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Michael Jackson....

When he was fab

Published on June 26th 2009.

Michael Jackson....

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Oh, not again...June 25th 2009.

Why do we have to go through this nonsense every time some old pop star dies?The fact is that had Michael Jackson been an unknown software developer or binman living in Huyton most of those mawkish whingers who act as if the world has suffered a great loss forever would more likely want to burn his house down and lynch him. These excitable idiots don't need evidence of child abuse to persecute a poor person, the merest wild suspicion is quite enough.

Gary GlitterJune 25th 2009.

He was an inspiration to us all

witchJune 25th 2009.

"A fawn in a burning forest"

Mike Baldwin's DadJune 25th 2009.

That didn't work for Sam Kydd, did it?

why are you so judgmental?June 25th 2009.

interesting how people "knew" he was guilty and feel happy to band around names like peadophile say some of the ridiculous comments I have just read- what makes you so sure and right enough to suggest that someone should have died and get what they deserved. Judgmental, and frankly stupid for sitting there with no evidence making accusations. In fact I could make an assumption that you are angry, bitter, one of those people you feel like you have to appease in case they start having a go at you for no reason, a bit horrible for enjoying it when people have died etc. etc. but i wouldnt because i dont have the evidence to back that up. really think people should just have an open mind and not be so quick to damn everyone.

stanley dockJune 25th 2009.

any chance strawberry lane could be taken to a strawberry field and left there forever because the evidence gives the lie to his nauseating creeping to a not very pleasant person. oh its the fault of the press is it? no sorry his family... no sorry its...

Perry MasonJune 25th 2009.

No the American justice system can be utterly relied upon to prove the innocence of rich, famous people in danger of copping it for their misdeeds! See how that nice O. J. Simpson was proved to be innocent despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary! God Bless American Justice!

lonely loonJune 25th 2009.

Jackson is nearly 50. how many other men of his age would be lionised by the press for sleeping with little boys?paedophile is the only word that adequately describes this monster.

norman KennyJune 25th 2009.

Just Grandiose.....

Lonely loonJune 25th 2009.

Postscript to the death of this evil child rapist - if there is a heaven he wont be there. Satan will be anally examining him with nice hot broken bottles.

Mr ClackJune 25th 2009.

I was only watching him the other night on cable in an episode of "Upstairs and Then Downstairs Again" That was his best performance him and Mrs Bridges. I wasn't keen on The Professionals though with the awful Boodle and Dunthorpe.

I. M. BaddJune 25th 2009.

Didn't like him in 'Ring of Bright Water' - he was the man who killed Mij with a shovel. Gave me nightmares.

Strawberry laneJune 25th 2009.

Jackson was an innocent, a saint, and his love of children no worse than Jesus or Gandhi.He used his wealth to make the lives of ghetto boys worthwhile and the money he gave to their parents changed many poor lives across America.He was so talented why shouldnt he sleep with boys if he wanted to?

Stanley StreetJune 25th 2009.

What a coincidence, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson dying on the same day. One played with Majors the other with minors...

AnonymousJune 25th 2009.

So sad. Love this video and it takes me back to a time when Jackson was the pop genius of the world. RIP

Music CriticJune 25th 2009.

It's certainly better than later efforts like, "I'm forever blowing bubbles."

Pop TartJune 25th 2009.

Strawberry Lane - Firstly i would just like to say I am honestly almost speechless by your comment that he was so talented why shouldn't he sleep with boys and likening MJ to Jesus and Ghandi - what planet are you on?????????? My question to you would be 'what about the little girls, do they not need to be cared for too'? Does that not strike anyone else as odd............?

Dirty HarryJune 25th 2009.

I hope Clint Eastwood dies next. I'm a huge fan and can't wait to see all his films on the telly again.

R. G. BargeeJune 25th 2009.

His records were tripe, old hat disco-too-late, relevant only to school discos and suburban morons.it was hilarious listening to the hysterical mawkishness of Linda Mack's comedy programme on Radio Merseyside last night, you could hear the onions being peeled!

Man in the middleJune 25th 2009.

Rock with you was my favourite! St Edwards school discos

ChrisJune 25th 2009.

I am so hot I am sweating like Uri Geller wondering where his next meal is coming from

Strawberry LaneJune 25th 2009.

No worse than Jesus who said he would suffer little children to come onto him.No worse than Gandhi who advocated letting children starve rather than take up arms against an oppressive Raj.A true saint because of the beauty he created and the enlightenment he brought to many peoples lives.Michael Jackson was a holy man, his kindness to young boys will make him remembered for ever.

Billie JeanJune 25th 2009.

It's interesting, listening to the radio just now, how everyone is coming round to the fact that Jackson was a musical genius and how his death is a sobering moment for a generation. "A marvellous showman" they say, and they are calling every pundit in they can think of. Yet if he HAD appeared at the 02 this year, he probably would have been shot by the mad Jacko-hating Daily Mail reading chav and the media who destoyed him. YOU ARE TO BLAME YOU HYPOCRITE NASTY TABLOID PRESS (not u Confidential)

Pop TartJune 25th 2009.

Meljol, no body is saying he wasn't good at what he did, but what he did does not excuse him taking little boys to bed. Sorry, but there is no one denying that is there?

AnonymousJune 25th 2009.

Love this video.

armeniaJune 25th 2009.

The abuse did not stop with his parents. Jackson himself is known to be a cereal abuser of children but bought his own justice.

ChrisJune 25th 2009.

Due to the fact that Jacko was 99 percent plastic, he will be melted down into Lago so that children can play with him for a change.

KnowledgeableJune 25th 2009.

He's not dead. He has been found in the children's ward having a stroke.

meryfelaJune 25th 2009.

Our tabloid bollocks writers have left some bitter twisted people and many of them have been writing in to this thread. God bless you, Michael, and thanks for your genius.

LazJune 25th 2009.

Poor old Michael Jackson. I expect soon to be reading his body was worn out by prescription drugs, leading to his premature demise. It was exactly the same with Elvis. Advisors dish out stuff to make these icons sleep, drugs to get them started in the morning, medicines to keep them going through the day, more medicines to counter the side effects of the cocktail they are consuming on a daily basis. I hope they do a toxicology report as part of the post-mortem to establish his medicine regime. There’s always a price to pay for taking medicines (Google my book ‘Escape fromTranquillisers and Sleeping Pills’), but death is a price too high.

MeljolJune 25th 2009.

I was never a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but I appreciated that he was musically brilliant. May I remind you all that He was never convicted of any crimes & I think it takes a small minded, immature group of people to say the things that have been posted on here. Ok, he was a bit eccentric & as I said before, not really my cup of tea, but I think he lead a very sad, lonely life & I think you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Linda MacJune 25th 2009.

The post mortem on Jacko has led doctors to believe that he may have suffered from an allergic reaction. Traces of six-year-old nuts were found in his mouth

BenJune 25th 2009.

He was awfuly good in 'Whisky Galore' and 'The Ipcress File'. 'The Professionals suffered from having a awful disco theme tune after the fashion had passed.

Cock O'HoopJune 25th 2009.

I thought he was very brave leading the british army like that.

Peter RastJune 25th 2009.

Yes, the out-of-court settlement to little Jordy's parents was a charitable act by a saint. Some around here see it as an admission of Michael's depraved guilt.As if!

AnonymousJune 25th 2009.

A musical genius who was abused by his family. End of

Pop TartJune 25th 2009.

Lonely Loon - spot on......... if it was the man on the estate down the road you would be burning his house down! Good riddance, love the plastic bag joke Charlotte Street _ Classic!

Pop TartJune 25th 2009.

Why are you so judgmental..... i am not angry or bitter and i havent waited till he was dead to say this. I do not enjoy the fact that he is dead and i do not think he got what he deserved. He leaves 3 children behind, which in itself is a tragedy but i can not and will not condone grown men taking little boys to bed with them....... do you think that's right, would you be happy if it were your child? No, thought not.

The Man on the Garston OmnibusJune 25th 2009.

Michael Jackson was just a pop singer who owed a lot to his producers. You didn't know him, so don't give me the Lady Diana crap!

Charlotte StreetJune 25th 2009.

I hear that Michael Jackson is going to be cremated in a new process so he can be recycled as plastic bags, so that after his death he can continue to be a danger to children!

Liverpool WagJune 25th 2009.

You are right Meljol. But Jackson the magic Michael Jackson died years ago, as this video illustrates.

mattJune 25th 2009.

My favourite? Ironically, I Want You Back. I know it was the jacksons, but it was his too. What a brilliant song.

Tony the TigerJune 25th 2009.

How was he a cereal abuser. Did he help himself to two bowls of Frosties?

ElliottJune 25th 2009.

A lovely looking young man,****ed by unproven Martin Bashir mischief

armeniaJune 25th 2009.

The abuse did not stop with his parents. Jackson himself is known to be a cereal abuser of children but bought his own justice.

why are you so judgmentalJune 25th 2009.

of course i am not condoning sexual abuse, i just wonder how you know he did it, and also re: would i be happy if it were my own child? No and, similarly if my own child had been abused would i seriously allow an out of court settlement or would i actually want to go to trial and see justice? what parent would think oh ok, he's given me money I'll forget that he abused my child? the fact he was not found guilty to me speaks louder than the fact he was accused in the 1st place. I understand you may think me naiive but i think if people assume someone is guilty because people have said they have done something, the world would be a horrible place to be in. Look at the McCanns- Im sure almost as devastating as losing a daughter would be the accusation that you had something to do with it.

why so...June 25th 2009.

wasnt that the jury rather than an out of court settlement? and there was actual evidence there etc. but anyway point still stands if you knew your child had been abused would you accept a settlement?i realise the "nice oj..." comment could suggest i love anyone who has committed crime but that really is not my intention, its just people are so quick to jump on the "evil b*****rds should be hung/ shot/ tortured" bandwagon without necessarily knowing all the facts. neither do I, I just got annoyed when I read the very disrespectful comments above (just imagine for a minute that he didnt do anything wrong and someone has actually stated he should have hot broken bottles up him- what a pleasant comment). I'll stop now.

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