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Rebecca Ferguson: Homecoming queen

Angie Sammons on why it's not just about Lennon in Liverpool this week

Written by . Published on December 14th 2010.

Rebecca Ferguson: Homecoming queen

AS timing goes, it was the perfect question.

“What did Hitler see in Wagner?"

Alas, we are not talking about why Simon Cowell allowed an ageing Lothario to remain so long in this year's X-Factor.

Rather, this was the question late on Monday night in a BBC4 programme called “Stephen Fry: Wagner and Me.”

Rebecca's surprise visit incited rapturous waves of emotion across a parent city which, 30 years ago, was famously rendered grief stricken at the
loss of another of its children. But that's OK. There would be a vigil
for him in a shopping centre later in the week

The title conjured up so much delicious promise. Fans of ITV's flagship light entertainment show may have tuned in for some sly, surprise, Monday night fix. What they got was The Brandenburg Concerto, not Brandon Flowers, while the Twitter champion pondered the poser.

Indeed, if it was posers and sly Monday surprises you wanted, then the jackpot lay right here, in Liverpool, only hours earlier. Rebecca Ferguson was in town. The real X-Factor deal.

And as timing goes, it was “bang on the money”. Rebecca's surprise visit incited rapturous waves of emotion across a parent city which, 30 years ago almost to the day, was famously rendered grief stricken at the loss of another of its children. One, who by any standards, really was world class.

But that's OK. There would be a vigil for him in a shopping centre later in the week.

We have moved on. Whole golden autumns imperceptibly turn into crisp, cold winters while Britons meditate in a fog of lost TV weekends to the mantras: “Living the dream,” (to be said in an Irish accent); “You are may guilty pleasure.” (Geordie) and “If she messes this up, she could be going home” (estuary English).

Rebecca was going home, but in a good way. As an X-Factor finalist, she, Cher Lloyd, boy band One Direction and the bearded boy Matt Cardle are hitting the roads this week, at vast expense. How many of your calls from a BT landline it costs is anyone's guess, but don't worry: Saturday's live final will generate £25m in revenue.

These wannabes, sponsored by Talk Talk, are the talk all right, and the whole exercise will result in just five minutes VT.

We knew this. Yet we waited for almost two hours in minus six degrees for the Anfield mum's police-escorted people carrier to turn up at the Echo Arena. Us and a couple of thousand teens, clamped to the barrier surrounding the red carpet. They: pinned together, since 1pm, for warmth. Us: freezing our bollocks off in the press pen. Traffic around Rebecca's city route at a standstill, causing the delay.

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andycDecember 9th 2010.

boss piece of writing.

Sharon OsbourneDecember 9th 2010.

This confirms all my suspicions about the X factor. In a week's time, nobody will remember who won and the people raging against the machine will be the only ones still going on about it. Simon Cowell must be laughing his arrogant tanned cock off.

David HattonDecember 9th 2010.

Looking forward to the final, hope it isn't as controversial as previous weeks, fed up of the fans who sit at home and don't vote then moan when their favorites go home. It takes the x out of the x factor

AllieDecember 11th 2010.

Go go go Rebecca. The best thing to come out of Liverpool in decades. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

AllieDecember 12th 2010.


Stanley StreetDecember 13th 2010.

As Paul O´Grady said on his last Friday evening show on television, if people took voting in the election more seriously than voting in ‘The X-Factor´ then we would not be in the pickle we are in.

Right-wing Conservative multi-millionaire Simon Cowell and his mates win again, you dopes.

Random and Hopkirk (Confused)December 13th 2010.

As Mr Street@%$£s comment show^%s the odd symbols cropping up due to the programming of the rants facility>?&$£ discourages people from using proper puntuation~+*$ which is why I have abandoned any puntuation for this comment@~*£A-) I didn't vote for the Cowelition by the way.

JeannieDecember 13th 2010.

I also abandoned the use of the letter C in Punctuation due to the cutbacks. We are in this together but nobody can see or hear me, only you Jeff, only you.

Nat PickerDecember 13th 2010.

Surely that should be "due to the utbacks"?

Ewar WoowarDecember 13th 2010.

Nobody likes a smart unt

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