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A Little Bit of Eric's is back

For the first time in 28 years, the legendary club is putting a gig on, starring Julian Cope, Pete Burns and Deaf School people. We went out on the lash and came back with free tickets. Want them?

Published on September 29th 2008.

A Little Bit of Eric's is back

IT'S been a week of Mathew Street memories for many of you, sparked a little by the festival, which is never far from the news, but mostly by the untimely death of Ken Campbell, which gave rise to all sorts of anecdotes of the place when it were no more than a car park, The Grapes pub and the Armadillo tea rooms.

But wait! Aren't we forgetting something? Ah yes, Eric's! Legendary club that gave birth to Big in Japan, OMD, Wah! Heat, Echo and the Bunnymen and many more.

Eric's also provided the first opportunity for Liverpool people to see the likes of The Stranglers, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, The Sex Pistols and, once probably the best band in the world, The Clash.

Now, for the first time in 28 years, Eric's is back. Next Friday sees Eric's present a stunning double bill: Julian Cope and Pete Burns on the same stage, we think, for the first time.

The former Teardrop Explodes frontman, who is all about pagan stuff these days, and the one-time Probe Records sales assistant, who people will know better as the singer in Dead or Alive and dancing partner of George Galloway MP, will be strutting their stuff next Friday (September 12) at the Carling Academy.

In between several pints of Cain's Culture Beer, Ken Testi, one of Eric's' original owners, revealed that a fair few more blasts from the past have also indicated they will be turning up, so who knows what else might happen?

And there's more: A special aftershow party will feature members from once probably the second best band in the world, Deaf School, including Eric Shark, Clive Langer and Mr Enrico Cadillac Steve Allen. What a Way To End It All indeed!

After a few more pints of Cain's, we managed to extract two pairs of tickets (worth £80) from Ken, just for you, dear reader, to be won in a competition. The lengths we go to.

If you think you deserve them, fill in the box below and we might be calling you very soon.

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16 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Stanley StreetSeptember 4th 2008.

Ah! see 'A fool and his money' - professional football department.Believe it or not there are people willing cough up over £30 to sit in a plastic chair outdoors watching a few millionaires wearing baggy drawers kick a ball around for a bit! You couldn'r make this up!

Kinell TommySeptember 4th 2008.

Will Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds be on? How about the Editor of the Wirral Globe?

Iggy Pop's Jacket PotatoSeptember 4th 2008.

Those Naughty Lumps. Well, well, well. What are YOU doing here?

John Lennon AirportSeptember 4th 2008.

Pete Burns was good last night. Julian Cope? Hmmm. Jury still out. Anyone else go?

NikSeptember 4th 2008.

Hmmm. What about the ley lines?

DigSeptember 4th 2008.

Now there's a racy name for a band. That's a good name for a band. My auntie and her friends have got the best name for a band. They're all maternity nurses and the band is called 'Ultrasound'. Their 1st single is a cover of Britneys 'Hit me baby one more time'.

Old CranstonianSeptember 4th 2008.

Good old Mr. Testi!

albert dockSeptember 4th 2008.

agreed stan my old man! but i wish people would get on with their lives rather living out some dated fantasy!!

albert dockSeptember 4th 2008.

cripes, £40 A PAIR!!!!! it was THEN and by the sounds should have stayed then. this insane nostalgia **** is depressing or a way of making money out people who want to pretend they where there then!!

Kevin LumpsSeptember 4th 2008.

Plans are afoot to resurrect the mighty 'Those Naughty Lumps'; the time is right; the runes have augured well; the planets are in optimum alignment, and band members (some anyway) are emerging blinking from the dark years of wage slavery in thrall to The Man into the broad sunlit upland of senility.We, the band, expect loyal followers to register their joy at this news via the Lumps' facebook in order to motivate us ancient but seminal (eugh!) punk sonic terrorists as we prepare for our first reunion since the band folded 29 years ago. Get on the bandwagon and help us prepare for a reflowering of the true punk/antipunk ethic that made this band (and a couple more whom we intend to invite to join in this celebration) such a unique and refreshing phenomenon among the dross of fashion slaves that constituted the 'scene' all those years ago. You know who you are. Nail your colours to the Lumps' mast! Check out the band's Facebook for details of reunion/rebirth/rehearsal event at end of Feb 2010. Iggy Pop's jacket made a cu*t out of me

London RoadSeptember 4th 2008.

Wot, and the Mathew Street Festival isn't an outdated fantasy? Eric's was a good decade after The Cavern which is still raking it in. At least people have respect for Eric's.

Casa chickSeptember 4th 2008.

"Editor of the Wirral Globe". Now there's a racy name for a band.

DigSeptember 4th 2008.

Will I ever win a competition on Liverpool Confidential? I enter them all... Even the competitions.

V. I. Lenin AirportSeptember 4th 2008.

And he also starred in the film 'Carry On at your Convenience' (about industrial relations at W. C. Boggs' lavatory factory.

Stanley StreetSeptember 4th 2008.

The pop music nostalgia industry makes millions for parting fools from their money! You can't expect them to stop doing it on grounds of self-repect or dignity, Albert my old Dock!

The Elastic BandSeptember 4th 2008.

Cope was utter rubbish - self-indulgent merciless twaddle. The very antithesis of the spirit of Erics. he would have been bottle dif he had played like that 30 years ago, Utter bollocks.Burns was not much better - it was obvious that we were at a freak show when everyone in the audience got their mobiles out to take photos of this strange creature to show their granny.The four members of Deaf School who turned up very late were well worth it tho. Utter class.I think Ken needs to re-think his whole approach to this. If Erics was about anything it was about passion and commitment - not the jaded wankers who were on display on Friday night.

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Thank you for your interest, but this competition closed to further entries on September 29th 2008.

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