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Something for the Weekend: Nov 7-9, 08

Heather Smith with the top tips and tricks for those diehard party people who managed to give the MTV Awards a miss

Published on November 7th 2008.

Something for the Weekend: Nov 7-9, 08

Stan's the man
They may be all banging on about King Lear up the road, but if you can't take your tragedy and just want a laugh, Stan Laurel is your man. One Night: Stan, a play that received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival two years ago, is written and performed by lifelong Laurel and Hardy fan Miles Gallant.

The tribute sets Stan Laurel alone in his dressing room with Oliver Hardy ill in hospital one week before ta mega eight-month tour comes to an end. Can Laurel step out on to the stage solo for the first time in over 30 years? Before he decides, expect a moving trip down the memory lane of one of Hollywood’s brightest yet most troubled stars, featuring characterisations of his father, plus Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chaplin. The intriguing one-man performance, perfectly suited Pauline Daniels' creative living-room-like hub, runs until Sunday.

One Night: Stan @ the Actors Studio, until Sun 9th Nov, tickets £10 (£8 Sunday, matinee show only) to book, call 0151 709 9036

Pigeon Hole joy
The doctorate of club nights launches at Magnet this Friday with an estimable elite of post-grads from the likes of Circus, Chibuku and Creamfields dominating the line-up. PHD (that’s Pigeon Hole Disco) will deliver a mix of DJs and live bands, creating a playlist celebrating all things electronica.

The nu-disco DJ legends Mock N Toof will be headlining, who, although best known for remixing the hits of indie luminaries, will undoubtedly give their own impressive discography an airing. Melodie du Kronk and Friday’s Ghost are the live bands on the bill whilst further DJ sets will come from Dirty Damo, Scot Lewis and General Jimmy to name only a few. Blimey, what a line-up… no wonder it goes on till 6am.

Pigeon Hole Disco Launch Party @ Magnet, Fri 7th Nov, 10pm-6am, £7 all night

Bash the Bishop
Tongue in Cheek Comedy is presenting only its second unmissable weekend of chuckles and chortles at the Olympia Laughter Lounge (the Grafton).

Heroically celebrated local comic John Bishop tops the bill this weekend, taking time out from filling theatres, presenting his radio show, etc to perform in the cosy club environment. Support comes from former jouro-turned-funnyman John Warburton, Liverpool-based Ste Porter and Dave Twentyman, also a regular on the city’s circuit.

The Laughter Lounge always pitches the “perfect evening’s entertainment,” promising that the after-show dancing will continue in to the early hours. You’d be a fool to miss out.

John Bishop and guests @ the Olympia Laughter Lounge, The Grafton, West Deby Road, L6. Fri 7th and Sat 8th Nov, 8pm, tickets £8 (Fri) £10 (Sat), to book, call 0151 263 6633

Jam feast
Oxfam’s charitable social gatherings have arrived once more, and this Sunday there’s a Pre Oxjam Festival-cum-musical-feast to get involved with. The Rockscape outdoor stage, on Hardman Street, will feature a torrent of talent from the thriving local indie scene.

Sets will come from Sparkwood&21, Gintis and The Trestles whilst Wirral’s favourite indie-popping four-piece, Alexis Blue, will also perform following a terrific supporting set for Noah and the Whale at Bumper, as part of MTV Music Week last Friday.

The music festival, set up to raise money for Oxfam, is organised and made possible by many dedicated volunteers across the country. Go along and give your support.

Pre Oxjam Festival Party @ ‘Rockscape,’ Hardman Street, Sun 9th Nov, 12pm-4pm, free

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47 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

professor chucklebuttyNovember 6th 2008.

Dear oh dear! I am out of communication for a couple of days and I return to this distinctly unpleasant series of rants. I thought we were supposed to be celebrating cultural diversity not fighting over which event was the best or most important. It doesn't matter who was there A-listers Z-Listers or Dave Listers. Not all events have to be inclusive or even child friendly or to the taste of Joe Average and his wife Dame Edna. Homotopia is one of many events and very important to those who participate and have a wonderful time. But it is not going to appeal to everyone just as much as say, an Arabic Arts Festival, or Irish Dancing festival will but for those who go, it is the most important event for them.So why engage in a debate about Transvestites or Transgender when the real exclusive and non-child friendly issue is the Trans-Pennine Express.I had to stand for hours!

Bruce of MayfairNovember 6th 2008.

The Grand Vogue Ball was truly excellent! We can only hope it will become an annual event!

Lord StreetNovember 6th 2008.

Er, it WASN'T exclusive, which is why I was there, and you could have been there too if you hadn't been so narrow-minded and prejudiced.

AnonymousNovember 6th 2008.

By two to two!

DigNovember 6th 2008.

Just realised I've been called homophobic in a rant too. Would you like to justify that accusation Chester le Street? My comment about La Princesse throwing shapes is what's known as a joke. All I originally said was La Princesse was more deserving of being the event of CoC rather than Liverpool is Burning. It was a simple opinion which wasn't intended to offend or insult anybody yet a few individuals seem to think it's ok to aim personal slights, generalisations and outright slanderous comments back in my direction. It's offensive and below the belt. Although you probably don't need telling what is below a mans belt.

Lord StreetNovember 6th 2008.

Who the **** are you calling a nonentity?

Pansy PotterNovember 6th 2008.

As I understand it all licensed premises exclude under-18s and many of the trendy orangewoman bars claim to exclude everyone under 25!

silver tiaraNovember 6th 2008.

here here! well said! the finest night of any ive had in Liverpool in YEARS!!!!

lilian wilhelmina chapmanNovember 6th 2008.

anonymous??? what does this mean???'Anonymous says..“ By two to two!”'something to do with Noahs Ark?? lol!

lily the pinkNovember 6th 2008.

yeah! you tell em Leonard!we'll drinkadrinkadrink etc!!!!!!!!!!!!

head shotNovember 6th 2008.

Who the **** are you calling a nonentity? I happen to know who you are, Lord Street, and I also happen to have glimpsed your photograph more than once in the pictures on Liverpool Confidential. If you like, I will be more specific.

chester le streetNovember 6th 2008.

AND I QUOTE!!!!" IS cliquey and exclusive and not to the taste of the general public. I can just see Joe Average going out and telling his mates and wife he's going out to watch some ladyboys, gimps and trannies strut their stuff. It's not exactly child friendly either is it? 'Daddy, why does that woman have a winky and why does that man have a dress and make up on?'" you wrote this yourself DIG sounds homophobic to me! apparently im not allowed to voice my opinion in case i upset YOU??? HMMM! how about the people who went to the ball! oh no you havent upset us in the least! thats why we are leaving coments! if you had gone to the aforsaid Ball i think you would have realised the amount of talent that is in Liverpool! no 'crossdressers' showed their 'bits' so even if there were children there there wasnt anything to offend people with! i would have taken my 14 yr old daughter! so dont make judgements on something you didnt go to!

chester le streetNovember 6th 2008.

WOW i cant believe the responses to what was THE most FANTASTIC NIGHT in Liverpool for years! i have been to many of the so called star studded film 'premiers' etc and it always the same old 'resting actors' from broookie and hollyoaks some of whom couldnt act their way out of a paper bag! i have been in show biz for over 30 years! fim tv and theatre and the 'Liverpool is Burning' ball was a fantastic show case for REAL talent in Liverpool performers and guests went 'all out' to dress to impress! and a lot of the performers and audience made their own costumes!the choreography and the lighting was spectacular and regardless of ANYONES sexuality this event should have been on the front page of every local newspaper, it was a CULTURAL EVENT!!!in the CAPITAL OF CULTURE!!!!DOH!!! and as for homphobic Dig he should have been there to see the bemused but delighted faces on the 'polish'(?) boxers who were also staying at the Adelphi!!!

DigNovember 6th 2008.

Undoubtedly the highlight of CoC? Maybe for a certain section of the community. As good an event I'm sure it was I don't think the majority of Scousers would want an event spawn from drag and transexual clubs as 'THE highlight' of CoC. If there's an event which wasn't exclusive in any way at all surely it must be La Princesse. Which with a name like that probably went to Liverpool is Burning and threw a few shapes anyway.

The Man on the Garston OmnibusNovember 6th 2008.

Joe Average is to the best of my knowledge an American. Not shooting people is an "alternative lifestyle" to him.

princess primroseNovember 6th 2008.

hurrahh!!!! for more big balls! the bigger and glitterier the better!

maria Von TRAPPENovember 6th 2008.

i seem to remember i wasnt the only one who thought ms mascorie lookalike looked bored!anyway Dig by the looks of it you have been outnumbered in your distaste for alternative lifestyles!

publicNovember 6th 2008.

event of the Capital of Culture Year, a vast meeting of the glitterati rather than the Council/footie/crime/property yoberati that so mysteriously fascinates the 'society' columns of the mainstream gutter press.

Maria von TRAPPENovember 6th 2008.

i soooo have to agree witih Lord Street, Dig wouldnt know a good night if it fish slapped him in the face! blimey even that poor Nana Mascori looking girl he had a blind date with looked bored in his company!!

Count Bernard of BreslauNovember 6th 2008.

There are unconfirmed reports that the Crown Prince Harpik was ejected by burly doormen.

Big-Hearted ArthurNovember 6th 2008.

MTV Awards my eye! Where were the famous people? I hadn't heard of any of this lot!

DigNovember 6th 2008.

I wasn't being 'down' on Liverpool is Burning. Just saying it was a bit exclusive and cliquey. It is something I know a bit about. I have been known to have a boogie in certain clubs in my time. At least let me have my opinion people! If it differs from yours, I don't apologise but there you go. There's no need for offence or insults. I'm looking at you Von Trappe! We have become very good friends I'll have you know!

Lord StreetNovember 6th 2008.

My original point was that it is a shame that Liverpool Confidential (which sends photographers to the opening of shopping precincts and dreary basement bars in order to reproduce ‘Cheshire Life’-style photographs of gormlessly-goggling, unprepossessing nonentities clutching lager bottles) didn’t cover the (i>Liverpool is Burning

AnonymousNovember 6th 2008.

Ah, Dig. OK you have rumbled me! I admit it. Yes, I am Pete Price, and you are absolutely right - my opinion does matter more than most.

DigNovember 6th 2008.

Tickets left on the day? At only a tenner? Sounds like a bargain. I wonder why more people didn't go and make it a sell out eh? I guess it might have something to do with the fact it IS cliquey and exclusive and not to the taste of the general public. I can just see Joe Average going out and telling his mates and wife he's going out to watch some ladyboys, gimps and trannies strut their stuff. It's not exactly child friendly either is it? 'Daddy, why does that woman have a winky and why does that man have a dress and make up on?'. The majority of the population would be uncomfortable in that company and what it represents. I'd vote for Pete Burns if he was to run for Mayor tho. Now there's a thought.

Behave yourselfNovember 6th 2008.

Oh grow up. Manchester green with envy. I don't think so. Attitudes like that will always hold this city back.

DigNovember 6th 2008.

Yep. Read again. I see you're offended by being called a nonentity, not at the original suggestion. Where is Lord Street on the pics on here then? Everybody knows what I look like, be interesting to see other ranters ugly chops.

AnonymousNovember 6th 2008.

Everyone in Liverpool worth knowing was in there. Only the fat, toothless pastie chomping mingers were absent

LeonardNovember 6th 2008.

Anonymous, there might well have been better events, such as Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmoniker at the Phil, or Donizetti's Emilia di Liverpool or th Viennese Ball mentioned above, but the fact is that normal Liverpudlians who wanted to support these events were denied the opportunity to get tickets so that the C.o.C-up crowd, their favoured cronies and Colin Hilton’s mum could all have free seats at the taxpayers’ expense.

DigNovember 6th 2008.

Indeed. Moving on. Thanks Prof. Always need your insightful wise words to keep me in check. I hope you still trust me with your stationery.

Big DigNovember 6th 2008.

The Pilgrim is exclusive. It excludes under-18s.

House of ChoughNovember 6th 2008.

A little bird has told me that we are to have more big balls.

DigNovember 6th 2008.

When or where did I mention football or hooliganism? That is assumptive, offensive and ignorant. Just because I have a skinhead!!! You say it isn't 'exclusive' yet if under 18's aren't permitted or welcome are they not being 'excluded'? As for standing or running in elections, if they are a candidate they are in the running to be elected. Also, if thought there was hope for me you have been sorely mistaken. I could have told you that a while back to save you the trouble. I appreciate the concern though. You're a good friend Lord Street.

DigNovember 6th 2008.

I don't recall anybody being offended by your suggestion.

DigNovember 6th 2008.

Yes I wrote that. That's not homophobic, that's just what Joe Average would think. A parade of alternative lifestyles is not child friendly to everybodies taste. If I used the wrong words I apologise, but if I said Transsexuals and Transvestites it wouldn't have changed my opinion. Answer a simple question honestly. IS A PARADE WITH TRANSSEXUALS and TRANSVESTITES CHILD FRIENDLY OR TO EVERYBODIES TASTE?

AnonymousNovember 6th 2008.

Events like the vogue ball are cliquey and exclusive. Not every scouser wants to spend their good money in a room full of strutting queens and simpering fag hags you know. "Highlight of Capital of Culture year?" "Everyone in Liverpool worth knowing"? Get your head out from up your arse, Lord Street.

silver tiaraNovember 6th 2008.

Bruce of mayfair there will be an annual BAll ! heres a message i got today! STOP PRESS STOP PRESS STOP PRESS AFTER THE HUGE & UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS OF THE LIVERPOOL GRAND VOGUE BALL WE ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THAT PREPARATIONS ARE ALREADY UNDERWAY FOR THE 2009 EXTRAVAGANZA So what Are You All Waiting For Come On Vogue !! Sign Up To The Event Now & Get Involved Love from the organisers XxXxX

Nigel SlaterNovember 6th 2008.

oh dear. This is all getting out of hand now, as the actor said to the bishop

DigNovember 6th 2008.

If it excludes under 18's does that not make it exclusive?

princess parkNovember 6th 2008.

SHAME ON YOU! LIVERPOOL CONFIDENTIAL!!!!!NOT EVEN AN FOTO! TUT! TUT!we Liverpudlians were in our finery and not one mention on here!

DigNovember 6th 2008.

Try to read my comments before ranting and putting words in my mouth thank you. I do not have a 'distaste' for alternative lifestyles whatever they may be. We have freedom to live and opine however we choose. By 2 to 2 means in the above debate I have been outnumbered 2 to 2. Lord St & Von Trappe v Dig & Anonymous. Thanks Anonymous, your opinion is appreciated as I know who you are and your opinion is much more important!

hothead shotNovember 6th 2008.

Read again, Mr. Dig...

thatNovember 6th 2008.

company and what it represents" rather than a lot of (seriously) beautiful people enjoying a huge, glamorous party in a civilised manner without drunken arguments, fights, stabbings, etc.Oh, and people 'stand' for election in this country, not 'run'.

Lord StreetNovember 6th 2008.

It's easy to complain, isn't it? Self-pity city again, eh?

DigNovember 6th 2008.

You talk as if you know me well Lord Street, alas, I'm far from narrow minded and prejudiced. Don't let my little La Princesse joke fool you. You say it wasn't exclusive. Just how many tickets were available?

AnonymousNovember 6th 2008.

I talk a lot of rubbish sometimes. i need help.

chester le streetNovember 6th 2008.

ok now lets all give it a rest now, talk about summit else

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