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Good Charlotte interview

Jacob Schofield talks to Paul Thomas about the Case of the Ill-advised Leap

Published on February 2nd 2011.

Good Charlotte interview

JmS (Jacob Schofield): How you doing?
PT (Paul Thomas): Not bad, was my day off yesterday so just been chilling out.

JmS: It's my day off my normal job today.
PT: Ahhh, your ‘normal’ job yeah?

JmS: That's right, the one where I don't speak to famous people.
PT: Ok, enjoy.

JmS: So, I understand you'll be in the UK to headline the ‘Kerrang Relentless Energy’ tour.
PT: We will be very soon, yeah. Kerrang is one of our favourite magazines, so it’s great to have their backing.

JmS: How does it feel to be headlining the tour? Kerrang have always been big supporters of you.
PT: Not only have they been big supporters but, it's also one of our favourite magazines to read. Rock wise, it has all the bands we're interested in and we really enjoy the magazine.

JmS: Have you met the bands who are supporting you? How do you feel about them?
PT: We've only met Framing Hanley but they've been amazing, yeah. We've not yet met Four Year Strong and Wonder Years, will be great to see them and get to know them over a drink.

JmS: Always the best way to get to know someone 'eh?
PT: Drinking is always great fun and a great way to bond, who doesn't love it? You get a lot less flack in England for drinking, you can have a drink with your lunch over here and not get any funny looks.

JmS: Are we too hardcore for you Americans?
PT: You really are, I drink so heavy over here when compared to in the US that I spend my days off just recovering.

JmS: Haha, I've spent about £600 going out over the last 3 weeks.
PT: Woah! Bout £5,000 haha.

JmS: How do you feel about your old label releasing greatest hits?
PT: It would've been nice if we were a part of it, there was no involvement on our behalf at all. I think it's a bit soon to be honest. We've got mixed feelings about the whole thing, we aren't going to promote it to our fans but in the same vein we aren't going to stop people from buying it. I'd be happy for people to obtain it alternatively, it's all about the fans.

JmS: So you’re not bothered about people getting your music in a more shady manner?
PT: Doesn't really bother me, kind of like it, it means only the good music gets through because it makes the market so saturated. We aren't too old to be speaking to each other and sharing albums over computers. CD sales are not as important as they used to be, you can’t fight the future.

JmS: You say it's too soon to be making a Greatest Hits, but you have released five albums?
PT: I suppose you're right there. We have enough, during live shows we have one hour of just singles. So it's of course possible but I think when a Greatest Hits is released the band never has much to do with it, it's just the label releasing it for their own reasons. We want to be doing this for another 10 years so maybe like the Beetles who did a 60s and a 70s greatest hits we could have another in the future.

JmS: So no signs of slowing down, you're definitely looking to continue?
PT: Oh definitely, our shows are better than ever at the moment and we've just joined a new label who are giving us the kind of support we have never had before, so definitely looking to continue.

JmS: You have cited bands such as Greenday as influences and they are still going strong so there’s a precedent.
PT: Yeah that’s true , but also people compared us to Blink when we first arrived which we took as a compliment and they were also a huge influence. To have outlasted people like them is amazing, we are just a great group of guys and we are very lucky to have found each other and still be going strong. And like you said, Greenday are still doing it.

JmS: But Greenday did re-invent themselves with the ‘American Idiot’ album.
PT: That's true to an extent but it's not like they became unrecognisable, they were still very much Greenday just with a slightly different sound.

JmS: What you said about sticking together does bring me onto a point I have about a friend of mine, he's really talented but he always bails out of any band he's in, he is very much a loose cannon. Have you got any advice for him?
PT: Oooo haha, some people are just like that. It can be very hard for a talented person to check a big ego for the greater good of the band. You just have to look at the big picture and be a team, let some things slide.

JmS: We've talked about your influences and such, what's your favourite pop-punk, punk-rock album?
PT: It'd have to be ‘Dear you’ from Jawbreaker.

JmS: I've never heard of it, not going to lie, haha.
PT: Haha, it was a very short-lived album, the band broke up very quickly afterwards. If you want something more popular, Greenday, ‘Dookie’.

JmS: And finally, what's the daftest thing you've done on tour?
PT: I broke my ankle jumping off the drum riser in Australia, spent the rest of the tour playing bass out of a chair.

Good Charlotte will be part of the ‘Kerrang Relentless Energy’ tour at the Leeds 02 Academy on 11 February.

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