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The One to Watch – Liverpool Comedy Festival

Liverpool gets the giggles this month for the annual chortle fest, but what's it all about?

Published on May 5th 2009.

The One to Watch – Liverpool Comedy Festival

A comedy festival in Liverpool? Are you havin' a laugh?
That's the general idea. And we do have form in this area, you know? Like a long and illustrious list of people who happened to be very good at making people laugh: Arthur Askey, Tommy Handley, David Morrisey . . .

David Morrisey? He's not funny.
You obviously haven't seen Basic Instinct 2. Then there's Ted Ray, Kenny Everett, and the Squire of Knotty Ash himself, Ken Dodd. All of them dead funny.

All of them dead. Except Dodd.
Hang on, there are loads of talented local comics who are very much alive and quipping.

Yeh, yeh. Why do all scousers think they are comedians?
Is this a joke?

Not yet, but I'm working on it.
You should leave the gags to those more qualified. And there will be plenty of those around town from Sunday onwards.

You don't need to be qualified to stand on stage and make a fool of yourself.
That's where you're wrong, matey. You can't get a gig at the comedy festival without a mirth certificate and at least a couple of “ho” levels.

But is there really anyone worth watching?
Are you serious? Al Murray, Pub Landlord, Ross Noble, Rob Brydon, Sarah Millican, Reginald D Hunter and a “Best of Liverpool “ night at the Royal Court including Steve Gribbin, Pauline Daniels, Mickey Finn and Brendan Riley. Is that enough to be going on with?

What, no Ken Dodd?
Other highlights include Shirley Valentine with the seasoned talent of Pauline Daniels (see our review) and a Stand Out Showcase which puts boys and girls with a gift for humour in the spotlight.

Well, that accounts for the Diddymen (and Diddywomen, of course) but what about Doddy? After all, he is the Gagland Overlord, the Doddfather of Fun and a Tickling Stickmartyr.
Sorry, no Ken do. But don't worry, you can give your chuckle muscle a thorough workout at dozens of comedy events over the course of seven days,

from Murray at the Arena to The Squirrel's Nuts Comedy Club at the Freshfield Hotel in Formby.

I can get a drink, then?
Oh, yes. Indeed, why not go a step further – about a mile further, actually – and join Drink Up Stand Up, a city centre pub crawl taking in four boozers and four comedians, with the audience becoming increasingly merry on cheap beer and, no doubt, some cheap laughs.

Bah, this is too easy. Once they've had a few, folks will chuckle at anything.
Yes, but they'll also chuck anything – pint glasses, abuse, the contents of their supper . . .

Is that it, then?
Blimey, there's no pleasing some. But now you mention it, they are even doing stand-up on the bus.

I've been standing up on the bus for years – young people today never give up their seats.
No, silly, they will be converting double deckers into “laughtermobiles” for an afternoon with a performance space on the top deck. And we understand one of the city's most ancient, bus-related, jokes will be dusted down for the occasion.

How does that one go, again?
Passenger: “Excuse me, is this bus going to Speke?”
Driver: “What do you think I am, a bloody ventriloquist?”

Do Say: Ah, I see they've got Jimmy Carr on.
Don't say: Yes, I don't think much of his book on giving up fags though.

Liverpool Comedy Festival runs from May 3-May 10

Gerry Corner

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Liverpool WagMay 1st 2009.

A man walks into a pub with a lump of asphalt under his arm?What will you have? asks the barman.The man replies, ?One for me and one for the road.?

DigMay 1st 2009.

I've got a better bus joke... Did you hear about the baldy cat that got on the bus? The driver asked 'where's your fare?'. I can hear the groans now, although I think they're for mirth certificate and ho levels!!

AnonymousMay 1st 2009.

No...I Think it's the "Doe's this bus stop at the Pier head - Driver "I B*** dy hope so"!

middyMay 1st 2009.

Rant removed ditto

AnonymousMay 1st 2009.

What do you call a man with a double decker bus on his head The deceased !

AyCarmela!May 1st 2009.

No wonder your anonymous.

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