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Venom / Attractions, Blue Planet Aquarium


New for 2010 - VENOM

Come face to face with the planet's deadliest creatures in our awesome new attraction - VENOM.

VENOM has specially reinforced displays which allow you to get as close as you dare to some real natural born killers.

Venom will feature everything from black widow spiders and venomous lionfish to stinging jellyfish and vipers in a series of innovative new displays.

Come face to face with over 50 giant spiders in ‘Tarantula Tower’

Jellyfish - Other displays will be home to Stonefish (the world’s most lethal fish) Upsidedown Jellyfish and Sea Nettles.

Venomous Vipers - Also on display will be a variety of vipers including the Eyelash Viper and White Lipped Tree Viper.

Venom will also feature scorpions giant tarantulas, golden web spinning spiders, assassin bugs and a whole host of other venomous creatures.


Reef Magic

‘Reef Magic’ will educate, amaze and enthuse you. Discover one of nature’s most complex and colourful tropical ecosystems, and raise your awareness of the threats to coral reefs – often called the nurseries of the seas.


Freshwater River and Streams

The first stage of your voyage around Blue Planet Aquarium introduces you to freshwater life that few of us have seen first-hand. These are inhabitants of the waters of the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, including the rivers and streams of the British Isles.


Lake Malawi

At Blue Planet Aquarium we have replicated typical habitats to be found in one of the world’s unique environments, LAKE MALAWI. Lake Malawi is the cradle of evolution and was formed millions of years ago when violent subterranean forces tore apart the Earth's crust to create the Rift Valley.



Blue Planet Aquarium’s tropical river exhibit is designed to represent a branch of the Amazon River, the mighty waterway of the rainforests of South America, with its abundant and exotic freshwater life. The Amazon drains vast areas of South America and contains 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water!


Amazing Amphibians

Amphibians are vertebrates (ie. they have a backbone) and are characterised by their moist skin. They do not have scales, hair, feathers or claws. Some species spend most of their time out of water but they tend to return to the water to breed. Here at Blue Planet Aquarium, you can learn how frogs have evolved to meet the widely different conditions of rainforests and arid regions.


The Swamp

Mangrove swamps are mysterious places which are incredibly important in ecological terms, and are home to many creatures with weird and wonderful lifestyles. The swamps bridge the gap between land and sea and are regularly inundated with seawater.


The Rocky Shoreline

Three separate rockpools provide an opportunity to get up close to some of the intriguing creatures that inhabit the rocky coastlines of the British Isles. We believe that this hands-on experience will help raise awareness of the need to care for a special environment and encourage respect for its inhabitants.


Coral Bay

In the warm, blue waters of the Indian Ocean are the living reefs of coral that provide food and shelter for swarms of small fish – and feasts for predators such as sharks, rays and tuna.



A spectacular window on another world...

Be sure not to miss one of the regular shows in our Aquatheatre with its awesome view of life in the depths around the reef. The presenter will tell you all about the fascinating creatures you’ll see swimming by – including the divers who will be joining in the presentation. You might be wondering what it’s like to swim amongst more than 1500 fish, including Europe’s largest collection of sharks – now’s your chance to ask!



At the heart of the aquarium is our Aquatunnel, one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world at 70 m long. You’ll be taken on a spectacular underwater safari by our moving walkway and everywhere you look you’ll find amazing tropical fish and awesome sharks staring back at you!



Our otter enclosure is one of the largest in the UK and is home to our Asian Short Clawed and Canadian Otters.


Pirate Playground

Ahoy there! Come and explore our Pirate Playground with its ship wreck, wobbling whales, bouncy crocodiles, monkey bars and slippery slides!!!

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