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Liverpool's newest club opens its doors

Liverpool's newest and biggest club opened last night. Did we snap you unawares?

Published on August 29th 2008.

Liverpool's newest club opens its doors

After months of anticipation, Cube enjoyed its first big night last night and sailed through it with flying colours. Cube’s self billing as ‘Liverpool’s ultimate nightspot’ was quite the statement to make but was it too big?

The Very Important People didn’t seem to think so. But then there was quite a lot of blue WKDs going down.

And if you think there are a fair few photos of the burlesque lady, you should know that this is the edited down version. Strangely enough, Phil the photographer got a little snap happy at this point in the night.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words so read on... Can you spot yourself or anyone you know? If so, let us know by ranting at the end of all the pictures (it may take a while to scroll down – there’s quite a lot of them!)

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31 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

star_spotter_4_everAugust 29th 2008.

Oh! I recognise Jade Goody licking a man's face!

Manesty S. LaneAugust 29th 2008.

I suspect, old boy that the bars are there to protect the lady from that menagerie of an audience!

AnonymousAugust 29th 2008.

Blue WKD is the devils p*ss as far as I am concerned, anyone stupid enough to drink it deserves to be in such an over rated night spot with the oompah loompahs!

Celebrity SquareAugust 29th 2008.

oh yes, and there is Oxo Katie next to the four horsemen of the a-puckerlips.

Professor ChucklebuttyAugust 29th 2008.

Mildred! You trollop! You told me you were at basket weaving that night. I waited three hours behind those wheelie bins. And believe me, the queue was furious when you didn't show, especially Mr Clavk who had bought a new luminous gimp-suit.

Dr Van HelsingAugust 29th 2008.

Right-hand column 25 photos down. They still walk among us. Lock your windows, hang the garlic. The Chiiiiildren of the Nightclub.

DigAugust 29th 2008.

I am shocked AND dismayed that you call Hollyoaks performers 'stars'.

Sir Howard WayAugust 29th 2008.

Cheer up, 'Dismayed'! Going from the pictures I don't think you missed much. It all looks so dreadfully common!

Gran AdalandAugust 29th 2008.

The original Katie had a proper husband and decent children, whereas The Lynda Bellingham incarnation had to put with a loathsome, sawn-off, baldy cockney barrowboy scrote for a husband and gormless, educationally subnormal children in need of a damned good thrashing.

Piss-pussAugust 29th 2008.

Of course everyone knows cats do that. Thats when you put the top on and sell it. How do you think they make Purroni?

Moaning MildredAugust 29th 2008.

Ok, ok, I admit it, It's me in the cage with the red knickers on

WappingAugust 29th 2008.

"there was quite a lot of blue WKDs going down." mmmm Classy!

ShockingAugust 29th 2008.

The people in there are treated like animals. Why, there's even a woman being held captive in a cage

TourmanAugust 29th 2008.

I know that the lower orders drick out of bottles, not glasses, but has no one ever explained to them that Cats piss on bottles stored in the cellars.

DigAugust 29th 2008.

Performers can be bad or good performers. In Hollyoaks case they are dreadful.

Sir Howard WayAugust 29th 2008.

So this is the vaunted Oxo is it? Where are the so-called V.I.P.s? Apart from the performers these snaps just show what look like scallies troughing it in a Benidorm bar.And Blue WKD! Dear oh dear, that stuff's best consumed next to a skip.

Olly beakAugust 29th 2008.

I dunno about Owls, but there are some rough birds and a few old Buzzards pictured here. Hoping to find a Cockatoo in a room full of Tits. Plenty to choose from by the look of it.Exclusive...My Owl.

I am The FlyAugust 29th 2008.

Free bar? No doubt to be paid for by the paying customers mug enough to go there after reading all the advertising. (I suppose the Echo/Post reviewers worked themselves up into an ecstatic frenzy before writing about the place, as per usual.)

achillesAugust 29th 2008.

Does Liverpool really,really need another boozer for fat chavs?

DismayedAugust 29th 2008.

Me and some friends had invites and waited in the queue for ages only to be told rudely that it was full and to pretty much get lost. Meanwhile, Hollyoaks 'stars' got ushered in politely. I won't be going back again

star_spotter_4_everAugust 29th 2008.

And there's Dame Judi Dench in the picture to the left of the one with three apes!

owl arseAugust 29th 2008.

Thank God I'm way out of the way of this one.Rants are a bit of a hoot, however!

BolloaksAugust 29th 2008.

by those in 'The Profession'!

AnonymousAugust 29th 2008.

Is that Billy Butler with some very young girls?

Stanley StreetAugust 29th 2008.

That lady is surely Miss Kitty Bang Bang, heroine of Liverpool's brilliant Retrosexual Burlesque until narrow-mindedness, puerility and lumpenness closed these truly exclusive and sophisticated events down.

DigAugust 29th 2008.

Cheeky little scamps these warehouse and cellar rats and cats aren't they? How do they know to piss on uncovered bottles to pass on there nasty diseases to us humans? Has somebody been teaching them what to do? Some loner with only rats and cats as friends. You know who you are.

T.V. CreamerAugust 29th 2008.

The original Katie or the Lynda Bellingham?

david baileyAugust 29th 2008.

I must say I am disappointed by the quality of the photography shown in the coverage of this fantastic 'event'. It seems to have cast a decidely orange hue onto the faces of many of the 'beautiful people'.

AnonymousAugust 29th 2008.

Great heavens! There's Mrs. Tomkins from up the road. But that's not Mr. Tomkins with her!

mr bigAugust 29th 2008.

yes they did run out of glasses and its hard to be churlish of totally free bar all night..good luck to em i say!

Sir Howard WayAugust 29th 2008.

There are men there drinking from the bottle like tramps! Does this "ultimate nightspot" have insufficient glasses?

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