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Time up for Baa Bar?

Some say its the best bar in Liverpool, others call it Chav Central. Now police have had three bags full of antics at the Baa Bar and it is crunch time

Published on March 14th 2007.

Time up for Baa Bar?

Way back in 1991, a young Manchester chap called Tom Bloxham rode into town. He was hoping to repeat the success of his young and cheerful shopping place, Afflecks, at the other end of the East Lancs, and so he opened the Liverpool Palace in Wood Street, selling clobber and shoes by little- known companies like Red or Dead.

Business was good and, to celebrate, a bar was born: the Baa Bar, just at the back, in Fleet Street.

Liverpool had never seen anything like it, and it was a hit from the word go. With its Shed interior design (by his chums the Falkingham brothers), hip clientele and people like the Lightning Seeds recording in the room above, Baa Bar was Trendy Central. At Christmas time, staff were rewarded with trips abroad, and Urban Splash and the customers all grew up together.

So what happened? Well, somewhere down the line things turned a little sour at the Baa Bar and now it could close for good after a catalogue of mayhem.

It appears that the place has fallen prey to the usual Concert Square thing: Pissed up amateur drinkers trying their best to make themselves and bouncers a bit more ugly in time for Sunday morning. But at the Baa Bar, police say, 28 assaults have been reported over the last 14 months and this is too much.

Baa Bar is now part of a chain across the North West, a plc apparently, and its links with Urban Splash are distanced.

Tell us your thoughts on Baa Bar and Concert Square? Great night out or no-go zone? Leave a rant below

Its USP is to discount its £3 bottles of beer by 50p if you buy a £1 “shooter” to chase it. Irresponsible? Not at all. In fact just to make sure everyone behaves, your alcohol units are poured into clear plastic cups, on the orders of the old bill, as part of a joint action plan to lower the incidence of glassings.

But this and CCTV have not been enough, say police. Violence has flared again, and a review hearing, possibly in April, will take place with the council licensing committee deciding its fate.

This is all a far cry from the bright and early days but, as the Baa Baa boss, Elaine Clarke, points out, it isn't a problem exclusive to this joint. Unfortunately that's true, but in the meantime Baa Bar might want to rethink its corporate boast that it is “where bar culture began”.

We won't be raising our plastic glasses to that.

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Larry the LambMarch 14th 2007.

The Baa Bar has been crap for years. If it is closed down the cretinous monkeymen will move elsewhere, perhaps ruining your favourite pub. With thugs and scallies you either have them put down humanely or you contain them. Tacky bum-holes like the Baa Bar and all the other neon-lit scally dives contain them. I prefer it that way. It is obvious to sentient beings that these are no-go areas for I.Q.s over 20 and people with complete faces. ____ By the way what the heck is a ‘shooter’?

GraceMarch 14th 2007.

On Saturday i was in there it was over crowded and was full of drunks but isnt everywhere(i was one of them ha ha)? You cant knock the ramping rabbit even if it did make me fall down the step after!!!

GraceMarch 14th 2007.

Why should places be closed for selling cheap booze!! if i am honest the drinks aint that cheap in baa baa's only the shots, people like me that enjoy a cheap night out have everything ruined by lightweight idiots that drink to much then they can handle. Not everyone gets violent after being drunk! some people just like going out to have a good night!

AnonymousMarch 14th 2007.

I have to point out that this story is a year old. But isn't it nice to see renewed interest and, from what Grace said, it didn't close down!

edwardsMarch 14th 2007.

I cant believe that one bar is taking so much stick. If you dont like it there, dont drink there??? I think that manchester has the same problem, drugs and dodgy doormen, get rid of them and everyone will have a better night.

HelpfulMarch 14th 2007.

And a good fight!

A. E. ScousemanMarch 14th 2007.

Helen M said - "I live in Manchester now and am forever telling people that our Liverpool baa is the original and best - please don't tell me I'm wrong..." Well, when the place first opened it was popularly believed that it was a Liverpool branch of Manchester's Dry Bar. It was always expensive, too noisy and uncomfortable, but it got away with that because it was unique. Now commercial premises turned into gaudy, noisy, draughty alcopop bars with ugly and painful furniture are ten-a-penny, which is why they sell inferior drinks at inferior prices to inferior mammals.

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