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Peter Coyle - Tell Them No

Listen here for a song for the moment....

Published on March 25th 2011.

Peter Coyle - Tell Them No

“THE world is going through an enormous change, and in this tumult, the people will be fed all sorts of propaganda to allow war, to allow subjugation, to allow persecution, all in the name of nationalism.”

This head-in-hands appraisal of the state of global play comes from Peter Coyle, music artist of somewhat unpredictable note and formerly of this parish.

Coyle is no stranger to producing uncompromising work. So it’s no surprise, then, that his latest composition does little to advocate the route of meek acceptance when it comes to dealing with the evil lot of dictators and spin merchants.

The clue is in the title.

Tell Them No is released today, actually by “444 featuring Peter Coyle”.

Raging, perhaps, against a pandemic of cynicism, it’s a song “born out of the belief that human beings can stand together in adversity and overcome their differences”.

Tell Them No

We can’t live in chains
We can’t be imprisoned
There’s just too much at stake

Love is the thing that feeds us
Above and beyond our fear

We can’t do it alone
We’ve got to stand
Against the propaganda

Losing your humanness is worse than death
With no democratic oath we’ve nothing left
Tell them no
Tell them never will the lust for power end
Tell them no
Tell them we don’t follow anyone at all
Men of war
Men of money
Men of mind control
We don’t follow the headless beast of evil


Losing your humanness is worse than death
Nothing real in our hearts we’ve nothing left

Tell them no
Tell them never will the lust for power end
Tell them no
Tell them we don’t follow anyone at all
Men of war
Men of money
Men of mind control
Nothing will destroy the people’s soul

It’s a work of light and shade, encapsulating moments of power and passion, all too familiar on our 24-hour rolling news screens. A dark, lush tide of building melody underpins lyrics of simple optimism and faith.

Tell Them No sets out to convince us that when all else is lost, the human spirit is the weapon of choice, rather than the nearest AK-47. “Even miracles can happen”.

“444 refers to an account fund set up by the Stasi in East Berlin before the wall came down,” Coyle tells Liverpool Confidential. “It was a propaganda tool to highlight the evils of the free and liberal west."

He believes conflict is “sold” to the people “in the name of the global economy, all in the name of God or Allah, all in the name of denial of the human being in all of us”.

“Our greatest gift to one another is to be human when the context and the political environment is encouraging us to be enemies to one another,” he says.

It’s been a long time since Coyle had his first big flirtation with fame as the frontman with Liverpool pop band The Lotus Eaters, whose distinctive debut single, The First Picture of You, became a huge international hit.

But he’s not been quiet. Cited by Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Coldplay's Chris Martin as a major musical influence, there have been extensive collaborations with a wide spectrum of artists, down the years including John Murphy, Martin Stephenson, The Lightning Seeds, blues singer Connie Lush and Marina Van Rooy.

Anfield-born Coyle now lives in south west France, has a ninth solo album out later this year and is about to embark on a project with Italian DJ legends Danielle Baldelli and Lucca Rocca.

“Our ancestors suffered greatly so we could develop democracy. This song is about reminding people that we must cherish it and not let it be devalued by those in power...we have our own mind and our own thoughts, the basic values of love and respect.”

Play Tell Them No by clicking the icon below and notching up the speaker to loud, or buy it from itunes (here. Because you can.

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19 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Sly OneMarch 21st 2011.

Nice one. Are you going to bring Fascist Scum out again Peter? I often think of it when I'm watching George Osbourne on the news.

Bullet BaxterMarch 21st 2011.

Didn't the kids from Grange Hill sing this or something similar to Nancy Reagan?

AnonymousMarch 21st 2011.

Is Peter going to do any gigs? I remember the G-Love which he ran in Liverpool in the late 1980's, MUCH better than Cream which came later and copied it, but was run by no-mark opportunists.

Chopper oneMarch 22nd 2011.

Top sentiment and a super production from Peter who I always see as having a much gentler demeanour. Pandemic of cynicism is right however.

HelenMarch 22nd 2011.

Great song yet again and what a singer lets just hope you get the recognition and credit you deserve instead of the crap we have to listen to now well done peter.

Tricky WooMarch 22nd 2011.

Peter, your vocals are amazing on this and I echo the other comments. Keep on doing the do.

Frank O'FoanMarch 23rd 2011.

When I am made redundant by the Tory scum I am going to live in beautiful, civilised France until normal service is resumed in this backward country

Liverpool WagMarch 23rd 2011.

I agree Frank. Let's start a French Confidential. We have nothing Toulouse.

Frank O'FoanMarch 23rd 2011.

Albi off then...

Liverpool WagMarch 23rd 2011.

I am already on the road to Rouen

Frank O'FoanMarch 23rd 2011.

I haven't quite got the Vannes ready yet!

Liverpool WagMarch 23rd 2011.

I feel like a cheap Cahors. Do you know any?

Frank O'FoanMarch 23rd 2011.

How about Lorraine? I've heard you're a bit of a Nancy boy.

Frank O'FoanMarch 23rd 2011.

Which is Nice.

Liverpool WagMarch 23rd 2011.

I am no Nancy Boy, as anyone who has seen my Beaune will testify.

Seriously, this is a very good track Monsieur Coyle. Sorry to 'ijack eet.

Frank O'FoanMarch 23rd 2011.

Sorry if it Angers you old boy, but Lorraine said that you were a bit of a Quimper…

Aix-en-le-buttocksMarch 23rd 2011.

Anybody who knows the lovely Liverpool Wag will know she is no boy. Do not be fooled Frank O Foan

Francis BiggerMarch 24th 2011.

I Caen't say I do.

Pierre HeadMarch 24th 2011.

Uh? Le Wag de Liverpool!

Elle est une femme?

Non, sûrement vous vous moquez de moi?

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