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VIPs out in force for red carpet larks

The tuxedos were pressed and the girls were looking smart at the world premiere of Of Time And The City last night. Here's a load of pictures to prove it

Published on October 15th 2008.

VIPs out in force for red carpet larks

PHIL Redmond, Andy Burnham, Jimmy McGovern, Warren Bradley... all these household names that we know and love in the Philharmonic Hall last night, and yet we have managed to produce a photo gallery without a single snap of any of them.

Terence Davies, who we've got plenty of, would have done a far better job, if the amount of footage he, Roy Boulter and Sol Papadopalos have managed to cram into the 72 minutes that is Of Time And The City is anything to go by.

Thursday night saw the world premiere of the film which has been hailed as a masterpiece by the Guardian “so it must be true”, quipped the Culture Secretary addressing the audience of VIPs and normal people in the packed Phil.

And what an occasion the movie itself turned out to be. Costing just £250,000, the British Film Institute is putting it on general release from October 31 and somebody else from the Confidential team will review it properly then when you've all got a chance to see it.

What we will say is that for a relative snip, the piece – commissioned by the Culture Company and North West Vision and Media, with BBC Films - is a bargain and has done the city a lasting favour in 2008, even thoughit's Terence's bleak and very personal vision

It's nothing to do with the usual mawkish scouse nostalgia trip, whatever anyone says, either, so don't be fooled into thinking it's just The Rock 'n' Roll Years set to Liverpool.

Anyhow, the after show party at Alma Di Cuba was packed, not surprising as many of the people in the expensive seats had bolted out of the Philharmonic doors to get there with indecent haste

as the credits were barely rolling. Not us, though, as we were keen to discover if there had been a best boy employed on this occasion.

There were plenty of picture opportunities at the do. Familiar faces galore swigged the 08 cocktail, which Liverpool Confidential takes full credit for naming in its Capital of Culture cocktail competition that we ran last year.Terence had his sisters there, Phil Collinson, the Doctor Who producer was spotted, even Eddie Berg, FACT founder and now artistic director of the BFI was back in Liverpool and larging it. Dean Sullivan was there too, so it must have been important.

So cheers to a great and lasting shop window for CoC year. And we're not just talking about a Debenhams!

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27 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

JuddaOctober 10th 2008.

Good to see Vinny & Tony but the star of the evening has to be Enleanor, you should be proud of her Roy - Congratulations

AnonymousOctober 10th 2008.

same old faces! they'll turn up for the opening of a tin of beans!

AnonymousOctober 10th 2008.

mind u i see my mate Chrispenhard is in the pics!

Charlotte StreetOctober 10th 2008.

Is that Jimmy the Brush sitting between two Hollyoaks lovelies?

Mrs. FindusOctober 10th 2008.

I found that Dean Sullivan in my kitchen the other night. He must have followed Tiddles in through the cat flap.

KnowledegableOctober 10th 2008.

Mrs A's hubby won competition tickets. I don't know how Jimmy Corkhill got in.

that'smrbollockstoyouOctober 10th 2008.

Like old Rusty, Anonymous, I take exception to being labelled as one of the same old faces. It's a comment that should be reserved for the no-marks who are continually plastered on the Carolyn Hughes "high society" chavs section of the Thursday Daily Post. Anyway, my preference leans more to the opening of ciggie packets and nothing so tawdry as beans cans. And yes, Readie is pissed.

BristlingOctober 10th 2008.

Sorry, Mr. Statement.

CarolynOctober 10th 2008.

Readie is Brian Reade, Mirror columnist and former Daily Post journalist left hand column, second picture down (the bloke in the centre). He worked at the Post before the REAL talent (me) arrived.

AnonymousOctober 10th 2008.

OI! RUSTY SPIKE! i think weve chatted before! nudge nudge wink wink!im talking about the old timers from brookie and bollyoaks!

AnitaOctober 10th 2008.

Are these Phil's photo's? just seen him in town and he said he'd been working there last night. Anyway, nice pics, looks like a good 'do'.

GortOctober 10th 2008.

Carolyn, are you that lolloping fat lass who glowers out of the page over photographs of glaring scallies, belligerant drunken councillors, pissed solicitors and their orange secretaries in the Daily Post?

GortOctober 10th 2008.

And that column is laughably called 'By Invitation Only'!Who is Readie?

AnonymousOctober 10th 2008.

Nice pictures. Where is Pete Price though? Surely he features in the film?

GortOctober 10th 2008.

If this were Cheshire Life they'd put the names in captions under the pictures but spell them wrongly, like they did when my master Klaatu's spaceship landed in Wilmslow. After the pictures we had to beat a hasty retreat as Klaatu's message of hope to the Earthlings was answered with a fusillade of bottles and cans. That's Cheshire for you.

Mike ChapeauOctober 10th 2008.

Readey looks pissed to me

DigOctober 10th 2008.

Some more people afflicted with bog eye here. Is that the bloke from the Lynx ad?

V. I. Lenin AirportOctober 10th 2008.

Why is Eddie Berg wearing his funeral tie? And why hadn't he shaved for such a big event?

JuddaOctober 10th 2008.

Good to see Vinny & Tony but the star of the evening has to be Eleanor, you should be proud of her Roy - Congratulations

that'smrbollockstoyouOctober 10th 2008.

I am proud to say I am, Mr Gort, although modesty - or is it embarrassment - forbids from me telling you which gawking goon I happen to be. Good free grog and nibbles by the way before and after old Terry's effort by the way.

V. I. Lenin AirportOctober 10th 2008.

He probably bunked in behind someone famous. I once got into Cream for nowt by walking in the wake of Wayne Sleep and I was taken to be part of his entourage, saving me about fifteen quid.

GortOctober 10th 2008.

Are you in the pictures bolloboy?

KlaatuOctober 10th 2008.

Mike and Gemma brush up well!

Sweeping statementOctober 10th 2008.

You mean Tommy the Brush, actually. And no it isn't.

Rusty SpikeOctober 10th 2008.

S'cuse I, dear Anonymouse....aka 'same old faces who turn up for the opening of a tin of beans'??...Ahem, one can postulate that the first night of a new Terence Davies film can't really be compared to the opening of a tin of beans, old sausage. Still, depends on your view of things, I s'pose. And if yer used to Hollyoaks loons, and cafe, bar and shop owners then it must be a bit confusing to see 'strangers' in the line up. And, if one may be so bold, a quick glance at the 'beans' in the snaps above shows, amongst others from the far corners of the UK, Eddie Berg who now heads up the BFI in LONDON, Andrew Harrison (associate editor of The Word magazine) and his New York bride Lily who also live in LONDON, Terence Davies and his sisters who can hardly be accused of turning up for anything, even a tin of beans - and he lives in the SOUTH of England, Brian Reade who is the best columnist the Daily Mirror ever had and whose trade is mingling with 'Old Beans', Paul Du Noyer who lives in LONDON, Peter Hooton, that grand man of the Farm who is certainly no ligger, dear Anonymouse, and various others. Remember this was not the opening of a shopping precinct, so it seems the orange tanned and bling adorned Scouse Bingo Parlour celebrity brigade must have been at the opening of that tin of beans you mention. I think, there is a tinge of green around the fringes of your rant, Anonymouse...try and get out more.

KnowledgeableOctober 10th 2008.

No that's a bishop and Joanne McAndrew, writer of Nice Guy Eddie. I see Carmel Morgan, one of the Shameless writers is in there too.

KlaatuOctober 10th 2008.

Is that an actress and a bishop there?

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