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Haslam's new night at Kitchen

Dave Haslam's regular slot at Kitchen at the Circle starts this Saturday

Published on December 3rd 2010.

Haslam's new night at Kitchen

Iconic DJ Dave Haslam will be serving up his own brand of cool tunes with a series of ‘house’ parties at Kitchen at the Circle restaurant, part of the Circle Club.

The restaurant will be hosting ‘Mixed Up at the Kitchen’ with Dave Haslam and guest acts every Saturday in the run up to Christmas, starting from Saturday 4 December, where he will be joined by the Disco Mums.

Tables and chairs will be pushed aside from 11pm-3am to create plenty of space and the vibe of a true house party with entry open to members and non-members alike for just £3.

“Think of the Kitchen as your posh friend’s living room where you have the best music and can just let your hair down,” said managing director Craig Ince.

With an eclectic soundtrack for the night from Curtis Mayfield and David Bowie via Toots & The Maytals and Daft Punk, it should be a good night.

‘Mixed Up’ will take place every Saturday at the Kitchen. Admission is £3. To register email dave@davehaslam.com

To find out more about what’s on at Kitchen at the Circle click here or call the Kitchen on 0161 817 4921.

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15 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Stop The CircleDecember 6th 2010.

I was at the first night, the 4th of December. Great night. The time flew by, but it could have been much better without the technical hitches. I got there before he set up, and either his kit was faulty or the connection to the Kitchen's sound system wasn't good. Either way, and out of character for a Haslam gig, there were skips, jumps and deathly silences throughout the evening. Bascially, it was touch and go whether you'd hear a tune without any interuptions.

For that night, his co-DJ's were called the Disco Mums. I'm not sure who was actually DJ'ing though, because there were about fifty people surrounding the DJ equipment at any one time and it looked like a chaotic free for all. It was like Piccadilly Circus.

I hope he irons out the creases for his next two nights.

user11102December 7th 2010.

sounds like the above spends most of his time gorping at a laptop reading the latest news about wires and gear. the chaos around the decks- any decks- was/is known as the party. i don't think the party gave a flying frig about jumps skips etc. the mums are strictly vinyl- not digital traitors- so you will hear a real needle trawling through a real groove. we had a great night- proper cheddar free authentic disco, and for a change chosen by women- not bearded balearic arses with dreary loft obsessions.

STOP THE CIRCLEDecember 7th 2010.

It sounds like the above doesn't like tech savvie people, male DJ's, nor punctuation and grammar either. You don't need to be tech savvie to know it doesn't make for good DJ'ing if your kit's not set up properly or you're just clumsy. I'm all for 'steam powered' DJ'ing, but if you think that last Saturday was 'proper' authentic disco, and that 'the party' only exists within arms reach of the DJ, then you need to get out more.

As I said, it was a great night. Perhaps this Saturday's gig will be played entirely with 78's and a gramophone. That'll teach those "bearded Balearic arses" a lesson eh?

AnonymousDecember 7th 2010.

you can't blame the djs for gear not set up correctly. that's not on. the comment about authentic disco refers to the quality of selection- it does not allude to the badly maintained equipment it appears to have been played on. i'm not out to impress you or anyone else with the quality of my writing. i'm here to quickly make a point. back to your autechre cds.

MDecember 7th 2010.

@ ANONYMOUS Errr...yes I can. The Kitchen is a restaurant and it doesn't have a permanent DJ set up and, I watched Haslam bring the gear in himself, set it up on some tables that had been set aside for him, and then connect it to the restaurant's speakers. He's never DJ'd at the Kitchen restaurant before, but he has in the [highly overated] basement below, called the Circle Bar. The atmosphere was poles apart and far better in the Kitchen last Saturday.

The hiccups tended only to happen when the Disco Mums and their entourage were at the decks. Each time, Haslam came over and fixed it for them. It was good of him to give them a go though.

circle boreDecember 7th 2010.

good old dave. the jimmy saville of disco, fixing it for everyone.

Disco Mum 3December 7th 2010.

Glad you thought it was a good night overall, we weren't the happiest with the sound quality either, Dave was Djing on CDJs and we were on the decks, unfortunately one of the decks had a faulty arm, and the connector on one of the leads was dodgy and needed (techy term comin up) wiggling from time to time. Think the Decks were the Circle Bar's, in retrospect we prob should've sorted our own out. There's always a gaggle of us, that's how it works, the Disco Mums take it in turns to play and bounce off each other, usually that adds to, not takes away from the atmosphere. But the atmosphere in there was ace at times, frustrating for everyone when the sound dips happened. Yeah....ever so kind of Dave to "let us have a go"....Hopefully the other one's he "let's have a go" this month will either work on CDjs or bring their own gear, i'm sure it'll be sorted anyway. Peace. Love. Cheddar Free Disco x

CIRCLE WHY?December 7th 2010.

@ DISCO MUM 3 Assuming you are one of them, then that sounds about right. I assumed it was the connection to the restaurant speakers. It was a great night though, and to be fair to the happy crowd there, nobody booed or gave you any grief.

Keep the vinyl.

Disco Mum BossDecember 9th 2010.

Sorry to disappoint you on this night 'manc guy' and 'stop the circle'. Myself and Dave were put in an unprofessional position only days before the event regarding equipment. We all tried hard to overcome this and had too spend too much time on the night fiddling with things when we should have been doing what we do best - playing cracking records and enjoying ourselves. You can't argue with that.

CIRCLE WHAT?December 10th 2010.

@ DISCO MUM BOSS Yeah...thanks for coming out...oops, I mean thanks for posting a comment, but DISCO MUM 3's already explained the debacle ie. if you want to get something done, do it yourself etc.

I know you're all 'bringing up baby' and all that, but to be honest, between the lot of you, I'm sure you could buy a decent rig to knock out your "chedder free" sound.

Now...you can't argue with that!!!

circle jerkDecember 10th 2010.

dave, have you not got better things to do?

STOP THE CIRCLEDecember 13th 2010.

Another great night. Happy people all around, despite some attitude from the bar staff and the 'fluctuating' bar prices. The Circle crowd are missing out...fortunately.

Disco Mum Sound EngineerDecember 15th 2010.

"I know you're all bringing up baby and all that" hahahaha

What a plum

Circle PlumDecember 15th 2010.

Plums? Mmmm...'tis the season and all that. Mind you, some of the Disco Mums entourage were sporting a pair of them...if you know what I mean.

@DISCO MUM SOUND ENGINEER I take it you were off that night?

Disco mum plumDecember 15th 2010.


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