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Best of three: Enormous baps

Lunchtime or anytime, there really is nothing more comforting. So how did this random lot of take-em-out baps measure up?

Published on September 29th 2010.

Best of three: Enormous baps

Enormous baps. They come in one shape – round – and they come in one size – enormous.

But if you are going to sink your teeth into something monumental, you need to know that it's going to be a voyage of pleasure all the way and not something that you'll instantly regret, which is all too often the case. So fed up with bento boxes? Here are three take-out treats we tried for size at city centre sandwich bars.

Hot Roast Beef, Mushroom, Pepper and Onion Binlid in Chilli Sauce, £3.65. The Richmond Deli, Richmond Street, L1. Tel 0151 708 9729

How big is big? The daddy of them all. A whopping 10-inch monster that had to be cut into quarters and then would easily have fed a family of four, or 18 anorexics.

How long to build? A couple of minutes. With queues going out of the door everything is on hand and everything is quick

The bap: The Richmond Deli's baps are quite flat. This one was wholemeal. A little on the dry side in texture, it soon absorbed all the liquids from the filling, making it a saggy and sadly soggy bap.

The filling: Thinly sliced bits of too-chewy beef, accompanied by lashings of well cooked onion, mushrooms and green pepper. The most memorable thing about this was the salt. It was as if the Dead Sea had been emptied into it and a good couple of litres of water was needed to knock it back. Chilli sauce had a nice heat to it, and there wasn't too much. But they will pour gravy onto it, or oyster sauce, or barbecue sauce, maybe all of them, and that might be too much.

Verdict: Blood pressure planet. 4/10

Hot Chicken and Mushroom in Cajun Sauce Binlid, £3.80. The Filling Station, 19 North John Street L2. 0151 227 1995

How big is big? A substantial seven-incher.

How long to build? Five minutes in which you can look at the scores and scores of imaginative sandwich combos on offer in here, or just the straightforward offerings like a very pleasant Stilton salad binlid we had another time.

The bap: It might be enormous, and it was after lunchtime when we ordered it, but the baps were still firm and springy to the touch. This one was white, from a choice of that or brown, and marged to stop those nasty seepages seen earlier.

The filling: Big chunks of hot chicken are combined with a token amount of thinly sliced mushrooms that have been fried off. So far so good, and it would be good to tell you that they tasted of something, but mixed together with vast quantities of an extremely sweet cajun sauce we will never know, and our tester was unfortunately forced to adjourn proceedings half way through.

Verdict: Less of the sauce. 5/10.


Turkey Salad Extra Large, £2.50. Hole in the Wall Cafe, School Lane, Liverpool 1. 0151 709 7733

How big is big? It's all about the filling, this one, and there is so much of it that they actually have cut into the lid of this affair to crown it with extra wedges of cucumber and tomato. You would need a Cherie Blair sized cakehole to negotiate it in one, such is the overall volume of this particular stack, but, hey, anything is possible.

How long to make? A good five-minute wait if you are starving, but worth it.

The bap: A generous and very soft floury granary number, fresh as a daisy and offered as a choice of that or white, which you can specify buttered (marged) or not.

The filling: Large breast of turkey slices were thick, moist and actually tasted of something approaching turkey. The salad leaves (two different kinds), were crunchy and fresh, plenty of sweet red onion, the aforementioned just-cut tomato was forgettable and cucumber had lots of bite. Every bite of this was to savour. No frills, just good ingredients and plenty of them to fill you up all day.

Verdict: No guilt, all pleasure. 8/10

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27 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Major FrontDecember 2nd 2008.

Maintains stiff upper lip throughout the hideous ordeal

jayDecember 2nd 2008.

Mario's knocks spots off the HITW which has gone downhill in the last few years since all of those builders from Liverpool One started going in.

Professor ChucklebuttyDecember 2nd 2008.

Did you know one of Delia's ancestors was burned as a witch in a pre-heated coven? Same happened to a relative of Hugh Fearnley-Duckingstool and Anthony Worlock-Thompson.

General DisorderDecember 2nd 2008.

Disgraceful conduct!

Bobby S. HelmetDecember 2nd 2008.

Not to mention the salt stains when you've shaken it all around your entrance.

Otter's PocketDecember 2nd 2008.


White ChristmasDecember 2nd 2008.

I'm looking forward to a good six inches in the morning.

Cherry B ValleyDecember 2nd 2008.

I once tried to escape from Delia Smith's roasting tin but was also foiled

AnonymousDecember 2nd 2008.

Will you enjoy some big jugs with that?

DigDecember 2nd 2008.

Must try The Hole in The wall sometime. I usually don't make it passed Mario's on Hanover Street. Only a little takeaway rather than cafe but the sandwiches are good without being too extravagant. The soups are superb too. Ham & Lentil or Chicken & Sweetcorn with a bit of French bread for dunking. They don't skimp on the chicken or ham either. Very filling and flavoursome. Big bowl of soup and a good size bap sets you back around £4, so good value too.

Professor ChocobuttyDecember 2nd 2008.

I once tried to raid on a chocolate money factory but it was foiled.

DigDecember 2nd 2008.

I thank you on behalf of all Liverpool Confidential ranters. I don't think anybody would have noticed that double entendre without you pointing it out. We should all hang our heads in shame for not noticing it sooner. Now I'm off to make my lunch. Meat & 2 veg in a crusty split.

Massive bapsDecember 2nd 2008.

I have never had a bad dinner in the Hole in the Wall. The women who run it are a bit stern, you wouldn't mess around in there, but all good honest grub. Loads of it too. Every builder on Liverpool One eats in there I think.

Trick SteinDecember 2nd 2008.

I would have castor sugar spell on them, sweet-talked my way out and escaped on a witches Breamstick before they noticed anything fishy. Fancy burning witches in an oven, I'd hate to see people soufle like that. They should have used a big witches pot. If they couldn't find one, they could have called Ron.

DigDecember 2nd 2008.

I've had a nice bbq chicken & salad nudger from Mario's. Fresh, soft and floury bread. Was a bit disappointed the bbq aspect was bbq sauce rather than chicken but hey, was still very nice. The soup more than made up for disappointing bbq bit. Excelled themselves with new chicken & noodle soup. I wouldn't have been upset if I was served that in a Chinese restaurant.

White ChristmasDecember 2nd 2008.

It's coming down my chimney now

Sian LloydDecember 2nd 2008.

Examining a major front?

Nobby ClarkeDecember 2nd 2008.

Do any of these places sell sarnies made with proper scouse NUDGERS or are they just those fatty "sub"(-standard) yankee rolls?

Corporal PunishmentDecember 2nd 2008.

Can I do you now sir?

Cherry B ValleyDecember 2nd 2008.

Yes. It was a terrible spell but they were only trying to eek! out a living

White ChristmasDecember 2nd 2008.

There has been a dawn raid on my chocolate money

Small jugsDecember 2nd 2008.

It's been so long since I had it in my parts that I can't remember what it's like

Sayers AficionadoDecember 2nd 2008.

You think you've got problems! Try asking for a 'growler' in a baker's or a pie shop in Manchester and see the looks you get!

Golden RingDecember 2nd 2008.

Yes but then it all gets slippery and you end up doing your back in.

that'smrbollockstoyouDecember 2nd 2008.

I'm surprised that no-one so far has come up with the obvious double entendre so let me be the first: my Caroline has the biggest baps of the lot and I'm very happy with them. I thang you!

Fred TalbotDecember 2nd 2008.

Can you guess where I am?

Peter GlazeDecember 2nd 2008.

It drips a lot and you have to be careful where you put your feet.

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