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What's THE attraction?

Hotels, motels and places to see... here's the long shortlist for the Mersey tourism awards

Written by . Published on April 16th 2012.

What's THE attraction?

A LONG “shortlist” for the 2012 Liverpool City Region Annual Tourism Awards has been announced. Is your fave here? 

The awards, which set out to recognise excellence and quality among visitor attractions and the hospitality industry on Merseyside, are organised for the first time by the new Local Enterprise Partnership which has taken over the tourist board role from The Mersey Partnership.

The awards ceremony takes place on June 14 at the BT Convention Centre.

Shiverpool PeopleShiverpool people:
Judges have completed the first round of assessment to review the achievements of more than 100 entrants to determine the shortlist of 55, with the second round of judging taking place in early May. See below.

A total of 16 categories includes finalists from Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, St Helens and Knowsley, ranging from small independently owned businesses to large companies.

The winners of 10 categories will then go on to represent Liverpool City Region in Visit England’s Awards for Excellence. 

Meanwhile, public voting is still open for the People’s Choice Award – a new category for 2012 offering people the chance to vote for their favourite attraction, restaurant, gallery or event. 

The nomination can be chosen for any number of reasons, say organisers, such as an overall great experience, family friendly, service or its consistent high standard.

Confidential bumped into John Stone, head honcho of the Shiverpool tours, as the nomination list was came up on the Blackberry. He declared himself delighted to be included in the Tourism Entrepreneur category and promptly rang his mum interrupting dinner in the Monroe, to tell her the good news.


Hotel of the Year *

Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa (Sefton)

Hillbark Hotel & Spa (Wirral)

Hilton Liverpool (Liverpool)

Hope Street Hotel (Liverpool)

Hotel Indigo Liverpool (Liverpool)

Ramada Plaza, Southport (Sefton)

The Vincent Hotel (Sefton)




Guest Accommodation of the Year  *

Base2Stay Liverpool (Liverpool)

Hatters Liverpool (Liverpool)

Mere Brook House (Wirral)


Serviced Apartment of the Year *

BridgeStreet Liverpool ONE (Liverpool)

Premier Apartments Liverpool (Liverpool)

Staybridge Suites (Liverpool)


National Wildflower CentreNational Wildflower Centre 


Small Visitor Attraction of the Year *

Church Farm (Wirral)

Darkstar Ultimate Laser Arena (St.Helens)

National Wildflower Centre (Knowsley)


Large Visitor Attraction of the Year *

Liverpool ONE (Liverpool)

Museum of Liverpool (Liverpool)

The Beatles Story (Liverpool)


Red-Hot-Buffet-Red Hot World Buffet 

Taste Liverpool *

60 Hope Street (Liverpool)


Caffe Cream of New Brighton (Wirral)


Delifonseca Dockside (Liverpool)


Hillbark Hotel (Wirral)


Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill (Liverpool)


Red Hot World Buffet(Liverpool)


The London Carriage Works (Liverpool)



Bar of the Year 

Alma de Cuba (Liverpool)

Gallaghers Pub and Barbers (Wirral)

Leaf Tea Shop and Bar (Liverpool)

The WRO Bar Lounge and Loft (Wirral)


Excellence in Business Tourism *

Conferencing & Events, National Museums Liverpool  (Liverpool)

Haydock Park Racecourse (St.Helens)

Hilton Liverpool (Liverpool)

Liverpool JMU (Liverpool)


Sustainable Tourism *

Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool  (Liverpool)

Caffe Cream of New Brighton (Wirral)

Museum of Liverpool (Liverpool)


Tourism Event of the Year *

Haydock Park's 2011 Music Nights Series (St.Helens)

Museum of Liverpool - Peoples' Opening (Liverpool)

Reflections of the Waterfront - Culture Liverpool  (Liverpool)

The John Smith’s Grand National (Liverpool)


Culture and Heritage Experience of the Year 

FACT (Liverpool)

Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse Theatres (Liverpool)

Museum of Liverpool (Liverpool)

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society (Liverpool)

The John Smith’s Grand National (Liverpool)


Liverpool Airport_Info DeskLiverpool Airport Info Desk 


Tourism Retailer of the Year 

Albert Dock Visitor Information Centre (Liverpool)

Cathedral Shop at Liverpool Cathedral (Liverpool)

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Visitor Information Desk (Liverpool)


Tourism Marketing Initiative of the Year 

Bringing the USA to Liverpool (The Beatles Story, Liverpool)

Museum of Liverpool Opening (Liverpool)

René Magritte: The Pleasure Principle (Tate Liverpool)


Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year 

Contessa Hotels - Count Craig Baker (Wirral)

Shiverpool UK Ltd - John Stone (Liverpool)

The WRO - Sally Boyd (Wirral)

Excellence in Customer Service * 

Finalists to be confirmed as judging is ongoing across the boroughs.

People’s Choice Award 

Entries are still open for people to nominate their favourite venue, voting closes on 29 April, 2012. To vote, visit here, or see VisitLiverpool’s Facebook or Twitter before the closing date on 29th April.


*Visit England category.

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12 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Derek HargreavesApril 17th 2012.

LIvvAPuLL FreW the i's oF an OutsIGhter
,bY mR.DaRRiK HarGraeVEs [82 yaR’s eld 2 MumFs an frEE Daze).

OH hULLO theY’re iTS HasGrovES ear LissEN ep eYE is KnoT woT ThaY CaWLs an LIvvAPODDLiaN myslef coS eye wos BawN in the SLuMM’s oF sKuMFawP weHn i woS aN LikkLE BaBBy buT eye as PuLLed myslef ep buY mY BLeeDIN BOoTSTRePs an eyE as maid an DaM gud suCKsess oUT oFF,mY LiVE coS I as wenTeD tOO EaTeRN CollIDge an eyE paYeD mY own dam STinKIN skOOL,FeaSE an eyE aS GettED free DagrEE’s woN In INGliSCh woN in SiceNCe an ThE FerD woN eye GettED wos IN PURsnOL HyjeaN weLL tOO cUT an LonG storEY inTOO sevral PeaCE;s I as WentED tOO the GraTE SittY OF LivvaPeWL an CuppLER ThyMe’s oR MaW iN mY Lyfe an OFF CauSE wehn YoU Go’s IntOO ViLLERLooP ThE FirsE PhiNg yoU FinX oF,iS the BeeKLEs an mR.MuNGow JeRRiE an is pAcE-MaIKa buT PUrsONLY SpeeKIn as an vaRRY FRaYLE eld CheP woT werKED as an FuLLie TranEd HileY KwoLLYFriED ButLA at at LeaSE FrEE biG eld HowSIe’s iN My ThyME EyE wos STInkIN well ImprEST wiv The bIT WoT ThaY cawls tHE WaLKerFRUnT an ALBiTT DoK coS eyE FELt lIKE eyE wos PassIN backwooD’s iN ThyME wEHn i StuD at abLerT DoKKe an eyE aS LUcKED insigHT WoN oFF the BildIN’s neer,buY It WoS vaRRY INTRessIN foR sush an INLEttiGEnt an NolliJBuLL eld PHeLLER as woT i is.

Oh an EaR’s anUvvER FiNG coS on anUvvER CajUn aboTE SICksTeeN yars ago oR sO EyE as bIN RoaPED inTOO elPIN tOO souPERVizE an GrooP oF YooFS woT wos oN AN TriPP tOO thE andFEiLD PhuTbawl stADeUM buT taht ThyME I DiN ardlY See NuffIN oFF LIvvaPILL itSLef I woS MaNELY INVlOVED wiV FinDiN my WeigH RonDE the STinKIN staddiUm BuT eye as MeaTED woN oFF the FayMER’s FuTBAwLs theiR an eyE as gaved iM aN FRiLLIN LECkCHa aboTE mY LyfE an KarrEER AS aN BlutER an mANSURvANT buT tehN woN oFF thE SaKYOorITY stapH comes ep tOO me an shE ses tOO me she SeS Too me’she ses tOO me she ses ‘EggS-QueUE’s mE SeR”so I TerNs roNDE kwiCK as LYtNIN an eYE staiRS er StratE iN thE I’s an you Shud oF SeeN thE FeeR an RIspECK in er dAM FaiCE an I ses tOO eR eyE SeS TwO eR I ses tOO er’I ses ‘woT ThE helle DoE’s you WonT I iS varRY BizzY SPeeKIN WiV mR.EeyAN RuSh buT teHN she ses woT ItS ACKshLY SUmFIN woT ThaY cawls an ‘LyFE-siGH’s KarBawD CuT,oUT”wiTcH is SumfIN WOT I as NevvA erd oF BIfoURE oR SinSE.

iN COncussion EyE wood LikED tOO say WoT eye FiNKS LivvYPoLEs an DaM GuD PlaiCE tOO go an when I beCOme’s tHE NecKS PowpE oF PlannIT ErF I is WillIN tO KOnsIDDA MakIN iT the KneW cAtaPULt-SittY oF are GratE Land’ oH halLO huLLo oH its mR.DekER hagREAvE’s ear BuY the WeigH praps you DiN nO that’ buY-buy ta’RA.,,

AnonymousApril 17th 2012.

The comment above from a so-called Derren Hargreaves is obviously from the LEP Directors trying to big-up the awards.

Liverpool WagApril 17th 2012.

I wonder if they have a compere for these "awards" yet? Derek would be perfect

Derek HargreavesApril 17th 2012.

oH HaLLO thiER i woS EggSPEkTIN woT mY FriLLIN an GriPPin arTIchOKE wos GonE tOO be an ArtiKLE in ItsLEF miSS SaLMOns coS eye as iT iN ArE KONtrAKT oF TuRms woT yOu wos GonE tOO gived mE PhrUNT-paige PULbiCiTY iTs an DaM CriNE shame woT LyFE as CoME tOO buT nevva-VaLeSS i iS BLeeDIN greatFiLLED woT yOu as PoaSTeD mY aRKLe oN yOU's VarRY infoRMeTiFF wesbITE miSS MasSONs coS eye wuLL bE ADdiN this acHeiVEmENt tOO mY KaRRIKULuS ViTUM oR,c-V as thaY JeNLY calls iT nowDazE bUT eye is KnoT c.V. MYsLEF i is maw oF an ROwMan KaFFLIcK bUt oNLY cOS i is thE LeeDIN candyDaTE foR the NecK's PowpE of the SoULER CysTeRN so JutS yOU woTCH yOU're stiNkIN bak mR.ChuKKalBUTIE cos theY'll be heLLE tOO pay LiSSen ep i iS VaRRY PLizED wiV the PoZTiV rispOnds woT mY HearTIcKLE as jeNRatED i is an VarrY POwAfILL eld CheP,,ahahahahahahHHHAHAahaha

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 17th 2012.

I am filled with awe at the extensive knowledge of Mr Hargreaves and how eloquently he speaks.

Tessie Tassels

NadiaApril 17th 2012.

Back in Old Country is not prize for "best hotel" as only one hotel in town. Here no tourist ever venture, but yes! is happy place for many business mans who come urgently all over Ukraine to fish canning plant where all family work - mama, papa, seven brothers and four sisters, even blind babooshka with nose as keen as ferret, who given many roubles to sniff out rotten batch of eels.

Back in hotel - with blinking light 'hot.l, hot.l' Nadia learn way of chamber maid and how to satisfy many guest in 18 hour shift. For this I am recieve many small tip in hand when pleasure from guest boil over in joy.

I am hot Russian lady who would like to visit such a glittering ceremony as this with rich mans who own hotels in Liverpool and for this I will show how to polish knob until shine with pride.

Colleen MossopApril 17th 2012.

The reputation of Russian hand polished knobs was the envy of the world hotel industry until Andropov.

Hans JobbApril 18th 2012.

He was an eminent palmist

Helmut BufferApril 18th 2012.

So is this event where all the big nobs will be hanging out?

HornblowerFebruary 25th 2013.

Not on your nelly.

Hans JobbFebruary 25th 2013.

Who? What?

Kojak's MoneyboxFebruary 25th 2013.

<Buffs helmet>

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