14.99 minus 15% for online ordering £12.74 at the L7 branch)

The deal: 15 percent off online. Lots of other offers. £1.25 for an extra topping. Choice of 16.

Underneath: We'd specified an “authentic thin crust” and this was the nearest to an Italian job that we'd come across. Still not the back streets of Naples, but getting there.

The topping: Pepperoni, red peppers, Roquito chilli peppers, Italian style sausage, onions. And instead of regular tomato sauce, Nduja sauce which is a whizzed up pork and hot roasted red pepper sauce.

And? Was the cheese burned?

Hardly. Was this rich, moreish and packed with contrasting flavours, colour and textures? Yes, it was! It needed five minutes in the oven to warm it up from the 15 minute drive along the icy wastes of the Dock Road but it was remarkably very good.

The test of time: Had lost nothing, taste wise, when a spare slice from the box was zapped in the microwave the following lunchtime.

Verdict: The best of the bunch. However, did any stand up to the best of the supermarket finest ranges? We'll be testing them soon and letting you know – actually after Lent.

Would we go back? Next time they can come to us. 7/10

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11 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

asherrFebruary 20th 2009.

The pizza parlour on smithdown was the best until it got taken over a few months ago. Tried it on first week of opening but not been back since, disappointed. Cafe Sport England and The Quarter do good pizzas

muff d.February 20th 2009.

Mate used to work for Pizza Express.He used to hawk and spit on pizzas when the boss was looking the other way.Usually just before cheese went on so no one knew the difference.Make em yourself and keep the additives healthy.

pantieFebruary 20th 2009.

I really have got better things to do than comment on pizzas for christ sake...... so don't expect me to write anything on here.. but thanks for asking!

Fed EnoughFebruary 20th 2009.

How can I stop the pizza menus coming through the door, I hate pizza and these things must cost a fortune to produce and go into the recycling bin. No more menus plezze.

Jezb89February 20th 2009.

Mmmmmm. Looks nice. Pizza. The reason I am so large.

GoodfellaFebruary 20th 2009.

its not what you know its who you know!!!

AnonymousFebruary 20th 2009.

I hear Fat Git is often a big flaccid cheesy disappointment on Friday night. The Santa Lucia on Lark Lane used to get my vote.

AnonymousFebruary 20th 2009.

have you tried using your intelligence, Mitzi? Probably not.

Mitzi RellerFebruary 20th 2009.

Yet again no captions on the photos, I could be looking at three pizzas for all I know. Doesn't even tell you where the exhibition is!

Captain TonyFebruary 20th 2009.

I just wanna pizza the action!

Pearl necklaceFebruary 20th 2009.

The Quarter and Cafe Sports England don't do delivery do they? Isn't this about delivery pizzas?

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